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Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards
Artbox / JPP/Amada - 1996

Note:  The "special bonus" prism cards of the Retail set are equally common
to the regular cards, and are often included with the basic set.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 9 cards + 1 Special Bonus Card.
Common sets: approx. 4.32 per box if collation were perfect.
Hologram sets: approximately 2.40 per Hobby box.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 Special Bonus Card.
Common sets: approx. 2.40 per box if collation were perfect.
Special Bonus sets: approximately 2.40 per Retail box.

No.   Card Text

Hologram Cards (1 per Hobby pack)
Special Bonus (Prism) Cards (1 per Retail pack)

 01   The Z team soldiers, along with Goku, try to
 02   Can anyone defeat Raditz? To battle against t
 03   Gohan gained so much power that he could even
 04   Goku's happy fun-loving family. Chi Chi demon
 05   The "Z" family reunion. "We are so excited ab
 06   Responding to Raditz's attack, Goky counterat
 07   The mighty Salyan warrior Raditz arrives on E
 08   Vegeta and Nappa have arrived on Earth. Their
 09   Piccolo is disappointed by Gohan's lack of wi
 10   "In place of my father I will keep the peace

Regular Cards

 11   From Goku to Gohan, the Dragon Ball world has
 12   It has been 5 years since the championship to
 13   With Raditz's appearance, Goku is in the figh
 14   Raditz easily incapacitates Goku with one swi
 15   Arch enemies, Goku and Piccolo have decided t
 16   Piccolo and Goku, the Earth's most powerful t
 17   Even though Goku is Raditz's real brother, it
 18   Gohan breaks free of the space capsule which
 19   Gohan overcome with rage, attacks Raditz in a
 20   Goku himself cannot do a thing to diminish Ra
 21   Piccolo summons an extra powerful Special Bea
 22   Piccolo's blast will encompass Raditz and Gok
 23   Goku paid the ultimate price - his own life i
 24   Kami introduces Goku to King Yemma in order f
 25   Great King Yemma, the gatekeeper of the Upper
 26   In order to draw out Gohan's unexplored power
 27   Piccolo takes Gohan to a deserted wasteland t
 28   Gohan is left all by himself in the desert, b
 29   Somehow Gohan manages to harness the energy t
 30   Gohan transforms into a Giant Monkey and gets
 31   During Gohan's desert training, Gohan meets a
 32   Vegeta and Nappa on their way to Earth, they
 33   Goku was heading to King Kai's planet but fel
 34   Launch tags along with Tien and Chiaotzu who
 35   Goku journeys to King Kai's planet where the
 36   As Goku travels along Snake Way a castle appe
 37   Gohan missed Chi Chi so much and wanted to se
 38   Gohan encounters a storm on the ocean, is was
 39   Getting ready for the final battle that will
 40   After six long months, traveling over 1 milli
 41   Gohan transforms into a Giant Monkey when see
 42   Upon arriving on King Kai's planet, Goku tell
 43   King Kai begins training immediately by havin
 44   Goku's next task is to hit Gregory the grassh
 45   The Salyan Tribe continues to pillage and des
 46   Goku died in the battle with Raditz, but cont
 47   Vegeta heads for the Earth with his strong-ar
 48   The sky darkens as the two Salyans land on Ea
 49   The Salyans arrive on Earth earlier than expe
 50   At Vegeta's suggestion, Yamcha fights the Sai
 51   Goku's fighting abilities increase to a power
 52   Everyone looks so small! Gohan panics when se
 53   Chi Chi and Ox-King still don't know about Go
 54   Even evil dinosaurs exist on the mysterious D
 55   With the death of Yamcha, Krillin's anger exp
 56   Even Piccolo can't stop Gohan when he transfo
 57   There is no sign of Gohan being a brat anymor
 58   Holding Gohan's hat, Krillin and the others a
 59   Gohan, enduring solitaire training for half a
 60   Even Kami cannot hide the fact that he is ups

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