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Dreamers of Darkness - 2010

Note:  The series was distributed as a set of 50 base cards plus one Artist Sketch card.

 No.    Title / Artist           Artist

  --    Dreamers of Darkness     [cover card]

   1    Vlad Tepes               Soni Alcorn-Hender
   2    Dr. Frankensteien        Ryan Kincaid
   3    Frankie                  Rich Molinelli
   4    Jekyl and Hyde           Lance Sawyer
   5    Invisible Man            Rich Molinelli
   6    Sasquatch                Allen Geneta
   7    Zombie                   Dane Ault
   8    Mummy                    Brandon Kenney
   9    Jersey Devil             Jim Kyle
  10    Chupacabra               Anthony Hochrien
  11    Werewolf                 Thanh Bui
  12    Succubus                 Remy Mokhtar
  13    Rau                      Lynne Anderson
  14    Countess Ilona           Mel Uran
  15    Radu                     Kathryn Layno
  16    Mircea                   Irma Ahmed
  17    Hunchback                Jerry Fleming
  18    Jack the Ripper          Rupam
  19    Elephant Man             Roger Plude
  20    Ghosts                   Jessica Hickman
  21    Bell Witch               Jason Keith Phillips
  22    Boogeyman                Jason Roussel
  23    Loch Ness                Ingrid Hardy
  24    Bloody Mary              Hanie Mohd
  25    Spearfinger              Nestor Celario
  26    Spring Heeled Jack       Andrew Maclean
  27    Banshee                  Nik
  28    The Morrigan             Gooney Toons
  29    Grim Reaper              Drew Moss
  30    Sea Serpent              Randy Martinez
  31    Ginny Greenteeth         Scott Jones
  32    Igor                     Lak Lim
  33    Mad Scientist            George Calloway, Peter Palmiotti
  34    Golem                    Mark Spears
  35    Yeti                     J(ay)
  36    La Larona                Jon Riggle
  37    Killer Clown             Mike Duron
  38    Blood Countess           Jon Riggle
  39    Krampus                  Juan Fontanez
  40    Trolls                   Kate Glasheen
  41    Hexy                     Mark Spears
  42    Floor Gnome              Rich Molinelli
  43    Cowgirl Mel              Scott Barnett
  44    Zombie Princess          Mike Duron
  45    Shlockula                Scott Jones
  46    Junior the Cannibal      Mark Slater
  47    Vampire Squid            Soni Alcorn-Hender
  48    Swamp Ape                Lance Sawyer
  49    Cole & Gideon            Lynne Anderson
  50    Twitch                   Mark Spears


        Irma Ahmed
        Soni Alcorn-Hender
        Lynne Anderson
        Dane Ault
        Eden Bautista
        Thanh Bui
        George Calloway
        Daniel Campos
        David Carenbauer
        David Carenbauer / Luke Novel
        Nestor Celario
        Darren Chandler
        Chad Cicconi
        Bill Donley III
        Michael "Locoduck" Duron
        Jerry Fleming
        Juan Antonio Fontanez
        Allen Michael Geneta
        Kate Glasheen
        Jason Godwin
        Nicole Goff
        Nick Hanchick
        Ingrid Hardy
        Dennis Hart
        Anthony Hochrein
        Laura Inglis
        Cassie James
        Brandon Kenny
        Gideon Land
        Kat Laurange
        Kathryn Layno
        Lak Lim
        Andrew Maclean
        Jim Kyle
        Randy Martinez
        Hanie Mohd
        Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
        Drew Moss
        Nick "Nik" Neocleous
        Sophie Norcott
        Todd Norcott
        Alain Norte
        Nathan Ohlendorf
        Jason Keith Phillips
        Roger Plude
        Ashleigh Popplewell
        John Rademacher
        Jess Hickman
        Jon Riggle
        Scott Rorie
        Scott Rorie / Dixie Cochran
        Jason Roussel
        CK Russell
        Rick Samaroo
        Lance Sawyer
        Amber Shelton
        Mark Slater
        Mark Spears
        Gooney Tunes
        Sanna U
        Mel Uran
        Frankie B. Washington
        Matt Wieman
        Tomas Willman
        Craig Yeung
        Gilbert YoungRoland


  P1    Werewolf                 Mark Spears
CCCE2   Hexy                     [Chicago Comic Con]

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