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Doctor Who 1963-2003: 40th Anniversary
   Strictly Ink - 2003

Note:  Thanks much to Phil Hart for the Preview Set list! Further information 
is posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards. (2999 boxes, 12 boxes/case)
Common sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

  1    Celebrating 40 Years / TARDIS

Who Am I

  2    William Hartnell Remembered
  3    Patrick Troughton Remembered
  4    Jon Pertwee Remembered
  5    Tom Baker Remembered
  6    Peter Davison Remembered
  7    Colin Baker Remembered
  8    Sylvester McCoy Remembered
  9    Paul McGann Remembered

Who in the World

 10    Daleks invade Hammersmith
 11    Cybermen at St. Paul's Cathedral
 12    Daemons in Aldbourne Village
 13    The Doctor in Portmeirion
 14    The Doctor in Paris
 15    Canal Route
 16    On the streets of Seville
 17    On Location in a quarry
 18    Movie in Vancouver

Sixties Chart Toppers

 19    The Power of the Daleks
 20    The Krotons
 21    The Macra Terror
 22    The Moonbase
 23    Inside the Spaceship
 24    The Romans
 25    The Dalek Invasion of Earth
 26    The Web Planet
 27    The Rescue

Seventies Superstars

 28    Planet of the Daleks
 29    The Three Doctors
 30    The Green Death
 31    The Daemons
 32    The Deadly Assassin
 33    The Robots of Death
 34    Destiny of the Daleks
 35    Pyramids of Mars
 36    City of Death

Eighties Blockbusters

 37    Earthshock
 38    The Visitation
 39    Castrovalva
 40    The Twin Dilemma
 41    Revelation of the Daleks
 42    Attack of the Cybermen
 43    The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
 44    Silver Nemesis
 45    Doctor Who The Movie

Who Made Who

 46    Writer - Terry Nation
 47    Producer & Script Editor - Barry Letts & Terrance Dicks
 48    Director - Christopher Barry
 49    Set Designer - Rober Liminton
 50    Costume Designer - Martin Baugh
 51    Visual FX Designers - Mat Irvine & Tony Harding
 52    Make-Up Artist - Dorka Nieradzik
 53    Graphics Designer - Bernard Lodge
 54    Composer - Peter Howell

Lost Treasures

 55    Marco Polo
 56    Galaxy Four
 57    The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve
 58    The Savages
 59    The Tenth Planet 4 & The Power of the Daleks
 60    The Highlanders
 61    The Evil of the Daleks
 62    Fury From the Deep
 63    The Space Pirates

Recovered Gems

 64    The Reign of Terror
 65    The Crusade
 66    The Daleks' Master Plan
 67    The Celestial Toymaker
 68    The Tomb of the Cybermen
 69    The Ice Warriors
 70    The Wheel in Space
 71    The Ambassadors of Death
 72    Frontier in Space

K-9 and Company

 73    K-9 and Company 1
 74    K-9 and Company 2
 75    K-9 and Company 3
 76    K-9 and Company 4
 77    K-9 and Company 5
 78    K-9 and Company 6
 79    K-9 and Company 7
 80    K-9 and Company 8
 81    K-9 and Company 9

The Wonders of Wobbliness

 82    Erato
 83    Early Cybermen
 84    Civil War Daleks
 85    Diddy Dinos
 86    The Beast
 87    Vinyl Recordings
 88    Myrka Depths
 89    Wells Farrago
 90    Double Take

Outside of the Box

 91    Novelisations
 92    VHS Videos
 93    Records and Cassettes
 94    CD Audio
 95    DVD
 96    Radio
 97    New Adventures
 98    New Media

 99    Checklist 1
100    Checklist 2


Merchandise Over 40 Years Gold-Foil Set (1:3 packs)

F1     1977 - The Robots of Death
F2     1978 - The Invasion of Time
F3     1979 - City of Death
F4     1980 - The Horns of Nimon
F5     1981 - K-9 and Company
F6     1982 - Castrovalva
F7     1983 - The Five Doctors
F8     1984 - Resurrection of the Daleks
F9     1985 - Attack of the Cybermen
F10    1986 - The Ultimate Foe
F11    1987 - Delta and the Bannermen
F12    1988 - Silver Nemesis
F13    1989 - The Curse of Fenric
F14    1996 - Doctor Who: The Movie

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

WA1    Eric Roberts as The Master
WA2    Daphne Ashbrook as Dr Grace Holloway
WA3    Paul McGann as The Eighth Doctor
WA4    Yee Jee Tso as Chang Lee
WA5    Sylvester McCoy as The Seventh Doctor
WA6    Sophie Aldred as Ace
WA7    Colin Baker as The Sixth Doctor
WA8    Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor
WA9    Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor
WA10   Terry Molloy as Davros
WA11   Peter Barkworth as Leader Clent
WA12   Tony Selby as Sabalom Glitz
WA13   Martin Jarvis as The Governor
WA14   Sheila Hancock as Helen A
WA15   Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
WA16   Sarah Sutton as Nyssa
WA17   Richard Briers as Chief Caretaker
WA18   Burt Kwouk as Lin Futu (case-topper, also listed below)
 B1    Brian Blessed (album exclusive, also listed below)

Costume Cards (by redemption; 1:144 packs)

CC1    Uniform as worn by Sgt Benton (John Levene) [Vengence on Varos]
CC2    Spacesuit as worn by the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
CC3    Army Uniform (black) [The Caves of Androzani] (not available at set release)
CC3    Army Uniform (grey) [The Caves of Androzani] (not available at set release)
 --    (Redemption Cards)

Case-Topper Autograph

WA18   Burt Kwouk as Lin Futu

Card Album (limited to 500)

 --    Doctor Who 1963-2003 (binder)
 B1    Brian Blessed as King Yrcanos (exclusive auto; also listed above)


 P1    Doctor Who 1963-2003
CI-7   Peri
 --    Celebrating 40 Years of Doctor Who (dealer sell sheet)

2003-A 10-CARD PREVIEW SET (numbered to 999)

PR1    Friendly Yeti?
PR2    Eighth Doctor & Grace
PR3    Davros Make-Up
PR4    DJ
PR5    The Doctor & Jo
PR6    Sea Devil
PR7    Drawing Titles
PR8    Leela Ready To Go...
PR9    Radiophonics
PR10   Coming Beginning 2003



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