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Doctor Who Series Two
   Cornerstone - 1995

Notes:  Thanks much to Steve Rawnsley and Tom Stewart for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards. 600 cases total.
Common sets: approx. 3.08 per box if collation were perfect.
Premiere sets: approximately 2.00 per box.

No.   Episode / Title


111   Checklist #1
112   Checklist #2
113   Checklist #3


114   100,000 B.C. [A]
115   The Daleks [B]
116   The Aztecs [F]
117   Planet of Giants [J]
118   The Rescue [L]
119   The Romans [M]
120   The Space Museum [Q]
121   The Chase [R]
122   The Time Meddler [S]
123   Galaxy 4 [T]
124   The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve [W]
125   The Gunfighters [Z]
126   The Tenth Planet [DD]
127   The Highlanders [FF]
128   The Moonbase [HH]
129   The Evil of the Daleks [LL]
130   The Ice Warriors [OO]
131   The Web of Fear [QQ]
132   The Wheel in Space [SS]
133   The Mind Robber [UU]
134   The Krotons [WW]
135   The Space Pirates [YY]
136   Spearhead from Space [AAA]
137   The Ambassadors of Death (CCC)
138   The Mind of Evil [FFF]
139   Day of the Daleks [KKK]
140   The Curse of Peladon [MMM]
141   Carnival of Monsters [PPP]
142   The Green Death [TTT]
143   The Sontaran Experiment [4B]
144   Revenge of the Cybermen [4D]
145   The Seeds of Doom [4L]
146   The Hand of Fear [4N]
147   The Deadly Assassin [4P]
148   The Face of Evil [4Q]
149   The Invisible Enemy [4T]
150   The Sun Makers [4W]
151   The Armageddon Factor [5F]
152   The Horns of Nimon [5L]
153   State of Decay [5P]
154   The Keeper of Traken [5T]
155   Kinda [5Y]
156   Earthshock [6B]
157   Arc of Infinity [6E]
158   Mawdryn Undead [6F]
159   Enlightenment [6H]
160   Resurrection of the Daleks [6P]
161   Vengeance on Varos [6V]
162   The Two Doctors [6W]
163   Time and the Rani [7D]
164   Paradise Towers [7E]
165   Ghost Light [7Q]

The Doctors

166   Doctor Who?
167   The Course of History
168   Doctor of What?
169   Agent of Gallifrey?
170   The Man from UNIT
171   From Venus, with Love
172   The British Gallifreyan
173   The Wit and Wisdom of the Fourth Doctor
174   About That Scarf!
175   The Fifth Doctor and Cricket
176   On With the Motley
177   The Missing Episodes
178   Mixed Maxims
179   "Who are you?"


180   Susan Foreman
181   Vicki
182   Steven Taylor
183   Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
184   Zoe Herriot
185   Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw
186   Sarah Jane Smith
187   Nyssa
188   Vislor Turlough
189   Perpugillium (Peri) Brown


190   Souvenirs of the Daleks
191   Leaders of the Daleks
192   Time Travel of the Daleks
193   Abominations of the Daleks
194   The Monk
195   Planets of the Cybermen
196   Cybermen and Cybermats
197   The Master in Transition
198   Omega
199   The Sontarans
200   Davros and the Thankless Child
201   The Black Guardian
202   Sil


203   Another "Unearthly Child"
204   Another Time, Another World
205   The Control Console
206   The Vortex
207   Regeneration
208   "Really, Doctor!"
209   The Sonic Screwdriver
210   History of the Transmat
211   Doctors at Odds
212   Politics of Gallifrey
213   The Matrix
214   Lord Borusa
215   Relics of Gallifrey
216   Commander Maxil
217   Who is Ace?
218   The Other Brigadier
219   The Laws of Time
220   ... And Relative Dimensions in Space


Premiere Cards (1:2 packs)

 1    2 out of 3 Doctors
 2    The 4th Doctor
 3    The 5th Doctor
 4    The 6th Doctor
 5    Time & the Rani
 6    The Master
 7    Ace
 8    Jo Grant
 9    A Sontaran

Foil Villains (1:12 packs)

F1    Creator of the Daleks
F2    Designer of the Daleks
F3    Operators of the Daleks
F4    Scientist of the Cybermen
F5    Lives and Times of the Cybermen
F6    Cyberdad of the Cybermen
F7    Davros (Factory Set Only)

Autograph Cards (1:510 packs)
      Cards were signed in a variety of colors, including (but not necessarily
      limited to) the varieties noted below.

 --   Sophie Aldred as Ace [blue; 113 signed]
 --   Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier [red; 112 signed]
 --   John Levene as Sergeant Benton [red; 112 signed]
 --   Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor [red; 112 signed]

Bonus Cards (box cut-outs)

 --   (2 cards)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)

Factory Set (sold separately)

 --   (110-card base set; UV-coated)
 F7   Davros  [exclusive prism card]

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (uncut sheet)

PROMO CARDS (approximately 5000 sets produced)

B1    Doctor Who Trading Cards (orange wash)
B1    Doctor Who Trading Cards ([other] wash)
B2    (medieval dress, green wash)
B2    (medieval dress, purple wash)
B3    (riding K-9, blue wash)
B3    (riding K-9, yellow wash)
B4    (lotus position, pink wash)
B4    (lotus position, [other] wash)
--    (Uncut promo strip of B1-B4; "Visions" Doctor Who convention 1994; 1200 made)

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