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   NECA - 2014

Notes: Cards feature scenes from the 2014 film. Cards do not include descriptive 
text and many titles are the same as others; in those cases, a brief description is 
given for the scene.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.0 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Divergent

   Faction Cards

  2   Abnegation
  3   Candor
  4   Amity
  5   Erudite
  6   Dauntless

   Character Cards

  7   Beatris Prior
  8   Four
  9   Christina
 10   Peter
 11   Tori
 12   Eric
 13   Max
 14   Molly Atwood
 15   Jeanine Matthews
 16   Al
 17   Will
 18   Andrew Prior
 19   Caleb Prior
 20   Marcus Easton

   Story Cards

 21   Four [L profile, discussing]
 22   Training [group, hand-to-hand defense]
 23   Tris [head shot, R profile]
 24   Molly [face, green top]
 25   Tris Knife Throwing
 26   Christing Knife Throwing
 27   Training
 28   Tris Training [heavy bag]
 29   Max [looking up, crowd behind]
 30   Tris and Four [ropes]
 31   Tris [in net]
 32   Tori [head, R profile]
 33   Four [train window]
 34   Tris and Four [walking, stairway]
 35   Tris [roof edge]
 36   Tris and Tori [bar]
 37   Four [hanging on moving train]
 38   Tris and Tori [tattoo chair]
 39   Tris and Four [jumping off train]
 40   Tris and Four [troops assembled]
 41   Tris and Four [syringe]
 42   Tris [fiery branch]
 43   Al [head, face forward]
 44   Tris and Al [concrete bench]
 45   Tris and Four [pit]
 46   Will and Christina [near kiss]
 47   Eric [cornering on stairs]
 48   Max [concerned, L half profile]
 49   Tris [hands on glass]
 50   Tris and Four [entering duct]
 51   Tris and Jeanine [examining outfit]
 52   Tris and Andrew [cupping face]
 53   Jeanine Matthews [in suit in crowd]
 54   Jeanine and Four [she examines]
 55   Marcus Fights Four
 56   Tris and Tori [final test]
 57   Jeanine Matthews [transparent plans]
 58   Tris and Andrew [cautious before wheels]
 59   Tris and Jeanine [sitting interview]
 60   Prior Family [auditorium before choosing]
 61   Tris [train door]
 62   Tris and Four [clinch]

   Poster Cards

 63   (Poster Card 1 top left)
 64   (Poster Card 2 top middle)
 65   (Poster Card 3 top right)
 66   (Poster Card 4 center left)
 67   (Poster Card 5 center)
 68   (Poster Card 6 center right)
 69   (Poster Card 7 bottom left)
 70   (Poster Card 8 bottom middle)
 71   (Poster Card 9 bottom right)
 72   Checklist


 A1   Tris

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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