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Donkey Kong
Topps - 1982

Note:  These card have survived quite well from decades in packs containing gum. There are
32 sticker cards that form two puzzles with the card backs and four varieties of "scratch-off"
game pieces. The "gold" color of the scratch-offs has tended to become dull except for the
cards that were packaged facing the stickers. Wax packs contained 3 each of the stickers
and the game pieces, with one stick of delicious gum, so you can expect about eight of each
different game piece for each different puzzle card.  The cards are not numbered, so I
provide an "index number" for each card.  Please feel free to link or refer to this checklist
in your want lists and extra lists.

Index   Sticker Caption                      Card Back Puzzle Position

Sticker/Puzzle Cards

   1    My High Score                        Blue Top Left
   2    Official Donkey Kong Killer          Blue Top Middle
   3    on the Beam! - Kiss Me!              Blue Top Right
   4    It'll Drive U Bananas                Blue Second Left
   5    Take It One Step at at Time!         Blue Second Middle
   6    Jump!                                Blue Second Right
   7    No Monkey Business                   Blue Third Left
   8    I Made a Monkey Out of Donkey Kong!  Blue Third Middle
   9    I'm Ape over Donkey Kong!            Blue Third Right
  10    Donkey Kong Is Better than Homework  Blue Fourth Left
  11    "Practice, Man, Practice!"           Blue Fourth Middle
  12    I Eat Quarters                       Blue Fourth Right
  13    It's Better with Donkey Kong         Blue Bottom Left
  14    Let's Nail Donkey Kong               Blue Bottom Center
  15    Hop to It!                           Blue Bottom Right
  16    Stamp Out Donkey Kong                Completed Blue Puzzle

  17    Donkey Kong Is Barrels of Fun        Red Top Left
  18    Happy Birthday!                      Red Top Middle
  19    Whack!                               Red Top Right
  20    Hands Off!                           Red Second Left
  21    Big Game Hunter                      Red Second Middle
  22    Keep Off My Joy Stick                Red Second Right
  23    Jump Man at Work - Stop Donkey Kong  Red Third Left
  24    Br-r-ring Me Luck!                   Red Third Middle
  25    Jump Man at Work                     Red Third Right
  26    Honk if You Play Donkey Kong         Red Fourth Left
  27    Donkey Kong Is King!                 Red Fourth Middle
  28    Don't Get Carried Away!              Red Fourth Right
  29    Donkey Kong Kalling!                 Red Bottom Left
  30    Donkey Kong Is a Smash!              Red Bottom Middle
  31    Keep Movin'                          Red Bottom Right
  32    3x4 small stickers                   Completed Red Puzzle

Scratch-Off Game Pieces

  33    Blue
  34    Yellow
  35    Red - three at right top
  36    Red - four at right top

©2000, 2001, 2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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