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Double Impact
   Comic Images - 1996

Notes:  Thanks to Genny Carr for the original checklist, to LMA for the chase card
info, and Jan Burns Cederquist and Steve Yoder for updates!  Also available is a parallel 
HoloChrome (refractor) set.

Box: 36 packs of 12 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.76 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Too Hot to Handle
  2   Dead of Night
  3   Blondage
  4   Are We Bored Yet?
  5   "All That Jazz"
  6   Are You Bad Enough? (Sec. A)
  7   Are You Bad Enough? (Sec. B)
  8   Want Some Fun, Boy?
  9   Centerfold Shot
 10   Bad Girl!
 11   Ready for Anything
 12   Bring 'Em On!
 13   Wanna See More?
 14   French Look
 15   Seductive but Deadly
 16   Never Enough Hardware
 17   Take the Damn Picture Already!
 18   For Hire
 19   Sitting Pretty (Sec. A)
 20   Sitting Pretty (Sec. B)
 21   Can We Ever Get a Break? (Sec. A)
 22   Can We Ever Get a Break? (Sec. B)
 23   Behind the Scenes (Sec. A)
 24   Behind the Scenes (Sec. B)
 25   Enjoy, You Can Only Watch (Sec. A)
 26   Enjoy, You Can Only Watch (Sec. B)
 27   You're On Candid Camera (Sec. A)
 28   You're On Candid Camera (Sec. B)
 29   Hellraisin' (Sec. A)
 30   Hellraisin' (Sec. B)
 31   I See Ya Looking
 32   Touch Me!
 33   Gotcha!
 34   All Hell Breaks Loose
 35   Got 'Em!
 36   Assault Team
 37   Nikki Blade Makes...
 38   Nice Butt
 39   China Kicking Ass
 40   Cynamon Takes Charge...
 41   ...At a Bad-Girl Wannabe
 42   Kicked Your Butt, Redheaded Bimbo!
 43   Bad Girls 'R' Us (Sec. A)
 44   Bad Girls 'R' Us (Sec. B)
 45   Bad Girls 'R' Us (Sec. C)
 46   The Jazzler (Sec. A)
 47   The Jazzler (Sec. B)
 48   China - In the Flesh
 49   Jazz Me!
 50   The Master Plan...
 51   ...The Solution
 52   Rattler Awaits
 53   Code Name: Double Impact
 54   Ass Kickers (Sec. A)
 55   Ass Kickers (Sec. B)
 56   You're History, Dude
 57   Mordred
 58   Hot Summer Babe
 59   Shoot the Bitches!
 60   Rattler's Attack (Sec. A)
 61   Rattler's Attack (Sec. B)
 62   Big Guns
 63   Bring On the Bad Girls
 64   I'm Coming for Ya!
 65   Strike a Pose
 66   Wanna See More? II
 67   Tribal
 68   Bring on the Bad Boys
 69   Another Day, More Dead Guys (Sec. A)
 70   Another Day, More Dead Guys (Sec. B)
 71   Tuff Chicky
 72   Oops!
 73   China & Jazz a.k.a. Ass Kickers (Sec. A)
 74   China & Jazz a.k.a. Ass Kickers (Sec. B)
 75   Smokin' Gun
 76   Masquerade
 77   China - In Your Face
 78   Girl with an Attitude
 79   Bad Blades
 80   Nikki Blade
 81   Break Me
 82   Live in Action
 83   I Dare You
 84   Crossfire
 85   Make My Day
 86   Battle Zone
 87   The Boss-Man
 88   Ready for Action
 89   The Rattler
 90   Checklist


Box Bonus Card

  0   (two babes)

MagnaChrome Cards

 M1   Art by Jason Pearson
 M2   Art by Joe Quesada
 M3   Art by Ricky E. Carralero
 M4   Art by Ricky E. Carralero
 M5   Art by Ricky E. Carralero
 M6   Art by Dark One

"Butt Shot" Subset Cards

 S1   Blondes Have More Fun
 S2   China's Greatest Assets
 S3   All That Jazz

Ricky E. Carralero Autographed Cards (1:case, 500 signed)

 A1   Fiery China
 A2   China & Jazz

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)


 --   (Backside shot, unnumbered)
 --   Feel the Impact (Gun between legs, unnumbered)
 --   (Backside shot, refractor)

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