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Dragon Ball Z Series 4
Artbox - 2001

Box: 24 packs of 9 cards + 1 prism card.
Common sets: approx. 2.97 per box if collation were perfect.
Prism sets: approximately 2.40 per box.

     No.    Card text / description

      01    The mystery boy confessed to Goku that he was
      02    Frieza and his father, the Great King Cold, ap
      03    A young man suddenly appears in front of Friez
      04    The mystery boy proclaims that Goku is not the
      05    Frieza is enraged at the sight of the Super Sa
      06    Goku narrowly escapes in Ginyu's spaceship the
      07    Goku, Piccolo and Gohan begin their training i
      08    Vegeta undergoes intensive training the Gravit
      09    Goku and the others couldn't sense the presenc
      10    Yamcha happens upon the Android, which has eva
      11    Goku and Trunks. Will the two Super Saiyans be
      12    Before the fight with the Android, Yajirobe co
      13    The two Androids that descend into town easily
      14    Goku tries to avoid a battle within the city b
      15    Goku moves the battleground outside the city.
      16    Piccolo is questioning Goku's powers during Go
      17    Goku and company each do training until the An
      18    Yamcha, who was indifferently slain by the And
      19    Transformed into a Super Saiyan, Goku battles
      20    Goku attempts to finish off the battle in a si
      21    The battle between Super Saiyan Goku and #19 h
      22    From the fight with #19, Goku's power is deple
      23    Vegeta rescues Goku and then somehow he transf
      24    Piccolo and company battling the Androids. The
      25    The confident Vegeta heads for Dr. Gero's labo
      26    Vegeta and the others heard about the existenc
      27    Krillin discovers Dr. Gero who found his way t
      28    Trunks tells Vegeta how terrible #17 and #18 a
      29    Trunks and Vegeta head off is search of #20, w
      30    Vegeta arrives with Piccolo and the others at
      31    Piccolo was done in without lifting a finger a
      32    The rebellious #17 ends up destroying Dr. Gero
      33    Vegeta and company were surprised that #20 and
      34    Vegeta is awakened as a powerful Super Saiyan!
      35    The Super Saiyan Vegeta overwhelms the Android
      36    The Super Saiyan Vegeta doesn't even flinch at
      37    Vegeta destroys the fleeing #19. In the face o
      38    To eliminate Goku, #17 and company got a car a
      39    Piccolo arrives at Kami's Lookout and urges Ka
      40    In order to return to his original state as a
      41    #17 and others target Goku's house to destroy
      42    While Vegeta battles an even match, Piccolo an
      43    Vegeta defends himself against the unlimited e
      44    Vegeta was in a desperate situation in his fig
      45    Piccolo has Super Saiyan power after fusing wi
      46    Recommended by Goku to take the training in th
      47    Vegeta is completely destroyed by his rival #1
      48    Near the antiquated time machine, Gohan discov
      49    Trunks and the others go to where the time mac
      50    Trunks and the others find an antiquated time
      51    Trunks discovers an oddly shaped eggshell in t
      52    Piccolo is caught by Cell and his life essence
      53    With Cell as his opponent, Piccolo launches a
      54    Somehow, in his attack on Piccolo, Cell blaste
      55    The Androids were created by Dr. Gero using ac
      56    Trunks and Krillin headed to Dr. Gero's labora
      57    Watching from Kami's Lookout at the world belo
      58    Kami hesitated to fuse with Piccolo. But with
      59    Vegeta comes back to Piccolo who was angered t
      60    Piccolo immediately goes after the escaped Cel
      61    Piccolo easily repels the Special Beam Cannon
      62    Trunks and Krillin join forces with Piccolo in
      63    Cell fled from Piccolo and the others, and arr
      64    At the place where the time machine is located
      65    Piccolo, who knows the true nature of Cell, re
      66    Having been bitterly defeated while a Super Sa
      67    Having made good his escape, Cell proceeded to
      68    Bulma begins to check for #17 and #18's weak p
      69    Krillin discovered Cell and for a fleeting mom
      70    Goku and Gohan's place to train is at Kami's L
      71    #17 and the others head to the Kame House upon
      72    Check List

      --    Cool Collectibles Inside!  (1:pack advertising insert)

Prism Cards (1 per pack)

    P-01    Goku transforms
    P-02    Trunks from the future
    P-03    Frieza is revived
    P-04    The Androids mission
    P-05    Goku is fully recovered
    P-06    The amazing future
    P-07    Trunks and Krillin
    P-08    Super Saiyan Trunks
    P-09    Cell's strength
    P-10    Piccolo faces the greatest enemy ever


Clear Cards (1:12 packs)

    C-01    Super Saiyans
    C-02    Goku
    C-03    Trunks
    C-04    Super Saiyan Vegeta

Card Album (Same binder for all series)

      --    Dragonball Z (Binder)
      --    (9-card panel)
      --    (Single pack, Series 4)


      --    Dragonball Z Promo
DBZHC4 #1   Hero Collection Dragonball Z Series Part 4.
DBZHC4 #2   Hero Collection Dragonball Z Series Part 4.
DBZHC4 #3   Hero Collection Dragonball Z Series Part 4.
DBZHC4 #4   Hero Collection Dragonball Z Series Part 4.

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