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Bram Stoker's Dracula (Movie)
   Topps - 1992

Notes:  For people who track these things, Charles Roth reports that several
of the cards have reverses that were printed upside-down.  (Of course, I had
to ask whether he was sure it wasn't the card fronts that were upside-down,
instead.)  Does anybody know if this was a routine occurrence?  Thanks much
to James Ogden, Jerry Wood, H. Dewayne [Bond], and Sean Wright for updates!

Box: 36 packs.

No.  Description / Text

  1   Bram Stoker's Dracula [Title Card]

Actors and Roles

  2   Gary Oldman as Dracula
  3   Winona Ryder as Mina
  4   Anthony Hopkins as Prof. Van Helsing
  5   Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker
  6   Sadie Frost as Lucy
  7   Richard E. Grant as Dr. Jack Seward
  8   Cary Elwes as Arthur Holmwood
  9   Bill Campbell as Quincey Morris

 10   1462. A Romanian prince from the region
 11   Thinking that her warrior prince has be
 12   Jonathan Harker bids his fiancee Mina f
 13   Following specific instructions, Jonath
 14   At Borgo Pass, Count Dracula's carriage
 15   As an unsuspecting Jonathan Harker ente
 16   At the castle doorway, Dracula greets h
 17   Harker sits at a large table set with a
 18   Harker marvels at an old painting of th
 19   "The luckiest man who walks on this ear
 20   While shaving in his room, Harker is in
 21   Solicitor R.M. Renfield, Jonathan Harke
 22   Summoning his courage, Harker picks the
 23   In a room intended for Dracula's ladies
 24   Hands emerge from the undulating fabric
 25   Dracula's sensuous, blood thirsty bride
 26   Facing his vampire brides, Dracula pull
 27   Like a fly caught in a spider's web, Ha
 28   There is only one way Jonathan Harker c
 29   In the castle Chapel, Harker passes ske
 30   Deep in the castle chapel, Count Dracul
 31   Unleashing his fury, Harker grabs a nea
 32   At Seward's asylum, the raving Renfield
 33   Unaware that she is being observed by M
 34   In the cemetery, Lucy's ghostly white f
 35   The "wolfen" Dracula now preys on young
 36   In spite of his best efforts, Harker re
 37   Lucy's relationship with Dracula is beg
 38   In broad daylight (although he avoids d
 39   Dracula convinces Mina to accompany him
 40   Mina breathes heavily - frightened and
 41   A formidable-looking gentleman, Abraham
 42   Even as Van Helsing arrives and is gree
 43   Van helsing pulls out his instruments a
 44   Dracula, in his youthful form, believes
 45   Arthur Holmwood, Lucy's fiance, is shoc
 46   Holmwood, Seward and Quincey soon overc
 47   "There are darknesses in life," Prof. V
 48   Prince Dracula receives a heartbreaking
 49   As Harker and Mina wed, an infuriated D
 50   Lucy, lovelier than ever, is surrounded
 51   Lamps flash in the dead of night as Van
 52   Holmwood recognizes the singing voice a
 53   The vampire Lucy appears in her wedding
 54   Lucy approaches her former fiance. "Com
 55   Armed with a crucifix, Van Helsing forc
 56   "You may kiss her now," Van Helsing tel
 57   Mina had returned to London with Jonath
 58   Mina visits Renfield at the asylum. "Yo
 59   "He can direct the elements; the storm,
 60   After examining Harker's journal, Van H
 61   In Seward's asylum, a green mist enters
 62   Dracula holds Mina close, consummating
 63   Dracula, in humanoid bat form, challeng
 64   Thinking fast, Van Helsing splashes hol
 65   Van Helsing and his vampire hunters tra
 66   Sunrise. Van Helsing emerges, exhausted
 67   Along Borgo Road, a Gypsy caravan carry
 68   At Castle Dracula, Harker leaps upon th
 69   Suddenly, the lid of Dracula's coffin e
 70   All eyes are trained on Dracula as the
 71   Quincey, wounded by one of the gypsies,
 72   Mina suddenly rushes to Dracula - aimin
 73   Dracula shudders, blood welling up from
 74   In the chapel, old candles light themse
 75   Dracula's eyes roll up. He sleeps ... P

 76   Professor Van Helsing and his team of v
 77   Director Francis Ford Coppola emphasize
 78   Keanu Reeves brings the character of Jo
 79   Under the watchful eye of director Fran
 80   Director Francis Ford Coppola wanted fo
 81   Lucy (Sadie Frost) returns from the dea
 82   When Dracula first meets Mina in London
 83   Director Francis Ford Coppola is surrou
 84   Camera crews shoot Borgo Pass, that sin
 85   Coppola's crew in front of Castle Dracu
 86   Director Francis Ford Coppola instructs
 87   Before filming begins, the cinematograp
 88   Coppola's camer crew catches all the ac

Mike Mignola Art

 89   Warrior Prince Dracula
 90   Dracula's agony
 91   Jonathan Harker at Borgo Pass
 92   Jonathan enters Dracula's world
 93   Count Dracula first appears
 94   Harker confronts Dracula's brides
 95   Renfield, slave and procurer
 96   Dracula rises from his crypt
 97   In London, Dracula appears as a young,
 98   Lucy Westenra returns
 99   Dracula as bat creature
100   Van Helsing victorious


 --   Humanoid Bat Dracula (unnumbered)
 --   Humanoid Bat Dracula (red foil lettering; unnumbered)
 --   (Werewolf; red foil lettering; unnumbered)

Bram Stoker's Dracula Comic Promo Set
  Inserted four-per-cello-pack in "Bram Stoker's Dracula" comic books.
  Artwork is by Mike Mignola; card backs show movie photographs.

(polybagged in Issue #1)

  1   Enraged that the suicide of his belo (photo; red foil lettering)
  2   The cover for issue #2 of Bram Stoke (art by Mike Mignola)
  3   Here, the three brides of Dracula ar (art by John Nyberg)
  4   A man determined and demonic in his  (art by Mark Chiarello)

(polybagged in Issue #2)

  5   Dracula's three blood lusting brides (photo; red foil lettering)
  6   The cover for issue #3 of Bram Stoke (art by Mike Mignola)
  7   This monstrous incarnation of Dracul (art by John Nyberg)
  8   Old Dracula (Gary Oldman), as he app (art by Mark Chiarello)

(polybagged in Issue #3)

  9   The aged Dracula (Gary Oldman), deep (photo; red foil lettering)
 10   The cover for issue #4 of Bram Stoke (art by Mike Mignola)
 11   Gary Oldman portrays all of the inca (art by John Nyberg)
 12   Portrait of a man of passion: Darcul (art by Mark Chiarello)

(polybagged in Issue #4)

 13   As Mina looks on, Prof. Van Helsing  (photo; red foil lettering)
 14   The cover for issue #1 of Bram Stoke (art by Mike Mignola)
 15   Mina's best friend Lucy (Sadie Frost (art by John Nyberg)
 16   Sans monster make up. Gary Oldman    (art by Mark Chiarello)

 --   (unnumbered promo for the comics-promo series)

Vlad the Impaler Art Puzzle Set
  Inserted three-per-cello-pack in Advance Comics' "Dracula: Vlad the
     Impaler" series; all are unnumbered. Card backs form a complete image by
     Mike Mignola and Jack Kirby.

(polybagged in Issue #1)

top left        (card front art by Mike Mignola)
top middle      (card front art by Sam Kieth)
top right       (card front art by Esteban Maroto)

(polybagged in Issue #2)

center left     (card front art by Alfredo Alcala)
center middle   (card front art by Ted B [Boonthanakit])
center right    (card front art by Esteban Maroto)

(polybagged in Issue #3)

bottom left     (card front art by Brian Stelfreeze - Zorro)
bottom middle   (card front art by Alfredo Alcala)
bottom right    (card front art by Esteban Maroto)

 --  (9-up panel of above cards; 8-1/4" x 11-3/8")
 --  (2-up panel, 5" x 7-3/4"; wolf creature, bat creature; Previews)
 --  (chase card, Test Release)

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