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Disney Trading Cards
Regina Confections - 1963

Notes:  Card fronts show a coloured Disney character against a plain white background; 
card backs have a small story reflecting the character on the card front. Many thanks to 
Sean Wright for the checklist and to Tony Smith for the update!

No.   Title

  1   Ludvig Von Drake
  2   Mickey Mouse
  3   Donald Duck
  4   Pluto
  5   Goofy
  6   Minnie Mouse
  7   Happy
  8   Daisy Duck
  9   Huey Dewey
 10   Louie
 11   Snow White
 12   Dopey
 13   Grumpy
 14   Doc
 15   Happy
 16   Bashful
 17   Sleepy
 18   Sneezy
 19   Dumbo
 20   Pinocchio
 21   Jiminy Cricket
 22   Figaro
 23   Monstro
 24   Casey Jr.
 25   Cinderella
 26   Gus
 27   Jac
 28   Bambi
 29   Flower
 30   Thumber
 31   Wart
 32   Achimedes
 33   Merlin

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©2008 Sean Wright, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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