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Disney Transportation, Series 2
Disney - Fall 2009

Notes:  Like the previously issued series of 18 cards, this set of 25 is handed out 
by the cast members assigned to each of the transportation vehicles listed below. 
Card #12 was pulled before it was released due to a typographical error on the 
back. Card # 25 has pictures of all 11 existing monorails. The Disney character 
on the front is Sebastian from Little Mermaid. On the back, there is a description 
but it incorrectly wrote of 12 monorails. There previously were 12, but two sus-
tained damage in an accident: Jasmine (pink) and Donald Duck (purple). Disney 
combined the 2 parts into a Tramp (teal) monorail. The card was pulled because 
of the error, and only a few made it into circulation. Thanks much to Michael 
Beam for the list!

No.   Title

  1   The Gillig - Mickey
  2   The Nova - Minnie
  3   The RTS - Pluto
  4   Ferry Boat - Woody
  5   Motor Cruiser - Tinkerbell
  6   Motor Launch - Chip
  7   Sassagoula River Cruise - Flounder
  8   Downtown Disney Water Taxi - Peter Pan
  9   Disney Vacation Club Ferry Blue Launch - Stitch
 10   Disney Vacation Club Ferry Green Launch - Merryweather
 11   Magic Kingdom Boat - Dumbo
 12   Grand One Yacht - Little Mermaid
 13   Electrical Water Pageant - King Triton
 14   Monorail Silver - Buzz Lightyear
 15   Monorail Black - Figment
 16   Monorail Teal - Tramp
 17   Monorail Blue - Jiminy Cricket
 18   Monorail Green - Sully
 19   Monorail Yellow/Orange - Simba
 20   Monorail Gold - Goofy
 21   Monorail Coral  - Snow White
 22   Monorail Lime - Mike Wazowski
 23   Monorail Yellow - Cinderella
 24   Monorail Red - Daisy Duck
 25   Monorail All 11 monorails - Sebastian

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