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Starr Cards - 1993

Notes:  Generally distributed as a factory set, numbered to 10,000 sets. Many 
thanks to Larry Cox for the checklist!

No.   Title / Description

  1   Dragolon Symbol
  2   The Split
  3   Common Wingless Dragon
  4   Zebra Mranx
  5   Dressed to Kill
  6   Cheetah Mranx
  7   No Dragons Here
  8   The Troll's tge one in trouble
  9   Hot on the Dragons trail
 10   Great Winged Dragon
 11   Dragon Quest-The Search Continues
 12   Akal the Dark-"Dragon's Most Wanted Criminal"
 13   Lake Dragon
 14   Fighting Fairies
 15   Troll Ambush
 16   And I Came to a Place of Bones
 17   Butterfly Blood Fairies
 18   Starburst Fairy
 19   Map of Dragolon-Mhord's Sanctum
 20   Map of Dragolon-Dweller Trolls
 21   Map of Dragolon-Fire Mountain
 22   Map of Dragolon-North Sea
 23   Map of Dragolon-Nolgard
 24   Map of Dragolon-Rose Hills
 25   Map of Dragolon-Castle Dragolon
 26   Map of Dragolon-Barren Flats
 27   Map of Dragolon-Dragon Lake


Autographed Set

Uncut Sheet

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