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Drunk Chick Trading Cards
Chris Wright - 2003

Note:  Generally sold as a complete set, featuring the artwork of Chris Wright.

No.   Title

  1   The Tough Chick
  2   Maggot-Girl
  3   The Sadist
  4   The Young Adults
  5   Back Door Brenda
  6   Renaissance girl
  7   The Young Sister
  8   The Masterbateur
  9   The Big Girls
 10   The Amateurs
 11   Mother & Daughter
 12   The Island Girls
 13   The Professionals
 14   The Big Surprise
 15   New Age Girl
 16   The Cougar
 17   The Royalty
 18   The Freakshow
 19   The Puker
 20   The Dream Girls
 21   The Martyr
 22   The Innocents
 23   Tantric Girl
 24   The Parisian
 25   Office Slut
 26   Mullet-Girl
 27   The Twins
 28   Russian Roulette Girl
 29   The Policewoman
 30   The Lesbians
 31   The Park Rangers
 32   The Domestic
 33   The Schitzo
 34   The Exhibitionist
 35   Drunk Chick Camera
 36   Checklist card

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