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Doctor Who Series 4
   Cornerstone - 1996

Notes: Thanks much to John Burns, Steve Lillard, Steve Rawnsley, Tom 
Stewart, and Phil Hart for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards. 350 cases total.
Common sets: approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

First Doctor Era

  1   The Fallible Wizard
  2   The Family Way
  3   A Violent Child
  4   Checklist
  5   The Family Doctor
  6   The Susan That Wasn't, Pt. 1
  7   The Susan That Wasn't, Pt. 2
  8   Ian and the Doctor
  9   I Was a Teenage Alien

Second Doctor Era

 10   Memories of the Cybermen
 11   Joining the Club
 12   Victoria's Secret
 13   Being Victoria
 14   Into the foam, Pt. 1
 15   Into the foam, Pt. 2
 16   Behind the Sofa
 17   The Yeti and the Dog
 18   Missing the Episodes

Third Doctor Era

 19   Stories vs. Serials, Pt. 1
 20   Stories vs. Serials, Pt. 2
 21   Presenting the Pertwees
 22   Jon Pertwee The Writer
 23   The "Stupid" Idea, Pt. 1
 24   The "Stupid" Idea, Pt. 2
 25   The End of an Era
 26   His Least Favorite Story
 27   The Unit Family

Fourth Doctor Era

 28   Tom Baker on K-9
 29   Acting and Actors
 30   The Autobiography, Pt. 1
 31   The Autobiography, Pt. 2
 32   The Autobiography, Pt. 3
 33   An Actor's Motivation
 34   Fame and Failure
 35   One, Two, Three Companions
 36   The Doctor Who Archetype

Fifth Doctor Era

 37   Three Years and Out
 38   Fashion Sense
 39   Adric and the Children
 40   Playing Cricket on Camera
 41   Colleagues
 42   Three's a Crowd
 43   Still the Doctor
 44   Tegan's Last Scene
 45   A Matter of Perspective

Sixth Doctor Era

 46   Why Did He Do That?
 47   The Short Term
 48   Doctor Who's Defender
 49   A Regeneration That Wasn't
 50   Coats of Fewer Colors
 51   An Articulate Doctor
 52   Casting Colin Baker
 53   Casting Nicola Bryant
 54   The Singapore Story

Seventh Doctor Era

 55   Sophie's Great Escape
 56   Out of Time
 57   Teen Rebel
 58   Casting Sylvester McCoy
 59   The Mystery of the Doctor
 60   The Musical Screamer
 61   The Stars and Their Guests
 62   The Juggling Doctor
 63   The Dalek Invasion

The Brigadier & UNIT

 64   RSM John Benton
 65   Actor to Actor
 66   Love and the Brigadier
 67   The Coming of UNIT
 68   Success Story
 69   Serendipity
 70   What's In a Name?
 71   No Business Like Show Business
 72   Reunited

Dimensions in Time

 73   Dimensions in Timing
 74   The Story, Pt. 1
 75   The Story, Pt. 2
 76   The Story, Pt. 3
 77   The Story, Pt. 4
 78   Did It Happen?
 79   Doctor on the Run, Pt. 1
 80   Doctor on the Run, Pt. 2
 81   Au Revoir

Rogues Gallery

 82   About the Doctor
 83   Greatest Show in the Car Park
 84   McCoy on Typecasting
 85   Hearts and Minds
 86   The Writer and the Fans
 87   Daleks vs. Daemons
 88   Soldiers and Villains
 89   Victoria and the Daleks
 90   A Cyberman in Ealing


Foil Stamped Cards (with simulated signatures; 1:9 packs)

 i1   The First Doctor
 i2   The Second Doctor
 i3   The Third Doctor
 i4   The Fourth Doctor
 i5   The Fifth Doctor
 i6   The Sixth Doctor
 i7   The Seventh Doctor

Autographed Card (1:432 packs)

 --   Nicola Bryant as Pen [blue ink; 90 signed]
 --   Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier [blue ink; 90 signed]
 --   Caroline John as Liz Shaw [blue ink; 90 signed]
 --   Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith [blue ink; 90 signed]

Tribute Cards (Oversized; 1:box under shrinkwrap)


Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)

Factory Set (sold separately)

 --   (90-card base set; UV coated)
 i8   The Eighth Doctor [exclusive foil stamped card]

Uncut Sheets (Inside Trader exclusive)

 --   (2-up panel of E1-E2)

Seven Doctor Cards (without simulated signatures; Inside Trader ??)

 i1   The First Doctor
 i2   The Second Doctor
 i3   The Third Doctor
 i4   The Fourth Doctor
 i5   The Fifth Doctor
 i6   The Sixth Doctor
 i7   The Seventh Doctor

PROMO CARDS (approximately 15,00 sets made; some inserted in packs)

D1    (title card; non-UV coated)
D2    (scene from The Two Doctors showing Doctor 2 & Doctor 6; non-UV
D3    (scene from The Two Doctors showing Doctor 6 fishing for Gumblejacks
         with Peri looking on; UV coated)
D4    (applying makeup; UV coated)

IT6   Keeping It in the Family (Cornerstone Inside Trader Club exclusive)

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