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Drug Wars
Eclipse Enterprises - 1991

Notes:  Subtitled "The Straight Dope On America's Dirtiest Deals," this
factory, boxed set describes various related topics and characters through
history. Text is by Paul Brancato and Bob Callahan; art is by Salim Yaqub.
Cards are approximately 2-3/4" x 3-3/4".

No.   Front Title / Caption                 Back Title / Caption

  1   Declaration of War                    Drug Wars
  2   Anglo-Chinese Opium War               Opium and Empire
  3   Drug Lord Jesse Helms                 Number One Killer Drug
  4   St. Valentine's Day Massacre          America's Drug of Choice
  5   Big-Eared Tu                          The Green Gang
  6   Lucky Luciano                         Operation Underworld
  7   Marseilles Dock Strikes               The French Connection
  8   "My Loveable Fascist"                 Willoughby & The Yakuza
  9   Chairman of the Board                 Meyer Lansky
 10   The Great Heroin Coup                 Trafficante - Nixon - Guerini
 11   Our Man in Laos                       General Vang Pao
 12   Colby & Co.                           The Vietnam (Drug) War
 13   The War Comes Home                    G.I. Junkies
 14   The CIA's Banker                      The Nugan Hand Bank
 15   Guns and Poppies                      Afghan Mujahedeen
 16   Pan Am Flight 103                     Death Over Lockerbie
 17   Dick Helms - Tim Leary                LSD and the CIA
 18   The Pope's Banker                     Scandal in the Vatican
 19   Klaus Barbie & the Fiancés of Death   The Bolivian Cocaine Coup
 20   Death Squad Convention                World Anti-Communist League
 21   The School of Coups                   Narco-Brass
 22   Jorhge Ochoa, Narco-Terrorist         The Medellin Cartel
 23   Barry Seal, R.I.P.                    Ollie's Folly
 24   The Fall Guy & The Snowman            Carr, Cocaine & The Contras
 25   Drug Tunnel                           The Mexican Connection
 26   A Shocking Fate                       Enrique Camarena
 27   Operation Snowcap                     Andean Fiasco
 28   Operation "Just Because"              The Invasion of Panama
 29   Thurman's Panty Raid                  General Manuel Noriega
 30   Narco Dollars                         Silent Partners
 31   Urban Myth                            Who Uses Drugs?
 32   Fawn Hall Tells All                   Crimes and Misdemeanors
 33   Danny Takes a Toke                    Dan Quayle's Smoky Trail
 34   Operation Green Sweep                 Marijuana Wars
 35   New Drug Czar                         Bob Martinez
 36   Up In Smoke                           Up In Smoke

 --   Other current event items ...         (Box insert sheet)

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