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Dragon Ball
J.P.P. / Artbox - 1995

Notes:  The set is subtitled: "Let's Search for Adventure, and Magical, Mystical
Treasures!" The "scene" description is what is shown on the printed checklist; 
the words are not printed on the cards themselves.  Thanks much to Michael 
Kartchner for the original list!

No.   Title / Episode / Card Text                       Scene

Episode Cards

  1   12 - A Wish to the Eternal Dragon                 Master Roshi powers up
  2   13 - The Legend of Goku                           Ciran
  3   14 - Goku's Rival Appears                         Yamcha
  4   15 - Mysterious Girl, Launch                      The Eternal Dragon
  5   16 - Stone Hunting Training                       Goku's Power Punch
  6   17 - Milk Delivery                                Tournament announcer
  7   18 - Hard Training in Turtle-Hermit Style         Ox-King and Goku
  8   19 - Supreme Martial Arts Meeting Opens           Chi-Chi
  9   20 - Will the Power Gained by Training Put Out    Krillin stuns Bacterian
 10   21 - Danger! Krillin!                             Master Roshi and mermaid
 11   22 - Yamcha verses Jackie Chun                    Krillin and Goku
 12   23 - Giran, a Burglar, Has Appeared               Master Roshi on a sea turtle
 13   24 - Krillin's Frantic Attack                     Goku and the Bear Thief
 14   25 - The Fearful Aerial Karate Raid               A transformed Oolong
 15   26 - The Great Finals                             Launch at the beach


 16                                                     Goku in suspenders
 17                                                     Goku with power pole
 18                                                     Emperor Pilaf and gang
 19                                                     Goku with dragon ball
 20                                                     Master Roshi
 21                                                     Yamcha ready to attack
 22                                                     Krillin ready for battle
 23                                                     Goku battles Nam
 24                                                     Krillin vs. Jackie Chun
 25                                                     Bulma with dragon bleeper
 26                                                     Goku and Chi-Chi
 27                                                     Oolong and Paur
 28                                                     Shao and Emperor Pilaf
 29                                                     Mysterious girl, Launch
 30                                                     Emperor Pilaf
 31                                                     Yamcha, the desert bandit
 32                                                     Oolong and the Piggy pill
 33                                                     The Eternal Dragon
 34                                                     Goku and Krillin running


 35   Goku - Goku is a hero for the ages. All ages. A   Goku slashing power pole
 36   Taught Karate by his late Grandfather who raise   Goku with fists clenched
 37   But Goku is more than just a good kid with cool   Bulma and the six-star ball
 38   But no matter how far from home Goku travels, t   Release the Eternal Dragon
 39   Bulma - Bulma is one of the most independent an   Goku and the Eternal Dragon
 40   Bulma is also a mixed up teenager who has blue    Fighting Goku
 41   Bulma is a mechanical genius who can operate an   Guko and the four-star ball
 42   Bluma is also well intentioned, has a good hear   Goku and Krillin flying
 43   Master Roshi - An ancient and wise master of ma   After the Bee beating
 44   But although he may appear strange, frail and h   Road works
 45   Master Roshi's one failing is that he's attract   Emperor Pilaf
 46   Master Roshi's sidekick is a turtle, who is his   Milk delivery
 47   Oolong - Oolong is a sarcastic, abrasive, cowar   Master Roshi running
 48   But despite his failings, Oolong has become an    Goku dodging the bees
 49   A talented shapeshifter, Oolong can transform h   Goku the helicopter
 50   Yamcha - Yamcha is a powerful and feared, dark-   Jackie Chun
 51   Initially Yamcha seems more like a bully than a   Chun vs. a transformed Goku
 52   Puar - Puar is a talking blue cat who is fierce   The "Stun Bolt"
 53   Puar went to shape-shifting school with Oolong    Goku ready for attack
 54   Chi-Chi - Chi-Chi is a cute little girl; the on   Goku
 55   Being young and cute doesn't mean Chi-Chi isn't   A transformed Launch
 56   Ox-King - Ox-King is a huge, muscular hulk. He'   Goku hanging by his tail
 57   Emperor Pilaf - The Emperor is an insufferable,   Goku and Krillin meet
 58   Because of his great inherited wealth, Pilaf is   Goku transforming into a giant monkey
 59   Mai - Mai is the Emperor's right hand woman, an   Bacterian
 60   Shao - Shao is a bumbling, furry ball of comic    A shocking discovery

Dragon Ball Quest

 61   One-Star Ball                                     Master Roshi, Goku and Bulma
 62   Two-Star Ball                                     Goku and the slime wrap
 63   Three-Star Ball                                   Krillin defends the Kamehameha
 64   Four-Star Ball                                    Goku, Bulma and Yamcha ride the dragon
 65   Five-Star Ball                                    Jackie Chun stunned by Goku's kick
 66   Six-Star Ball                                     The Hypno Song
 67   Seven-Star Ball                                   Nam and the Flying X

"Lethal" Moves

 68   The Kamehameha Wave                               Master Roshi and a Dyno Capsule
 69   The Wolf-Fang Fist                                Master Roshi and the three-star ball
 70   The Janken Technique                              Goku and Oolong on the Nimbus Cloud
 71   The Slime Wrap                                    Goku rides a creature whil Bulma hangs on
 72   The Flying X                                      Krillin and Goku all dressed up
 73   The After-Image Fist                              Goku on the Nimbus Cloud and Bulma
 74   The Hypno Song                                    Goku and the gang
 75   The Kamehameha Wave Deflector                     Goku and Yamcha
 76   The Stun Bolt                                     Gokuand Emperor Pilaf
 77   Master Roshi's Training Program - Th              Goku vs. "The Boxer"
 78   Milk Delivery                                     Krillin vs. Senior of Orinji Dojo
 79   Hand Ploughing                                    Goku's karate kick
 80   Road Works                                        Master Roshi/Jackie Chun
 81   Swimming Marathon                                 Goku winding up for a karate kick
 82   Bee Beating                                       Goku encounters a large pterodactyl

The 21st World Martial Arts Tournament

 83   Trial heat: Goku verses "The Giant"               Goku as a gorilla wakes Emperor Pilaf
 84   Trial heat: Krillin / the Senior of Orinji Dojo   Oolong
 85   Trial heat: Goku verses "The Boxer"               Goku transformed into a huge, alien gorilla
 86   Trial heat: Krillin verses Kenpoka                Emperor Pilaf
 87   Trial heat: Goku verses Kenpoka                   Goku conjuring up a Kamehameha
 88   Trial heat: Krillin verses "Bear Man"             Bulma tracking dragon balls
 89   The First Semifinal: Krillin verses Bacterian     Krillin and Guko ready for the tournament
 90   The Second Semifinal: Yamcha verses Jackie Chun   Goku vs. Giran
 91   The Third Semifinal: Nam verses Ranfan            Swimming Marathon
 92   The Fourth Semifinal: Goku verses Giran           Jackie Chun vs. Yamcha
 93   The First Final: Krillin verses Jackie Chun       Master Roshi
 94   The Second Final: Goku verses Nam                 Krillin vs. Bacterian
 95   The Title Match: Goku verses Jackie Chun          Goku and Krillin make a milk delivery through dinosaur territory

Special Equipment and Vocabulary

 96   The Flying Nimbus                                 Jackie Chun at the tournament
 97   The Dyno Capsule                                  Launch and transformed Launch
 98   The Dragon Bleeper                                Goku and Krillin at the ready
 99   The Piggy Pill                                    Goku and his alter ego

100   Check List


Chromium Cards

C1    Goku standing with power pole
C2    Goku, Oolong, Paur and Bulma
C3    Bulma and Goku on a motorcycle
C4    Goku with Jackie Chun, Yamcha and Krillin
C5    Gorilla kick
C6    Yamcha driving Bulma1s sports car
C7    Goku with the Eternal Dragon and Magical Dragon Balls
C8    Emperor Pilaf with Mai and Shao
C9    Goku and the gang run towards adventure
C10   Goku on the Nimbus Cloud and the gang
C11   Goku and Bulma riding a strange bird
C12   Power Pole in hand, Goku in front of the Eternal Dragon

Card Album

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