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Do You Know?
   Leaf Cards - 1961

Notes: This series owes a tip of the hat to a variety of U.K. trade-card series 
with similar themes and information.

No.  Title

  1  Why Is the Sea Salty?
  2  Why Do Nettles Sting?
  3  What Wakes Us in the Morning??
  4  What Makes a Tree Grow?
  5  What Makes Night and Day?
  6  Can a Bee Sting Twice?
  7  Why Do Most Fish Die out of Water?
  8  What Makes the Tides?
  9  Why Does a Ball Bounce?
 10  What Makes Thunder and Lightning?
 11  Why Do Soap Bubbles Rise?
 12  Why Does Sound Carry Further on Water Than on Land?
 13  Why Do Owls Fly by Night?
 14  Do Flying Fish Fly?
 15  Are Sharks Always Dangerous?
 16  What Is a Volcano and Why Does It Erupt?
 17  What Was the Pipe of Peace?
 18  Are Crocodiles and Alligators the Same Animal?
 19  Why Are Some Beaches Sandy and Others Pebbly?
 20  Why Does a Duck Keep Dry in Water?
 21  What Is a Supersonic Bang?
 22  Why Does a Steel Ship Float?
 23  What were the Seven Wonders of the World?
 24  Why Does Grass Turn Yellow when Cut?
 25  What Are Saturn's Rings?
 26  How Does a Chamelion Change Colour? [sic]
 27  Can Lizards Fly?
 28  Why Do the Eyes of Some Animals Shine in the Dark?
 29  What Are the "Northern Lights"?
 30  Which Is Our Largest Bird?
 31  Does an Ostrich Bury Its Head when Frightened?
 32  What Was Pandora's Box?
 33  Which Is the Largest Snake?
 34  How Do We Keep Warm in Cold Weather?
 35  Is a Lion Afraid of Any Animal?
 36  What Small Animals Can Kill a "King Cobra?"
 37  Where Does an Eel Come From?
 38  How Big Is a Giant Squid?
 39  Can You Fish with a Fish without a Hook?
 40  Can Rain Be Made?
 41  Why Do Horses Need Shoes?
 42  Why Do Aeroplanes Sometimes Appear to Hover?
 43  Does a Whale Spout Water?
 44  How Does a Glider Remain in the Air?
 45  Does an Elephant Never Forget?
 46  What Is the World's Population?
 47  Which Is the Fastest Animal on Legs?
 48  Is There Life on Mars?
 49  When Was the World Considered a Globe?
 50  Why Do Some Helicopters Have a Tail Propellor?

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