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Disney Pixar Treasures
Upper Deck - 2004

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Upper Deck website.

Box: 24 packs of 3 cards (1-100) + 2 cards (101-175)
Common sets (100): approx. 0.72 per box if collation were perfect.
Incredibles sets (50): approximately 0.70 per box.
Outtakes sets (10): approximately 0.80 per box.

Toy Story - 1995

DPT-1     Andy Davis
DPT-2     Woody
DPT-3     Buzz Lightyear
DPT-4     Hamm
DPT-5     Mutant Toys
DPT-6     Bo Peep
DPT-7     Rex
DPT-8     Slinky Dog
DPT-9     Sid Phillips
DPT-10    Sarge
DPT-11    Hannah Phillips
DPT-12    Mrs. Davis
DPT-13    TV Announcer
DPT-14    Pizza Planet Aliens
DPT-15    Molly Davis
DPT-16    Lenny

Toy Story 2 - 1999

DPT-17    Buster
DPT-18    Jessie
DPT-19    Stinky Pete, The Prospector
DPT-20    Al
DPT-21    Bullseye
DPT-22    Tour Guide Barbie
DPT-23    Wheezy
DPT-24    Emperor Zurg
DPT-25    Etch-A-Sketch
DPT-26    Mr. Microphone
DPT-27    The Toy Cleaner

A Bug's Life - 1998

DPT-28    Flik
DPT-29    Hopper
DPT-30    Princess Atta
DPT-31    Dot
DPT-32    Queen
DPT-33    Molt
DPT-34    Slim
DPT-35    Heimlich
DPT-36    Francis
DPT-37    Manny
DPT-38    Gypsy Moth
DPT-39    Rosie
DPT-40    Tuck & Roll
DPT-41    P.T. Flea
DPT-42    Cornelius
DPT-43    Thumper
DPT-44    Dim

Monsters, Inc. - 2001

DPT-45    James P. "Sulley" Sullivan
DPT-46    Mike Warzowski
DPT-47    Boo
DPT-48    Randall Boggs
DPT-49    Henry J. Waternoose III
DPT-50    Celia
DPT-51    Roz
DPT-52    Yeti
DPT-53    Fungus
DPT-54    Needleman & Smitty
DPT-55    Floor Manager
DPT-56    Flint
DPT-57    Bile
DPT-58    George Sanderson
DPT-59    CDA (Child Detection Agency)

Finding Nemo - 2003

DPT-60    Marlin
DPT-61    Dory
DPT-62    Nemo
DPT-63    Gill
DPT-64    Bloat
DPT-65    Peach
DPT-66    Gurgle
DPT-67    Bubbles
DPT-68    Deb
DPT-69    Jacques
DPT-70    Nigel
DPT-71    Crush
DPT-72    Coral
DPT-73    Squirt
DPT-74    Mr. Ray
DPT-75    Bruce
DPT-76    Anchor
DPT-77    Chum
DPT-78    P. Sherman, DDS
DPT-79    Darla
DPT-80    Tad
DPT-81    Pearl
DPT-82    Sheldon

The Incredibles - 2004

DPT-83    Mr. Incredible
DPT-84    Elastigirl
DPT-85    Violet
DPT-86    Jack Jack
DPT-87    Dash
DPT-88    Frozone
DPT-89    Edna Mode
DPT-90    Syndrome

Concept Art

DPT-91    Woody & Buzz in Andy's Room                     Toy Story - 1995
DPT-92    Woody and Buzz                                  Toy Story - 1995
DPT-93    Zurg                                            Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-94    the natural world                               A Bug's Life - 1998
DPT-95    Downtown Monstropolis                           Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-96    Sullivan and Boo                                Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-97    Nemo peeking through the corals                 Finding Nemo - 2003
DPT-98    turtle drive sequence                           Finding Nemo - 2003
DPT-99    miscellaneous super hero                        The Incredibles - 2004
DPT-100   young Mr. Incredible                            The Incredibles - 2004

The Incredibles Memorable Scenes (2:pack for all cards below)

DPT-101   Saving people is Mr. Incredible's job. And h
DPT-102   Uh oh, Mr. Incredible has stumbled onto a ro
DPT-103   Incrediboy flies out the window - with a bom
DPT-104   To make matters worse, a man he's saved, now
DPT-105   Suddenly, a once-grateful world turns on sup
DPT-106   Mr. Incredible is Bob Parr - an insurance ex
DPT-107   His wife, Helen Parr, once the renowned Elas
DPT-108   You try being a shy fourteen year old who ca
DPT-109   But ten-year-old-Dash parr loves his supersp
DPT-110   Jack Jack, the baby, seems to have no superp
DPT-111   Then one night, Bob receives a mysterious ca
DPT-112   En route, a beautiful woman named Mirage tel
DPT-113   Though he's out of shape, Mr. Incredible def
DPT-114   Bob takes his damaged super suit to Edna Mod
DPT-115   Once again, Bob receives a mysterious summon
DPT-116   There's only one way in or out - and Bob's l
DPT-117   Bob's behavior has Helen weirded out. She fi
DPT-118   Helen had better hurry, for on Nomanisan, th
DPT-119   At the last second, a wild-haired superhero
DPT-120   Pressing a button on his wristband, Syndrome
DPT-121   With a final blast of the Immobi-Ray, Syndro
DPT-122   At home, Edna shows Helen the new supersuits
DPT-123   Avoiding Syndrome's sneaky guards, Bob creep
DPT-124   Bob locates Syndrome's files and opens them.
DPT-125   Just then, back home, Edna activates the hom
DPT-126   Preparing to land her borrowed  jet on Noman
DPT-127   In a Nomanisan cell, Syndrome binds Bob with
DPT-128   With the missile bearing down on them, Helen
DPT-129   Violet hesitates to put out a force field as
DPT-130   Hurtling toward the ocean, Helen stretches h
DPT-131   Helen turns herself into a raft, and Dash pr
DPT-132   Catching a ride on a passing velocipod, Hele
DPT-133   It takes some fast moves and fancy stretchin
DPT-134   Exploring the cave where he and Violet are h
DPT-135   At daylight, Dash and Violet are intercepted
DPT-136   Helen frees Bob, and they race to help their
DPT-137   With guards on velocipods hot on his tail, D
DPT-138   At breakneck speed, Dash weaves like a speed
DPT-139   Violet uses a force field to propel her and
DPT-140   Suddenly, everything crashes to a halt. Synd
DPT-141   Syndrome reveals his evil plan to the impris
DPT-142   Omnidriod is wrecking havoc in the city when
DPT-143   Syndrome makes Omnidroid's arm fall off. But
DPT-144   Escaping the island, the Incredibles rocket
DPT-145   The Omindroid's power is growing by the seco
DPT-146   Suddenly Bob's superpal, Frozone appears. As
DPT-147   At last, Bob realizes the Omnidroid can only
DPT-148   Proud but exhausted, the Incredibles return
DPT-149   Revealing his personal power, Jack Jack tran
DPT-150   When Syndrome's cape is sucked into his Hove

Outtakes (1:3 packs)

DPT-151   Jessie yanks too hard, and breaks Woody's pu    Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-152   Buzz is trying to stay serious. But Woody is    Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-153   With his usual flair, Buzz clicks his wings     Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-154   "Heimlich, I can't believe you talked 'em in    Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-155   "RRRRRRR"                                       Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-156   How quickly can Randall switch his look to m    Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-157   "Put that back where it came from or so help    Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-158   Roll credits! Cue Guppy. Shark. Pelican. Blo    Finding Nemo - 2003
DPT-159   "To infinity and beyond!" Flik cracks himsel    A Bug's Life - 1998
DPT-160   It's a tender moment as two antennas entwine    A Bug's Life - 1998


Now You Know (1:6 packs)

DPT-161   The animation team perfected the movement of    Toy Story - 1995
DPT-162   Toy Story was the first computer-generated f    Toy Story - 1995
DPT-163   The Etch-A-Sketch shows the map and address     Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-164   Just before buzz cuts through a blade of gra    Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-165   Inspired by the Aesop fable "The Ant and the    A Bug's Life - 1998
DPT-166   Flik was originally named "Rd" and was a hig    A Bug's Life - 1998
DPT-167   Door Vault was meant to have 35 Million Indi    Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-168   There are 2,320,413 Computer animated hairs     Monsters, Inc. - 2001
DPT-169   The Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story (1995)    Finding Nemo - 2003
DPT-170   The waiting room in the dentist's office was    Finding Nemo - 2003

Reel Piece of History (1:24 packs; 2 frames)

DPT-171   Toy Story - 1995
DPT-172   Toy Story 2 - 1999
DPT-173   A Bug's Life - 1998
DPT-174   Monster's Inc. - 2001
DPT-175   Finding Nemo - 2003

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