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Official Drag Champs
   Fleer - 1971

Notes: The series is found in two varieties. Cards printed in U.S.A. are unnumbered 
while cards printed in Canada show numbers.

Box: 24 packs with gum.

No.   Title                                            Subtitle

  1   "Akron" Arlen Vanke's                            1971 Plymouth Duster
  2   John Wiebe                                       Top Fuel Dragster
  3   Terry Hedrick's "Super Shaker"                   Chevy II Funny Car
  4   Steve Carbone's                                  Top Fuel Dragster
  5   The Ramchargers'                                 1970 Dodge Challenger Funny Car
  6   Roland Leong's "Hawaiian"                        1970 Dodge Charger Funny Car
  7   Don Schumacher's "Stardust"                      1970 Barracuda Funny Car
  8   Don & Roy Gay's "Infinity V"                     1970 Firebird Funny Car
  9   Dick Harrell's "Mr. Chevrolet"                   1970 Camaro Funny Car
 10   Bill Jenkins' "Grumpy's Toy"                     1969 Camaro Super Stock
 11   Mr. Norm's "Super Charger"                       1970 Dodge Charger Funny Car
 12   Sandy Elliott                                    1969 Mustang Top Stock
 13   Farkonas, Coil, & Minick's "Chi-Town Hustler"    Funny Car
 14   Mickey Thompson's "Boss Maverick"                Funny Car
 15   Gene Snow's "Rambunctious"                       1970 Dodge Challenger Funny Car
 16   Jay Howell's "Warhorse"                          1970 Mustang Funny Car
 17   Norm Tanner's "Tin Indian"                       GT-2 Firebird
 18   Don "Big Daddy" Garlits' "Wynnscharger"          Top Fuel Dragster
 19   Ray Alley's 1969 "Engine Masters"                Barracuda Funny Car
 20   K. S. Pittman's "1970 Super Tiger"               Open G.T.
 21   Ed Miller's "Hemi-Duster"                        1970 Plymouth Super Stock
 22   The 1970 A.H.R.A. Grand American Professionals   Funny Car Category
 23   Chris Karamesines' "Chizler"                     Top Fuel Dragster
 24   The 1970 A.H.R.A. Grand American Professionals   Super Stock Category
 25   Jim Nicoll's                                     Top Fuel Dragster
 26   Dick Landy's                                     1970 Challenger Super Stock
 27   Shirley Shahan's "Drag-On-Lady"                  1970 A.M.X. Top Stock
 28   Dick Harrell's "Mr. Chevrolet"                   1970 Camaro Funny Car
 29   Candies & Hughes                                 1970 Barracuda Funny Car
 30   "Fast Eddie" Schartman's                         1970 Cougar Super Stock
 31   Ed Terry's                                       1970 Mustang Super Stock
 32   Hubert Platt's "Georgia Shaker"                  1970 Mustang Super Stock
 33   Gary Kimball's Camaro                            Super Stock
 34   Gary Watson's "Paddy Wagon"                      Wheelie Van
 35   "Big John" Mazmanian's                           1970 Barracuda Funny Car
 36   Crietz & Donovan                                 Top Fuel Dragster
 37   Harry Schmidt's "Blue Max"                       1970 Mustang Funny Car
 38   Sox & Martin's                                   1971 Plymouth Barracuda
 39   Mike Burkhart/Mart Higginbotham                  Camaro Funny Car
 40   Don Grotheer's                                   1970 Barracuda Super Stock
 41   "Sneaky Pete" Robinson's "Tinkertoy"             Top Fuel Dragster
 42   Larry Christopherson's "Chevy II"                Funny Car
 43   Dick Loehr's "Stampede"                          Maverick Super Stock
 44   Ma & Pa Hoover's                                 Top Fuel Dragster
 45   Beyer & Young                                    Top Stock Mercury Cougar
 46   Warren Gunter's "Durachrome Bug"                 1970 Volkswagen Funny Car
 47   Bruce Larson's "U.S.A.-1"                        1970 Camaro Funny Car
 48   Paula Murphy's "Miss STP"                        1970 Duster Funny Car
 49   Bruce Dodd's "Spirit"                            Top Fuel Dragster
 50   "Jungle Jim" Liberman's                          1970 Camaro Funny Car
 51   Sam Auxier, Jr.'s                                1970 Maverick Super Stock
 52   Duane Ong's "Torque Pawnbroker"                  Top Fuel Dragster
 53   Ray Godman's "Tennessee Boll-Weevil"             Top Fuel Dragster
 54   The 1970 A.H.R.A. Grand American Professionals   Top Fuel Category
 55   King & Marshall, "El Diablo"                     Top Fuel Dragster
 56   Robert Anderson                                  Top Fuel Dragster
 57   Mallicoat Bros.                                  1969 Barracuda Gasser
 58   Hiner & Miller                                   Camaro GT 3
 59   Tommy Ivo's "T.V. Tommy"                         Top Fuel Dragster
 60   Bill Hielshcer's "Mr. Bardahl"                   1970 Camaro Super Stock
 61   Tony Nancy's "Sizzler"                           Top Fuel Dragster
 62   C-K-C Chevy II                                   Funny Car
 63   "Dyno Don" Nicholson's                           1970 Maverick Super Stock

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