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Downton Abbey Series 1 & 2
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2014

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (126): approx. 0.79 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Title

      1   The News Spreads
      2   The House Awakens
      3   Complications
      4   Question of Ability
      5   An Unexpected Welcome
      6   Opportune Visitor
      7   Line of Inquiry
      8   An Ill Wind
      9   What's Right
     10   Heir Apparent
     11   Mrs. Crawly and Lady Grantham
     12   Seeking a Place
     13   A Chance at Life
     14   Sibling Rivalry
     15   Cause for Celebration
     16   Prospects for Mary
     17   Lively Gathering
     18   The Hunt Commences
     19   Turkish Relations
     20   Kind Inquiry
     21   Traveling Show
     22   A Deep Wound
     23   Planning for Mary
     24   Night out for Mrs. Hughes
     25   Display of Independence
     26   Battle for Attention
     27   Cast Aside
     28   A Question of Pride
     29   Co-Conspirators
     30   A Laughing Matter
     31   Beautiful Bloom
     32   Liberal Sybil
     33   Slip of the Tongue
     34   The Count
     35   Ready for a Fight
     36   Push and Shove
     37   Putting on Airs
     38   Mr. Bates Returns
     39   Matthew Returns
     40   White Feather
     41   Downstairs Rivalry
     42   Heartfelt Goodbye
     43   Lady Sybil the Baker
     44   Forced Away
     45   Earnest Confessions
     46   A Disappointing Evening
     47   Ready and Able
     48   Sentiment
     49   Party Arrival
     50   A Little Rusty
     51   A Realistic Point of View
     52   Too Much for Mr. Carson
     53   Persuasion
     54   Lavinia's Troubles
     55   Edith's Indiscretion
     56   The Pains of War
     57   A Proposal of Function
     58   A Stolen Kiss
     59   Unanswered Prayers
     60   Political Talk
     61   Changes at Downton
     62   A Proper Welcome
     63   Battle on Home Soil
     64   Questionable Morals
     65   Soup Interrupted
     66   A Humble Proposal
     67   A Discussion of Options
     68   Idle Hands
     69   Odd Places
     70   A Way Out
     71   Soup Kitchen
     72   Special Storage
     73   Through Tough Times
     74   Bad Pennies
     75   A Joyful Evening
     76   Indiscretions
     77   Superstition
     78   Caring for the Wounded
     79   A Time for Prayer
     80   A Woman Scorned
     81   Preparing for Matthew
     82   Plea from William
     83   All the Arrangements
     84   Turning Tables
     85   Mrs. Crawley Returns
     86   Lonely Lunch
     87   November 11th
     88   A Shocking Letter
     89   Back to Normal
     90   Help for Ethel
     91   Wounderful News
     92   A New Home for Mary
     93   Matthew and Lavinia
     94   A Protective Mother
     95   Mr. and Mrs. Bryant
     96   Cold Reception
     97   The New Gramophone
     98   Mr. and Mrs. Bates
     99   Jane's Departure
    100   Ashes to Ashes
    101   A Father's Blessing
    102   Trouble Downstairs
    103   Happy Christmas
    104   Planning a Shoot
    105   Wish and a Prayer
    106   Life is a Game of Charades
    107   Matthew's Rescue
    108   Sorrow and Joy
    109   In the Shadows
    110   Trying to Help
    111   Laying Mr. Swire to Rest
    112   The Truth Revealed
    113   Save the Date
    114   Plea from Matthew
    115   The Right Time
    116   Damning Testimonial
    117   Guilty Verdict.
    118   Breaking It Off
    119   A Lesson in Propriety
    120   A Lovely Waltz
    121   Devious Duo
    122   Good Advice
    123   Plot Exposed
    124   Change in Plans
    125   Drawing to a Close
    126   Checklist


Upstairs Chase Cards (1:12 packs)

 UP-1     Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham
 UP-2     Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham
 UP-3     Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham
 UP-4     Lady Mary Crawley
 UP-5     Matthew Crawley
 UP-6     Lady Sybil Branson
 UP-7     Lady Edith Crawley
 UP-8     Isobel Crawley
 UP-9     Lady Rosamund Painswick
 UP-10    Tom Branson
 UP-11    Lavinia Swire
 UP-12    Sir Richard Carlisle

Downstairs Chase Cards (1:12 packs)

DWN-1     Mr. Carson
DWN-2     Mrs. Hughes
DWN-3     Miss O'Brien
DWN-4     Anna Bates
DWN-5     Mrs. Patmore
DWN-6     Daisy Mason
DWN-7     Thomas Barrow
DWN-8     Tom Branson
DWN-9     Ethel
DWN-10    Gwen
DWN-11    William Mason
DWN-12    Mr. Bates
DWN-13    Mr. Lang
DWN-14    Mr. Molesley

At War Chase Cards (1:12 packs)

 WWI-1    Lieutenant Matthew Crawley reawakens after a blast
 WWI-2    Lieutenant Crawley returns to the frontline, carry
 WWI-3    In the trenches, Lieutenant Crawley runs into Thom
 WWI-4    Lieutenant Crawley is being transferred to help re
 WWI-5    William Mason is drafted and, fearing for his safe
 WWI-6    During the Battle of Amiens, Captain Crawley leads
 WWI-7    During the charge, Private Mason throws himself in
 WWI-8    Captain Crawley and Private Mason suffer serious i
 WWI-9    Captain Crawley is transferred to the hospital nea

Wardrobe Material Cards (1:24 packs)

  W01     Lady Edith Crawley's Evening Dress [brown]
  W02     Sarah O'Brien's Black Dress
  W03     Mrs. Patmore's Linen Shirt
  W04     Lady Mary Crawley's Dress [beige]
  W05     Lady Cora Crawley's Dress
  W06     Lady Mary Crawley's Dress [blue]

       Dual Wardrobe Material Cards

  DW01    Lady Edith Crawley's Evening Dress / Lady Mary Crawley's Dress
  DW02    Lady Cora Crawley's Dress / Lady Mary Crawley's Dress
  DW03    Lady Cora Crawley's Dress / Lady Edith Crawley's Evening Dress
  DW04    Sarah O'Brien's Black Dress / Mrs. Patmore's Linen Shirt
  DW05    Lady Cora Crawley's Dress / Sarah O'Brien's Black Dress

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

   A1     Jim Carter as Mr. Carson
   A2     Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith Crawley
   A3     Phyllis Logan as Mrs. Hughes
   A4     Siobhan Finneran as Sarah O'Brien
   A5     Sophie McShera as Daisy Mason
   A6     Thomas Howes as William Mason
   A7     Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley
   A8     Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Sybil Crawley
   A9     Joanne Froggatt as Anna Smith
   A10    Rob James-Collier as Thomas Barrow
   A11    Lesley Nicol as Mrs. Patmore
   A12    Zoe Boyle as Lavinia Swire
   A13    Iain Glen as Sir Richard Carlisle
   A14    Allen Leech as Tom Branson

Artist Sketch Cards (1:595 packs)

          Allison Sohn
          Bob Stevlic
          Brad Utterstrom
          Cat Staggs
          Chris Meeks
          Dan Bergren
          David Desbois
          M. Jason Reed
          Richard Salvucci
          Sam (SLH) Hogg

Mini Sketch Cards (1:1674 packs; 1-1/2" x 2-11/16")

          Chris Meeks
          David Desbois
          Gabby Untermaterova
          John Haun

Card Album (sold separately)

    --    (binder)
    W7    Lady Edith Crawley's Evening Dress [dark; exclusive Wardrobe card]


    P1    (Non-Sport Update; Memorabilia Show Edition; 300 made)
    P2    (metal; Non-Sport Update Booth, Memorabilia Show; # to 100)

MINI BASE PARALLEL CARDS (1-1/2" x 2-11/16"; 1:2 packs)

CCC-01    The News Spreads
CCC-02    The House Awakens
CCC-03    Complications
CCC-04    Question of Ability
CCC-05    An Unexpected Welcome
CCC-06    Opportune Visitor
CCC-07    Line of Inquiry
CCC-08    An Ill Wind
CCC-09    What's Right
CCC-10    Heir Apparent
CCC-11    Mrs. Crawly and Lady Grantham
CCC-12    Seeking a Place
CCC-13    A Chance at Life
CCC-14    Sibling Rivalry
CCC-15    Cause for Celebration
CCC-16    Prospects for Mary
CCC-17    Lively Gathering
CCC-18    The Hunt Commences
CCC-19    Turkish Relations
CCC-20    Kind Inquiry
CCC-21    Traveling Show
CCC-22    A Deep Wound
CCC-23    Planning for Mary
CCC-24    Night out for Mrs. Hughes
CCC-25    Display of Independence
CCC-26    Battle for Attention
CCC-27    Cast Aside
CCC-28    A Question of Pride
CCC-29    Co-Conspirators
CCC-30    A Laughing Matter
CCC-31    Beautiful Bloom
CCC-32    Liberal Sybil
CCC-33    Slip of the Tongue
CCC-34    The Count
CCC-35    Ready for a Fight
CCC-36    Push and Shove
CCC-37    Putting on Airs
CCC-38    Mr. Bates Returns
CCC-39    Matthew Returns
CCC-40    White Feather
CCC-41    Downstairs Rivalry
CCC-42    Heartfelt Goodbye
CCC-43    Lady Sybil the Baker
CCC-44    Forced Away
CCC-45    Earnest Confessions
CCC-46    A Disappointing Evening
CCC-47    Ready and Able
CCC-48    Sentiment
CCC-49    Party Arrival
CCC-50    A Little Rusty
CCC-51    A Realistic Point of View
CCC-52    Too Much for Mr. Carson
CCC-53    Persuasion
CCC-54    Lavinia's Troubles
CCC-55    Edith's Indiscretion
CCC-56    The Pains of War
CCC-57    A Proposal of Function
CCC-58    A Stolen Kiss
CCC-59    Unanswered Prayers
CCC-60    Political Talk
CCC-61    Changing at Downton
CCC-62    A Proper Welcome
CCC-63    Battle on Home Soil
CCC-64    Questionable
CCC-65    Soup Interrupted
CCC-66    A Humble Proposal
CCC-67    A Discussion of Options
CCC-68    Idle Hands
CCC-69    Odd Places
CCC-70    A Way Out
CCC-71    Soup Kitchen
CCC-72    Special Storage
CCC-73    Through Tough Times
CCC-74    Bad Pennies
CCC-75    A Joyful Evening
CCC-76    Indiscretions
CCC-77    Superstition
CCC-78    Caring for the Wounded
CCC-79    A Time for Prayer
CCC-80    A Woman Scorned
CCC-81    Preparing for Matthew
CCC-82    Plea from William
CCC-83    All the Arrangements
CCC-84    Turning Tables
CCC-85    Mrs. Crawley Returns
CCC-86    Lonely Lunch
CCC-87    November 11th
CCC-88    A Shocking Letter
CCC-89    Back to Normal
CCC-90    Help for Ethel
CCC-91    Wounderful News
CCC-92    A New Home for Mary
CCC-93    Matthew and Lavinia
CCC-94    A Protective Mother
CCC-95    Mr. and Mrs. Bryant
CCC-96    Cold Reception
CCC-97    The New Gramophone
CCC-98    Mr. and Mrs. Bates
CCC-99    Jane's Departure
CCC-100   Ashes to Ashes
CCC-101   A Father's Blessing
CCC-102   Trouble Downstairs
CCC-103   Happy Christmas
CCC-104   Planning a Shoot
CCC-105   Wish and a Prayer
CCC-106   Life is a Game of Charades
CCC-107   Matthew's Rescue
CCC-108   Sorrow and Joy
CCC-109   In the Shadows
CCC-110   Trying to Help
CCC-111   Laying Mr. Swire to Rest
CCC-112   The Truth Revealed
CCC-113   Save the Date
CCC-114   Plea from Matthew
CCC-115   The Right Time
CCC-116   Damning Testimonial
CCC-117   Guilty Verdict
CCC-118   Breaking It Off
CCC-119   A Lesson in Propriety
CCC-120   A Lovely Waltz
CCC-121   Devious Duo
CCC-122   Good Advice
CCC-123   Plot Exposed
CCC-124   Change in Plans
CCC-125   Drawing to a Close

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