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Don't Let It Happen Over Here
   International Chewing Gum Co. - 1938
   Reprinted 1984 - WTW Productions

Notes: Cards are 3-1/8" x 2-1/2". Thanks much to Judy Hall for the original list! 
American Card Catalog reference is R44. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

No.   Title (Headline)                   Commentary

  1   Communists Shot Like Beasts        In the Spring of 1937, hundreds of Communists in
  2   Bombs Rain from Air-400 Killed     Suddenly out of the air one day in March, 1938,
  3   Death Rides in the Skies           A big bomber made a direct hit on a crack
  4   Terror Stalks Streets of Paris     On Jan. 14, 1938, all France was in panic.
  5   World War Averted                  Two Czech Germans, called Sudentens, riding motor-
  6   Bandits Hung on Telegraph Poles    A clash between farmers and what was believed to be
  7   Prefers Death to Disgrace          When the German Army, in March, 1938, crossed the
  8   Palestine-An Armed Camp            Driven from their homes in many European countries,
  9   Ruler of the Sea Defied            An unarmed British freighter, flying the British
 10   21 Shot at Sunrise                 In the early hours of the morning of March 18, 1938
 11   Poison Gas the Unseen Killer       Gas masks for baby, mother and father is the law in
 12   Brutal Nazi Lash                   When Hitler, German Dictator, made his notorious
 13   One Million Fighting Men           It may happen any minute. Guns to roar, bombs to
 14   Assassins Shoot at Midnight        A truckload of some 32 Brazilian Green-shirts,
 15   Killing Has Become Fun!            Italian pilots and aeroplanes wrecked many Ethiopia
 16   Whipped Until Dead                 Reza Shah Pahlavi, a former cavalry colonel, declar
 17   Horror Camps in Naziland           It is said that one of the horrors of the world tod
 18   750 Killed-1350 Wounded            Fifty Japanese warplanes attacked the city of Canto
 19   Four Hundred Million Dollar Grab   Mexico is a great oil producing country. When oil w
 20   What Country Next?                 On May 5, 1938, Dictators Mussolini and Hitler saw
 21   A Living Death                     The secret police of Russia throw many of their pol
 22   War Against Women and Children     Nanking, the most beautiful city in the world, was
 23   Uncle Sam's Flying Fortress        One of Uncle Sam's answers to a war mad world is th
 24   They Are Gone Forever              In the moonlight, row upon row of white crosses mar

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