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Dreamworks Heroes Action Cards
   Woolworths (Australia) - 2014

Notes: These double-sided, 2" x 2-1/2" cards do not show character titles but 
are marked with the subset logo. They were distributed in Woolworths and 
Safeway stores in Australia.

Pack: 1 lenticular card.

No.   Character           Film

  1   Alex                Madagascar
  2   Gloria              Madagascar
  3   Marty               Madagascar
  4   Melman              Madagascar
  5   The Penguins        Madagascar
  6   King Julien         Madagascar
  7   Stefano             Madagascar
  8   Turbo               Turbo
  9   White Shadow        Turbo
 10   Whiplash            Turbo
 11   Burn                Turbo
 12   Tito                Turbo
 13   Skidmark            Turbo
 14   Smoove Move         Turbo
 15   Shrek               Shrek
 16   Gingy               Shrek
 17   Donkey              Shrek
 18   Princess Fiona      Shrek
 19   Pinocchio           Shrek
 20   Dragon              Shrek
 21   Three Little Pigs   Shrek
 22   Puss in Boots       Puss in Boots
 23   Baby Puss           Puss in Boots
 24   Kitty               Puss in Boots
 25   Humpty Dumpty       Puss in Boots
 26   Jack & Jill         Puss in Boots
 27   The Great Terror    Puss in Boots
 28   Golden Goose        Puss in Boots
 29   Po                  Kung Fu Panda
 30   Shifu               Kung Fu Panda
 31   Tigress             Kung Fu Panda
 32   Monkey              Kung Fu Panda
 33   Mantis              Kung Fu Panda
 34   Viper               Kung Fu Panda
 35   Crane               Kung Fu Panda
 36   Eep                 The Croods
 37   Grug                The Croods
 38   Guy                 The Croods
 39   Belt                The Croods
 40   Macawnivore         The Croods
 41   Bear Owl            The Croods
 42   Punch Monkey        The Croods

 --   Activity and Collector's Album (sold separately)

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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