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Brain Straining Doodlewonkers
   IMT, Inc. - 1996

Note:  Well, this checklist was certainly a challenge.  The cards were distributed with three
numbered cards per pack, plus one unnumbered sticker card and one unnumbered cut-out
"shape" card.  But the numbered cards each had nine (I assume) variations with different
games or challenges on the fronts.  And the ten shape cards came in four color variations each.

My set isn't complete, but Greg Rager and Darrell Warner (thanks!) confirmed the list for
cards that I was still missing. After the cards' titles is a column with "need" if I don't have
the card or a "+" if I have extra copies. I would be delighted to trade for the missing cards.
For the #1 card, I found two types of "circle the number" game.  Because none of the other
numbered cards have two of this type, I assume that one of these was an unplanned
production variation. Time will tell! 
The "title" shown for the stickers and shape cards is a short description of the cards' contents. I hope this description is useful in distinguishing among them.

Box: 24 packs of 3 numbered cards + 1 sticker sheet + 1 shape card.
Numbered sets: approx. 0.79 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 3.00 per box.
Shape Card sets: approximately 0.60 per box.

   No.  Title                                Character

Numbered Cards

    1   Circle the number: Dogs              Foomfer Fneek
    1   Circle the number: Eyes              Foomfer Fneek
    1   Facts: Some ketchup               +  Foomfer Fneek
    1   Facts: Try this                      Foomfer Fneek
    1   How many words: Alligator         +  Foomfer Fneek
    1   Maze: He's All Ears               +  Foomfer Fneek
    1   Rebus Riot: Ice Hockey            +  Foomfer Fneek
    1   True or Not!: A cat               +  Foomfer Fneek
    1   True or Not!: The biggest         +  Foomfer Fneek
    1   Which One Is Different?: Clown    +  Foomfer Fneek

    2   Circle the number: Bunnies        +  Great Horned Flarb
    2   Facts: Here, water                +  Great Horned Flarb
    2   Facts: You can't catch               Great Horned Flarb
    2   How many words: Porcupine         +  Great Horned Flarb
    2   Maze: Monkey Around               +  Great Horned Flarb
    2   Rebus Riot: Submarine Sandwich    +  Great Horned Flarb
    2   True or Not!: A hermit crab          Great Horned Flarb
    2   True or Not!: A monkey            +  Great Horned Flarb
    2   Which One Is Different?: Sundae   +  Great Horned Flarb

    3   Circle the number: Cows              Galloping Wanker
    3   Facts: It's absolutely               Galloping Wanker
    3   Facts: There are more                Galloping Wanker
    3   How many words: Suitcase          +  Galloping Wanker
    3   Maze: Pig Out!                    +  Galloping Wanker
    3   Rebus Riot: Bald Eagle               Galloping Wanker
    3   True or Not!: A dragon               Galloping Wanker
    3   True or Not!: A moth                 Galloping Wanker
    3   Which One Is Different?: Geek     +  Galloping Wanker

    4   Circle the number: Faces          +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   Facts: More steel                 +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   Facts: Now that you know          +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   How many words: Bumblebee            Risable Uberflanken
    4   Maze: Rat Race                    +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   Rebus Riot: Washington            +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   True or Not!: A bat               +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   True or Not!: An owl              +  Risable Uberflanken
    4   Which One Is Different?: Fish     +  Risable Uberflanken

    5   Circle the number: Players        +  Lesser Klodny
    5   Facts: The bark                   +  Lesser Klodny
    5   Facts: There's only               +  Lesser Klodny
    5   How many words: Computer          +  Lesser Klodny
    5   Maze: Lost & Hound                +  Lesser Klodny
    5   Rebus Riot: Arkansas              +  Lesser Klodny
    5   True or Not!: A shark             +  Lesser Klodny
    5   True or Not!: All birds           +  Lesser Klodny
    5   Which One Is Different?: Bird     +  Lesser Klodny

    6   Circle the number: Girls             Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   Facts: A hippopotamus             +  Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   Facts: Honey is                   +  Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   How many words: Telephone            Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   Maze: "X" Marks the Spots!        +  Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   Rebus Riot: Ice Cream Soda        +  Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   True or Not!: A butterfly            Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   True or Not!: A spider            +  Slabbrous Wrunk
    6   Which One Is Different?: Turtles  +  Slabbrous Wrunk

    7   Circle the number: Televisions    +  Rakish Snide
    7   Facts: In 1976                    +  Rakish Snide
    7   Facts: The Statue                    Rakish Snide
    7   How many words: Umbrellas            Rakish Snide
    7   Maze: Down-to-Earth               +  Rakish Snide
    7   Rebus Riot: Buccaneers            +  Rakish Snide
    7   True or Not!: A cat                  Rakish Snide
    7   True or Not!: An octopus          +  Rakish Snide
    7   Which One Is Different?: Queen    +  Rakish Snide

    8   Circle the number: Planets        +  Imperial Shnazzola
    8   Facts: A sneeze                      Imperial Shnazzola
    8   Facts: Sound travels              +  Imperial Shnazzola
    8   How many words: Skateboard        +  Imperial Shnazzola
    8   Maze: Brain Drain                    Imperial Shnazzola
    8   Rebus Riot: Corn Flakes           +  Imperial Shnazzola
    8   True or Not!: A caterpillar       +  Imperial Shnazzola
    8   True or Not!: A roadrunner        +  Imperial Shnazzola
    8   Which One Is Different?: Pig      +  Imperial Shnazzola

    9   Circle the number: Eyes           +  Ringed Skink
    9   Facts: In Michigan                +  Ringed Skink
    9   Facts: The Washington                Ringed Skink
    9   How many words: Automobile        +  Ringed Skink
    9   Maze: Sticky Situation               Ringed Skink
    9   Rebus Riot: French Toast          +  Ringed Skink
    9   True or Not!: A cow                  Ringed Skink
    9   True or Not!: The largest         +  Ringed Skink
    9   Which One Is Different?: Grapes      Ringed Skink

   10   Circle the number: Mouths         +  Plodding Gretch
   10   Facts: Guess the most                Plodding Gretch
   10   Facts: Talk about picky              Plodding Gretch
   10   How many words: Pumpkin           +  Plodding Gretch
   10   Maze: Lions, Tigers, & Bears         Plodding Gretch
   10   Rebus Riot: Elephant              +  Plodding Gretch
   10   True or Not!: A spider web           Plodding Gretch
   10   True or Not!: A wolf                 Plodding Gretch
   10   Which One Is Different?: Spiders  +  Plodding Gretch

Sticker Sheets

        Raptor claws and eyes             +
        Pea green eyes and feet           +
        Stalks of eyes and tongue         +
        Orange and yellow horns           +
        Blue tongue and eyes              +
        Mouth and wings                   +
        Sneakers and elbows               +
        Wings and proboscis               +

Shape Cards
The color shown at the left is for the "front" (shiny) side of the card.

 Pink   Y tree                            +
 Pink   Circles and oval                  +
 Pink   French curve                      +
 Pink   Turkey body                       +
 Pink   16-side shape                     need
 Pink   Maple leaf
 Pink   Wavy stripes
 Pink   Shark fin
 Pink   Symmetric urn
 Pink   Four bumps

 Blue   Y tree
 Blue   Circles and oval                  +
 Blue   French curve
 Blue   Turkey body
 Blue   16-side shape                     +
 Blue   Maple leaf
 Blue   Wavy stripes
 Blue   Shark fin                         +
 Blue   Symmetric urn                     +
 Blue   Four bumps

Green   Y tree                            +
Green   Circles and oval
Green   French curve
Green   Turkey body                       +
Green   16-side shape                     +
Green   Maple leaf
Green   Wavy stripes
Green   Shark fin
Green   Symmetric urn
Green   Four bumps

Yellow  Y tree
Yellow  Circles and oval
Yellow  French curve
Yellow  Turkey body
Yellow  16-side shape
Yellow  Maple leaf
Yellow  Wavy stripes
Yellow  Shark fin                         +
Yellow  Symmetric urn                     +
Yellow  Four bumps

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