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Disney Treasures:
Mickey - Celebrate 75 Years of Fun
   Upper Deck - 2004

Notes:  Distributed as a boxed factory set, this series consists entirely of 75 
"Filmography" cards plus an oversized commemorative card.  Further information 
and scans are posted at the Upper Deck website.

 No.     Title                                              Year

 MC1     Plane Crazy                                        1928
 MC2     Steamboat Williie                                  1928
 MC3     Mickey's Choo-Choo                                 1929
 MC4     Mickey's Follies                                   1929
 MC5     The Haunted House                                  1929
 MC6     The Karnival Kid                                   1929
 MC7     The Opry House                                     1929
 MC8     The Barnyard Concert                               1930
 MC9     The Chain Gang                                     1930
 MC10    The Fire Fighters                                  1930
 MC11    Fishin' Around                                     1931
 MC12    Mickey's Orphans                                   1931
 MC13    The Barnyard Broadcast                             1931
 MC14    The Birthday Party                                 1931
 MC15    The Delivery Boy                                   1931
 MC16    Mickey's Nightmare                                 1932
 MC17    Mickey's Revue                                     1932
 MC18    The Grocery Boy                                    1932
 MC19    The Klondike Kid                                   1932
 MC20    The Whoopee Party                                  1932
 MC21    Touchdown Mickey                                   1932
 MC22    Building a Building                                1933
 MC23    Giantland                                          1933
 MC24    Puppy Love                                         1933
 MC25    The Mad Doctor                                     1933
 MC26    Ye Olden Days                                      1933
 MC27    Gulliver Mickey                                    1934
 MC28    Mickey's Steam Roller                              1934
 MC29    Mickey Plays Papa                                  1934
 MC30    Two-Gun Mickey                                     1934
 MC31    Mickey's Fire Brigade                              1935
 MC32    Mickey's Garden                                    1935
 MC33    Mickey's Man Friday                                1935
 MC34    Mickey's Service Station                           1935
 MC35    On Ice                                             1935
 MC36    Alpine Climbers                                    1936
 MC37    Mickey's Elephant                                  1936
 MC38    Mickey's Grand Opera                               1936
 MC39    Mickey's Polo Team                                 1936
 MC40    Mickey's Rival                                     1936
 MC41    Orphan's Picnic                                    1936
 MC42    Thru the Mirror                                    1936
 MC43    Hawaiian Holiday                                   1937
 MC44    Lonesome Ghosts                                    1937
 MC45    Magician Mickey                                    1937
 MC46    Mickey's Amateurs                                  1937
 MC47    Boat Builders                                      1938
 MC48    Brave Little Tailor: Journey back to medieval ...  1938
 MC49    Brave Little Tailor: Taken before the king ...     1938
 MC50    Brave Little Tailor: If Mickey is victorious ...   1938
 MC51    Mickey's Trailer                                   1938
 MC52    Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip                             1940
 MC53    Fantasia: Mickey is the water-carrying ...         1940
 MC54    Fantasia: Mickey falls asleep ...                  1940
 MC55    Fantasia: Soon the Sorcerer's chamber ...          1940
 MC56    A Genteleman's Gentleman                           1941
 MC57    Canine Caddy                                       1941
 MC58    Lend a Paw                                         1941
 MC59    The Nifty Nineties                                 1941
 MC60    The Orphan's Benefit                               1941
 MC61    All Together                                       1942
 MC62    Mickey's Birthday Party                            1942
 MC63    Symphony Hour                                      1942
 MC64    Squatter's Rights                                  1946
 MC65    Fun and Fancy Free (Mickey and the Beanstalk)      1947
 MC66    Mickey's Delayed Date                              1947
 MC67    Mickey and the Seal                                1948
 MC68    Mickey Down Under                                  1948
 MC69    Pluto's Purchase                                   1948
 MC70    Pueblo Pluto                                       1949
 MC71    Plutopia                                           1951
 MC72    The Simple Things                                  1953
 MC73    Mickey's Christmas Carol                           1983
 MC74    The Prince and the Pauper                          1990
 MC75    Runaway Brain                                      1995

MMC-75   Mickey Mouse 75th Celebration                      Commemorative Card (1:box)


Walt Disney Cut Signature Card (numbered to 1)

   --    Walt Disney


   --    Celebrate Mickey 75 Years of Fun (dealer sell sheet)

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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