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Matt Dixon Dixon's Vixens Master Set
   Cult-Stuff - 2016

Notes: "A" and "B'packs include base cards from the first two Dixon's Vixens series, 
with the first card of each remarked as limited to 30 copies. Of the 30 master sets 
made, 20 were exclusive to MhopOnHop. Further information and scans are posted 
at the Cult-Stuff website.

  No.    Title

BASE CARDS (36 from Set 1 and Set 2; # to 30)

 1/18    Deadna and Pitkin  [Ltd to 30]
 2/18    Second to Nun
 3/18    Red's Revenge
 4/18    Happy Halloween
 5/18    Barbarianne
 6/18    Revenge of the Gherkinoids
 7/18    Diesel Driven Damsel of Doom
 8/18    Space Girl
 9/18    Lucyfer
10/18    Pumpkin Candy
11/18    Selkie
12/18    Sword Maiden
13/18    Type OH!
14/18    The Dragon Pool
15/18    Ball Beater
16/18    Catchin' Some Beams
17/18    Alien Abduction
18/18    Gone Fishin'

19/36    Dryad  [Ltd to 30]
20/36    Meow
21/36    Bambi and Thumper
22/36    All In Vein
23/36    Lumber Jill
24/36    Sharpshooter
25/36    Visitors in the Drowning Pool
26/36    Elle Diablo
27/36    Fin-ale
28/36    Drinkerbell
29/36    Black Balloon
30/36    Mane Attraction
31/36    Bloody Mary
32/36    BFG
33/36    Ritual
34/36    Va Va Broom
35/36    Love Bites
36/36    Jungle Guardian


Rainbow Foil Acetate Cards (blank backs, 1-2:set, limited to 20)

   --    Revenge of the Gherkinoids
   --    (two girls with condiments)
   --    (Blood Angie; one girl with cutlery)

Flat Holofoil Acetate Cards (glitter red blank backs)

   --    (pepper girl opn hot dog)
   --    (walking dog with bone)

Autograph Cards (1:set)

XX/XX    Blood Angie (image from Rainbow Foil)
   --    Hungry Hannah (signed by Matt Dixon)
   --    Hungry Hannah (with blood splatter, signed by Matt Dixon)
CMA-1    Carolyn Munro (signed by Carolyn Munro)
CMA-1    Carolyn Munro (signed by Matt Dixon)

Sketch Cards

 SC 1    Matt Dixon
   --    (blank back)


   --    (uncut sheet of mini-cards from Dixon's Vixens 1, 1/3-3/3)
  MC5    Mega City 5 (exclusive foil, orders from Cult-Stuff or MHopOnHop)
         (extras, errors, and additional autographs)


   --    (Blood Angel; glitter red blank back; 20 made)

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