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Dragonheart Widevision
Topps - 1996

No. Text

 1  Dennis Quaid is featured as Bowen, a
 2  Bowen (Dennis Quaid) and his pupil, Ei
 3  When the evil King Freyne is killed and
 4  Queen Aislinn (Julie Christie) and her e
 5  Bowen and Queen Aislinn look on in aw
 6  Actor Dennis Quaid and Director Rob C
 7  Scholar, scribe, historian and poet, Fri
 8  The escaping dragon's right hind foot i
 9  Skimming the treetops, the fleeing dra
10  Bowen, sword drawn, charges down int
11  In the glade, Bowen and the dragon co
12  ILM constructed a life-size claw used f
13  In the glade, Bowen approaches cauti
14  The dragon's tail flanges out with shar
15  Courageous Knight Bowen faces the d
16  Armed with bravery, intelligence and hi
17  In a harrowing split second, Bowen div
18  Striking at Bowen, the dragon's tail sla
19  Realizing the dragon's tail is stuck in t
20  With the dragon's tail caught in the log,
21  Filming in the Slovak Republic, the "Dr
22  The dragon rears up, opening his mass
23  I wanted the audience to feel what it w
24  Now partners - they stage bogus battle
25  The dragon and Bowen continue their c
26  It's dusk, and Bowen and the dragon h
27  The dragon watches as Bowen lamely t
28  Director Rob Cohen and his dragon frie
29  A startled Bowen jumps to his feet as t
30  Bowen explains why he hates dragons
31  "Stop calling me dragon!  I have a nam
32  Bowen stares directly into the massive
33  Draco, playing his role to the hilt, soar
34  Draco, smoke curling from his nostrils,
35  Panic-stricken villagers roll a rickety c
36  Kara (Dina Meyer) Being Sacrificed.
37  The desperate villagers try to defend t
38  Kara In Bondage.
39  Unharmed Kara sits on a rock, soaking
40  Draco blames the bad reputation drago
41  In the middle of their charming convers
42  Bowen comes charging up the stream,
43  Draco takes cover when he hears King
44  Now an adult (and an exceptionally evil
45  Before Einon can finish off his former i
46  Facing Einon, Draco exposes the red s
47  After a terrified Einon and his men ride
48  Bowen and Kara pass a small river on t
49  Phil Tippett and his FX team produced
50  The majestic Draco, last of the dragon
51  At Avalon, the shadow realm of the rou
52  In the ruins of Avalon, Draco tells Bow
53  Man grew arrogant with the gift of our	
54  Bowen stares at Draco and realizes "It
55  Drenched in rain, Draco approaches hi
56  Majestically, Draco stretches out his
57  Bowen, inspiring the peasants to rebel
58  Man and dragon, united again at last in
59  The final stage of Draco's magnificant
60  Bowen prepares to lead the peasants
61  A knight once more, Bowen leads the a
62  Draco is mortally wounded and capture
63  Draco lies heavily chained in a dark co
64  Aislinn picks up a spear and raises it t
65  In the courtyard, Bowen hacks at Drac
66  Draco:  "Strike me before it's too late!"
67  Trying to provoke his friend Bowen into
68  Joined in life...and death.  The noble D
69  Where do we turn...?  Bowen asks hi
70  Bowen is a character of great compas
71  The glowing spirit of Draco rises into th
72  Bowen and Draco:  A noble knight and


Dracofoil Cards

C1  On a wrongful crusade to destroy all dr
C2  Queen Aislinn pleads with the dragon t
C3  Like her father before her, Kara will not
C4  While making a pilgrimage to the lost ci
C5  Bowen, a disillusioned knight, finds his
C6  In his first confrontation with Einon sin

©1997-2000 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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