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The Works & Visions of Dorian Cleavenger
   Comic Images - 2002

Notes: I haven't seen proof that the A1 autograph card was actually signed. 
Thanks much to Genny Carr for the original list and to Albert Joseph for 
the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards on 24-point stock.
Common sets: approx. 3.44 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                  Model

  1   Angel                  Alexandra Tydings
  2   Desire                 Megan
  3   Gift of the Cyclops
  4   Life                   Megan
  5   Mary
  6   Nutopia                Nutopia
  7   Seafood
  8   The Alchemist
  9   The Libran
 10   Seduction              Alexandra Tydings
 11   The Visitor            Suzi Simpson
 12   Maneater               Julie Strain
 13   The Phoenix            Alexandra Tydings
 14   Little Devil           Betty Page
 15   The Chambermaid        Dita Von Teese
 16   The Bonecrusher        Julie Strain
 17   The Lust Supper        Sonya
 18   The Sea Goddess        Alexandra Tydings
 19   The Sorceress          Veronica
 20   The Hydra              Karin Taylor
 21   Voices                 Julie Cialine
 22   The Trophy             Alexandra Tydings
 23   Creation               Veronica Zdrok
 24   The Masque
 25   Obsession              Nutopia
 26   Eques
 27   Another Pretty Face
 28   Blaze
 29   Salome                 Lisa Marie Scott
 30   Syringe
 31   Taboo
 32   The Shower
 33   Cry of the Cherub      Megan
 34   Angels
 35   Charlette
 36   Fallen
 37   Flight II
 38   Pandora                Megan
 39   Raven                  Julia
 40   Resurrection
 41   Reflections            Heather Tennant
 42   Intervention
 43   She                    Holly Carroll
 44   Steel
 45   Stinger                Suzi Simpson
 46   Sushi                  Apollo Smile
 47   The Chrysalis
 48   The Coronation         Heather Tennant
 49   The Succubus           Alexandra Tydings
 50   Forbidden
 51   The Gift               Heather Tennant
 52   The Last Empire        Nadja
 53   The Letter
 54   The Mask of Medusa
 55   The Monarch            Julie Cialine
 56   The Promise            Megan
 57   The Surrogate          Heather Tennant
 58   Waxx
 59   Vanity
 60   The Creator            Alexandra Tydings
 61   The Revelation         Alexandra Tydings
 62   The Feeding            Deva
 63   The Incubus
 64   Secret of the Sea      Stacy Walker
 65   The Kindling           Alexandra Tydings
 66   The Dream Witch        Deva
 67   Penance                Deva
 68   The Empress            Julie Strain
 69   Cleopatra
 70   Death of a Vampyre
 71   Death of the Pariah
 72   Checklist


Holofoil Cards (1:12 packs)

 C1   Judgment
 C2   Slayer
 C3   The Last Hunter
 C4   The Offering
 C5   After the Ink
 C6   The Artist and the Bride

Autograph Cards

 A1   Akira
 A2   Razorback
 A3   The Lair

Box-Topper Canvas Card

 --   Night Crawler

Card Album

 --   Dorian (binder; Akira image)
 --   (9-card pocket pages)
 --   (Exclusive 6-card uncut sheet)


 P1   Akira
 P2   Razorback
 P3   The Lair
 --   Coming in June (dealer sell sheet)

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©2002, 2003,2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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