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Disney Transportation, Series 1
Disney - 2006

Notes:  Each card is issued by the operating cast member of that mode of 
transportation, handed out individually; you had to ride each vehicle to obtain 
the card. In 2009, there was a monorail accident that resulted in a fatality of a 
cast member. All of the remaining pink (Jasmine) and purple (Donald Duck) 
monorail cards were pulled and destroyed out of respect for the cast member. 
Thanks much to Michael Beam for the list!

No.   Title

  1   The Gillig - Mickey Mouse
  2   The Nova - Minnie Mouse
  3   The RTS - Pluto
  4   Ferryboat - Woody
  5   Motor Cruiser - Tinker Bell
  6   Motor Launch - Chip
  7   Mark VI Monorail - Buzz Lightyear
  8   Mark VI Monorail - Figment
  9   Mark VI Monorail - Jasmine
 10   Mark VI Monorail - Jiminy Cricket
 11   Mark VI Monorail - Sully
 12   Mark VI Monorail - Simba
 13   Mark VI Monorail - Donald Duck
 14   Mark VI Monorail - Snow White
 15   Mark VI Monorail - Mike Wazowski
 16   Mark VI Monorail - Cinderella
 17   Mark VI Monorail - Daisy Duck
 18   Mark VI Monorail - Goofy

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