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Dragon Ball Z Trading Cards Series 2
Artbox / JPP/Amada - 1998

Note:  The "special bonus" prism cards of the Retail set are more common than the
regular cards, and are often included with the basic set. An import edition of this
series apparently also contained tattoo sheets, stand-ups, gliders, and sticker sheets,
and should bear a 1997 JPP copyright; but I cannot confirm the details.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 9 cards + 1 Gold Metallic Card.
Common sets: approx. 2.97 per box if collation were perfect.
Gold Metallic sets: approximately 2.40 per Hobby box.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + 1 Special Bonus Card.
Common sets: approx. 1.67 per box if collation were perfect.
Special Bonus sets: approximately 2.40 per Retail box.

No.   Card Text

Regular Cards

  1   Goku risks his life by using the Triple Kalo-
  2   The wounded Vegeta releases Gyaric Shoot to d
  3   In place of the destroyed moon, the wounded V
  4   Goku is nearly crushed by the Giant Monkey as
  5   Gohan and Krillin, who had been watching the
  6   With Goku's encouragement, Gohan builds up hi
  7   Yajirobe's mistake allowed Vegeta to dodge th
  8   Vegeta attacks Gohan and friends with the pow
  9   Gohan, who transforms into a Giant Monkey, go
 10   Vegeta boards on the spaceship. Goku stops Kr
 11   Goku and friends are seriously injured and ho
 12   Mr. Popo took Bulma to Yunzabit Heights, wher
 13   On the day of departure, Bulma wears a space
 14   On the 7th day away from Earth, Gohan and Kri
 15   Captured by the spaceship, Gohan and friends
 16   In the spaceship, children whose planet was p
 17   Upon escaping the space current, Planet Nemek
 18   They discover Dragon Balls one after another
 19   Even though Goku hasn't completely recuperate
 20   The 6th Dragon Ball is found in the icy cave!
 21   They finally come to collect the last Dragon
 22   Raiti and Zaacro try to escape by stealing th
 23   Arriving one step ahead to Planet Namek was t
 24   Frieza's objective, as is Vegeta's, "Immortal
 25   Frieza passes the cave in which Gohan and fri
 26   Goku, who learns about the arrival of Vegata
 27   Goku leaves for Planet Namek on the spaceship
 28   In order to rob the Dragon Balls, Frieza begi
 29   The soldiers on Planet Namek come to help as
 30   However, the old man is overcome when he does
 31   When the lone Dende was about to get killed,
 32   The enraged Dodoria blows away everything in
 33   Since Dodoria can't withstand the power of Ve
 34   Goku steps outside of the spaceship to do som
 35   After saving Dende, Gohan and friends dine an
 36   Dende learns why Gohan and friends came from
 37   Back at the spaceship, King Kai spoke to Goku
 38   Piccolo and friends learn from Goku about a p
 39   On Planet Namek, Vegeta and Zarbon display a
 40   Zarbon transforms into an ugly sight, overwhe
 41   Krillin and Dende reach Guru's house. There,
 42   Frieza suspects that Vegeta is hiding the Dra
 43   The Dragon Balls that Vegeta hid showed up on
 44   On Planet Kalo, the training for Yamcha and T
 45   But, taking part of King Kai's training, Yamc
 46   Vegeta succeeds in stealing five Dragon Balls
 47   Krillin, jovial that he had become stronger,
 48   Krillin and friends panic to find Vegeta, and
 49   Affected by the magnetic storm, something goe
 50   Vegeta, who further powered up from the reviv
 51   Goku's training is completed!!! Goku who acqu
 52   Although Goku obtains the Dragon Ball that Ve
 53   Gohan, who kept the Dragon Ball hidden, joins
 54   Bulma is captured by Frieza's men, Raspberry
 55   A gigantic crab egg was at the bottom of the
 56   Gohan is powered up by Guru. But, he is no ma
 57   It is the arrival of the Special Ginyu Team!
 58   Joining forces with Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin
 59   Ginyu delivers the Dragon Balls to Frieza but
 60   A battle between Gohan and Krillin versus Gul
 61   Gohan and Krillin's speed greatly surpassed G
 62   At full power, Vegeta launches a preemptive a
 63   Recoome's Eraser Gun is about to give the fin
 64   Although Frieza collected all of the Dragon B
 65   Recoome battles Gohan nonchalantly. The full
 66   Goku, not only forces Gohan and Krillin to ea
 67   Looking at Goku's calm and collected appearan
 68   With one blow, Goku defeats Recoome! Unbeliev
 69   Jeice and Burter did not believe Goku defeate
 70   Goku was momentarily heightening his force, s
 71   Goku's speed exceeds Burter's, who is known t
 72   From no where, Vegata delivers the final blow

Gold Metallic Cards (1 per Hobby pack)
Special Bonus (Prism) Cards (1 per Retail pack)

G1    (Goku)
G2    (Vegeta)
G3    (Krillin)
G4    (Frieza)
G5    (Zarbon)
G6    (Dende)
G7    (Piccolo)
G8    (Gohan)
G9    (Bulma)
G10   (Dragon)


Clearchrome Cards (1:12 packs, Hobby boxes only)


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