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Doctor Who Series 3
   Cornerstone - 1995

Notes: Thanks much to John Burns, Steve Lillard, Steve Rawnsley, and Tom 
Stewart for updates! 

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards. 450 cases total.
Common sets: approx. 3.18 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

221   Checklist #1
222   Checklist #2
223   Checklist #3


224   Inside the Spaceship [C]
225   The Keys of Marinus [E]
226   The Reign of Terror [H]
227   The Dalek Invasion of Earth [K]
228   The Web Planet [N]
229   Dalek Cutaway [T/A or DC]
230   The Myth Makers [U]
231   The Daleks' Master Plan [V]
232   The Ark [X]
233   The Savages [AA]
234   The War Machines [BB]
235   The Smugglers [CC]
236   The Power of the Daleks [EE]
237   The Underwater Menace [GG]
238   The Macra Terror [JJ]
239   The Faceless Ones [KK]
240   The Enemy of the World [PP]
241   Fury from the Deep [RR]
242   The Dominators [TT]
243   The Invasion [VV]
244   The Seeds of Death [XX]
245   The War Games [ZZ]
246   Inferno [DDD]
247   Terror of the Autons [EEE]
248   The Claws of Axos [GGG]
249   The Mutants [NNN]
250   The Time Monster [OOO]
251   Planet of the Daleks [SSS]
252   Invasion of the Dinosaurs [WWW]
253   Genesis of the Daleks [4E]
254   Planet of Evil [4H]
255   The Android Invasion [4J]
256   The Brain of Morbius [4K]
257   The Masque of Mandragora [4M]
258   Horror of Fang Rock [4V]
259   Underworld [4Y]
260   The Power of Kroll [5E]
261   City of Death [5H]
262   The Creature from the Pit [5G]
263   The Nightmare of Eden [5K]
264   Full Circle [5R]
265   Warriors' Gate [5S]
266   Logopolis [5V]
267   Black Orchid [6A]
268   Time-Flight [6C]
269   Snakedance [6D]
270   Terminus [6G]
271   The King's Demons [6J]
272   The Caves of Androzani [6R]
273   The Mark of the Rani [6X]
274   The Trial of a Time Lord pts 9-12 [7C]
275   Delta and the Bannermen [7F]
276   Silver Nemesis [7K]

The Doctors

277   Grandfather!
278   Doctor "Who"
279   The First Regenration
280   Genius or Fool?
281   The Third Doctor
282   The Third Doctor and Authority
283   Quoth the Fourth Doctor ...
284   Name Dropper!
285   CIA Agent
286   The Doctor and Money
287   The Fifth Doctor's Friends
288   Improved Performance
289   Quotations of the Sixth Doctor
290   What We Didn't See
291  The New Adventures


292   Barbara Wright
293   Katarina
294   Sara Kingdom
295   Dorothea ("Dodo") Chaplet
296   Polly Wright
297   Ben Jackson
298   Captain Mike Yates
299   Harry Sullivan
300   The First Romanadvoratrelundar
301   Tegan Jovanka

The Villains

302   The Dalek Invasions of Earth
303   The Daleks Inside Out
304   The Birth of the Daleks
305   Metaphor of the Daleks
306   Evolution of the Cybermen
307   Invasions of the Cybermen
308   Weapons of the Cybermen
309   The Great Intelligence and the Yeti
310   The Nastenes and the Autons
311   Sea Devils and Silurians
312   The Mind of Davros
313   The Master Renewed
314   The Mara
315   Commander Gustave Lytton
The Legend

316   The Thals
317   Bret Vyon
318   The Mind of the Doctor
319   Special Effects
320   Actors and Their Roles
321   The Other TARDIS Control Room
322   The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Doctor
323   E-Space, N-Space and CVEs
324   The Cloister and Its Bell
325   The Watcher
326   Rassilon
327   The Continuity Game
328   Americans in Doctor Who
329   Sorry--Our Mistake!
330   Credits & Acknowledgements


Companions Premiere Cards (1:6 packs)

 10   The TARDIS
 11   Susan
 12   Romana
 13   Dalek Emperor
 14   Peri
 15   Romana Too

Foil Doctors (1:9 packs)

 F1   The First Doctor
 F2   The Second Doctor
 F3   The Third Doctor
 F4   The Fourth Doctor
 F5   The Fifth Doctor
 F6   The Sixth Doctor
 F7   The Seventh Doctor

Autographed Cards (1:452 packs
      Cards were signed in a variety of colors, including (but not necessarily
      limited to) the varieties noted below.

 --   Sophie Aldred as Ace [red(?) ink; 90 signed]
 --   Michael Craze as Ben [red ink; 90 signed]
 --   Wendy Padbury as Zoe [red; 90 signed]
 --   Louise Jameson as Leela [10 red + 80 black signed]
 --   Sylvester McCoy [red(?); 90 signed]

Bonus Cards (box cut-outs)

 --   (2 cards)

Factory Set (sold separately)

 --   (110-card base set; UV-coated)
 --   Master  [exclusive foil card]

Inside Trader Club (available separately)

Premiere 15   3rd Doctor and Foe (Dalek)
Premiere 16   3rd Doctor and Friend (K9)

PROMO CARDS (approximately 10,00 sets produced)

C1    (title card)
C2    (two men looking at clothes)
C3    (man at control panel)

IT-4  (Cornerstone Inside Trader Club exclusive)

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