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Dragon's Lair
Fleer - 1984

Notes:  The front of the stickers and game cards feature Don Bluth artwork from the
arcade video game "Dragon's Lair." The backs of the stickers have game tips for the
arcade video game. Many of the stickers have variation backs for the same sticker front.
We aren't sure whether the 95 variations comprise the complete variation set; Fleer
sets have not exhibited any consistent pattern in this regard, and the relative scarcity
of each variation is unknown.  The rub-off game cards feature three different games per
illustration. Therefore,  to collect all of the game-card variations, you would need to rub
off the cards and take note of the locations of the swords, gold coins, and keys. The
same card illustration will have these items located in different areas of the puzzle.
Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the checklist, and to Steve and James Richardson
for supporting the continuing quest to identify more variations!

Box: 36 packs of 3 stickers + 3 rub-off game cards + 1 stick of delicious gum.
Numerical set = 63 stickers + 30 rub-off game cards.
Known-Variation set = 84 stickers + 90 rub-off game cards.

   No.     Title (front)                                   Scene (back)

 1 of 63   Come On Big Guy, Make My Day!                   The Bouncing Skulls
                                                           The Room Of Fire
 2 of 63   Help! Save Me!                                  The Lava Monsters
                                                           The Tentacle
 3 of 63   Dragon's Lair Is Great                          The Bats Attack
                                                           The Spinning Balls
 4 of 63   Psst....Your Deodorant Hath Failed!             The Dragon's Lair
 5 of 63   Reach Out And Touch Somebody!                   The Tilting Floor
 6 of 63   You're So Brave                                 The Knight On The Horse
                                                           The Throne Room
 7 of 63   I Vant To Bite Your Neck!                       The Knight
 8 of 63   Here Comes That Night Rider!                    The Knight On The Horse
 9 of 63   Charge                                          The Bouncing Skulls
                                                           The Smithie
10 of 63   Dirk In The Cornerpocket                        The Lava Monsters
11 of 63   Princess Daphne                                 The Bats Attack
12 of 63   Squinch! I Can't Stand The Pressure             The Bouncing Skulls
                                                           The Lizard King
                                                           The Room Of Fire
13 of 63   I've Got It                                     The Lava Monsters
                                                           The Crumbling Walkway
                                                           The Tentacle
14 of 63   I'm Watching You                                The Bats Attack
                                                           The Room Of Fire
                                                           The Spinning Balls
15 of 63   This Way To... Dragon's Lair                    The Dragon's Lair
                                                           The Tentacle
16 of 63   Yuck! Spider Breath                             The Tilting Floor
                                                           The Spinning Balls
17 of 63   Will You Guys Stop Picking On Me!               The Throne Room
                                                           The Knight On The Horse
18 of 63   Go For It!                                      The Knight
19 of 63   Feet Don't Fail Me Now!                         The Knight On The Horse
20 of 63   Peekaboo Dirk!                                  The Bouncing Skulls
                                                           The Smithie
21 of 63   You're My Key Man                               The Lava Monsters
22 of 63   Oh! Please Hurry!                               The Bats Attack
23 of 63   This'll Tickle Your Tentacles!                  The Bouncing Skulls
                                                           The Room Of Fire
24 of 63   Are You Guys Sure This Is A Hot Tub?            The Lava Monsters
24 of 63   Are You Guys Sure This Is A Hot Tub?            The Tentacle
25 of 63   Please Don't Squeeze The Dirk!                  The Bats Attack
                                                           The Spinning Balls
26 of 63   Ouch! This Better Be Worth It!                  The Dragon's Lair
27 of 63   Dirk's Key To Happiness                         The Tilting Floor
28 of 63   Dirk The Daring                                 The Throne Room
28 of 63   Dirk The Daring                                 The Knight On The Horse
29 of 63   Princess Daphne                                 The Knight
30 of 63   Please Don't Feed The Dragon                    The Knight On The Horse
31 of 63   Prepare To Die! Just Try It Lizard Lips!        The Bouncing Skulls
                                                           The Smithie
32 of 63   ...And Away Goes Dirk Down The Drain!           The Lava Monsters
33 of 63   Take A Dragon To Lunch/Dragons Need Love Too!   The Bats Attack
34 of 63   The Dragon                                      The Pool
35 of 63   Dirk Meets The Dragon                           The Slide
36 of 63   Say Ah!                                         The Smithie
37 of 63   Ride'em Dirk                                    The Lizard King
38 of 63   Here Comes Trouble                              The Crumbling Walkway
39 of 63   The Demons Castle                               The Room Of Fire
40 of 63   The Black Night                                 The Tentacle
41 of 63   The Magic Sword                                 The Spinning Balls
42 of 63   Maximus Joyus Stikus                            The Throne Room
                                                           The Pool
43 of 63   Dirk Battling The Snakes                        The Knight
                                                           The Slide
44 of 63   Beat It/The Giddy Goons                         The Pool
                                                           The Dragon's Lair
45 of 63   Let's Play Dragon's Lair                        The Slide
                                                           The Tilting Floor
46 of 63   Dirty Old Mud Men                               The Smithie
                                                           The Throne Room
47 of 63   Pow                                             The Lizard King
                                                           The Pool
48 of 63   It's A Thriller                                 The Crumbling Walkway
                                                           The Slide
49 of 63   (Fire Breathing Dragon)                         The Room Of Fire
                                                           The Smithie
50 of 63   You Drive Me Batty                              The Tentacle
51 of 63   This Way Out                                    The Spinning Balls
52 of 63   Keep Out This Is A Private Party                The Throne Room
                                                           The Pool
53 of 63   Be My Princess                                  The Knight
                                                           The Slide
54 of 63   So This Is Detention Hall!                      The Pool
55 of 63   The Whirlpools                                  The Slide
56 of 63   Home Sweet Home!                                The Smithie
57 of 63   Surprise!                                       The Lizard King
58 of 63   Oh! Ah! Eee! Uh!                                The Crumbling Walkway
59 of 63   Take A Dunk With Dirk                           The Room Of Fire
60 of 63   You Think You Had A Bad Day!                    The Tentacle
61 of 63   The Grim Reaper                                 The Spinning Balls
62 of 63   Dirk Is Bad!                                    The Throne Room
                                                           The Pool
63 of 63   Dragon's Lair Is The Real One!                  The Knight
                                                           The Slide

Rub-Off Game Cards

Description                                           Same Art As

Princess Daphne                                       (Sticker  2 of 63)
Giant Bat                                             (Sticker  4 of 63)
Black Knight On A Horse                               (Sticker  8 of 63)
Dirk Hiding Behind Boulder From Singe                 (Sticker 20 of 63)
Chpping Tenatcle in Half                              (Sticker 23 of 63)
Dirk Battling The Lizard King                         (Sticker 31 of 63)
...And Away Goes Dirk Down The Drain                  (Sticker 32 of 63)
Singe The Evil Dragon                                 (Sticker 34 of 63)
Dirk And Singe                                        (Sticker 35 of 63)
Snake Monsters Attacking From The Celing              (Sticker 36 of 63)
Dirk Riding A Horse                                   (Sticker 37 of 63)
The Castle                                            (Sticker 39 of 63)
Dirk About To Battle The Black Knight                 (Sticker 40 of 63)
Fire on Dirk's Sword                                  (Sticker 41 of 63)
Dirk Battling The Snakes Underwater                   (Sticker 43 of 63)
Dirk Attacked By The Giddy Goons                      (Sticker 44 of 63)
Dirk And A Lava Man                                   (Cropped reverse image of sticker 46 of 63)
Bronze Guy (The Smithe)                               (Sticker 47 of 63)
Dirk clasped In Chair With Giant Eye                  (Sticker 48 of 63)
Dirk Being Attacked By 3 Bats                         (Sticker 50 of 63)
Giant Boulder                                         (Sticker 51 of 63)
Dirk In HallWay With Skulls                           (Sticker 54 of 63)
Dirk In Barrel Paddling Through Lava                  (Sticker 55 of 63)
Dirk Drawing His Sword To Fight The Crypt Creepers    (Sticker 57 of 63)
Dirk Almost Stepping Off A Ledge Into The Fiery Pit   (Sticker 58 of 63)
Dirk In Barrel Paddling Through Green Liquid          (Sticker 59 of 63)
Dirk path being blocked by The Grim Reaper            (Sticker 61 of 63)

The Following Game cards artwork was not used for any of the Stickers

Dirk About To Be Grabed By A Giant Skeleton Hand
Dirk Ducking Into Doorway
3 Rolling Balls

©2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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