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Safari Adventure - Disneyana Cards
Disney - 1999

Notes: This is a limited, slipcase-boxed set sold only on one day during the yearly 
Disneyana Convention. Some boxes were signed by the artists. Thanks much to 
Michael Beam for the list!

No.   Title

 --   (cover card)
  1   Bad soccer & a bully
  2   Bear Hug
  3   Tiger Trouble
  4   Come up and see me sometime
  5   Under new management
  6   Lost in Adventure
  7   Lost boys on Safari
  8   South American Safari
  9   Rafiki's Magical Mystery Tour
 10   Pluto on Safari
 11   Waiting to be King
 12   A sheep in lion's clothing
 13   Out on a limb
 14   Lost in Adventure 2
 15   Bambi's first spring
 16   Love at first sight
 17   Lost in Adventure 3
 18   Crunch time
 19   Jungle beat
 20   Grin and bear it
 21   Timon & Simba
 22   Goliath II & Raja
 23   Wrapped up
 24   Let's do lunch

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