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Big Screen Doctor Who
Big Screen Doctor Who Preview
   Strictly Ink - 2003

Notes:  Further information and scans are posted at the Strictly Ink website. 
Many thanks to Neil Tring and Carl Suverncomfort for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.  Limited to 2999 boxes.
Common sets (100): approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title

 001    Big Screen Doctor Who

Dr. Who & The Daleks

 002    UK Premier - 25 June 1965
 003    Doctor Who Digests the Eagle
 004    Soft Centres
 005    A Police Box?
 006    This is TARDIS
 007    New Light in the Forest
 008    Emerging from the Ship
 009    Petrified Forest
 010    Fault in the Fluid Links
 011    City of Metal
 012    Searching for Mercury
 013    Barbara Alone
 014    Surrounded
 015    Paralysed by the Daleks
 016    Prisoners
 017    A Cure for the Poison?
 018    Mission for Susan
 019    Followed through the Forest
 020    Alydon of the Thals
 021    Invitation to the City
 022    Caught on Camera
 023    Closed Circuit
 024    Full Metal Jacket
 025    Death to the Dalek
 026    Hot Pursuit
 027    Preparing the Ambush
 028    Narrow Escape
 029    Missing Link
 030    Drug Tests
 031    Take Her to the Daleks
 032    Map of Action
 033    Another Neutron Bomb
 034    Swamp Things
 035    Mountain High
 036    The Black Dalek Speaks
 037    Burning the Cakes
 038    Destroy the Thals
 039    Bridging the Gap
 040    Do Not Move
 041    Countdown Begins
 042    Journey's End
 043    Tug of War
 044    Blasted Daleks
 045    Control Attack
 046    The Bomb Will Destroy the Planet
 047    Firepower
 048    My Lucky Number
 049    Caped Crusader
 050    Roman Reception

Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

 051    UK Premier - 22 July 1966
 052    PC Tom Campbell
 053    Pull To Open
 054    Time To Go
 055    Louise and Susan
 056    A Future in Ruins
 057    Girders Collapse
 058    Wyler Takes Louise
 059    Grim Discovery
 060    Saucer over London
 061    Quarry of the Robomen
 062    Monster from the Deep
 063    Resistance HQ
 064    Saucer in Sloane Square
 065    No Escape
 066    You Will Be Robotised
 067    Into the Compartments
 068    The Resistance Attacks
 069    Battle in the Corridors
 070    Summoning Reinforcements
 071    Hunting the Survivors
 072    Battle Aftermath
 073    Lunch with the Robomen
 074    Bedfordshire Bound
 075    Into Hiding
 076    Dortmun's Sacrifice
 077    Running the Gauntlet
 078    Smashing Time
 079    Saucer Attack
 080    Tom and Louise Escape
 081    The Mine
 082    Cottage in the Woods
 083    Sharp Practice
 084    Betrayed
 085    Grand Designs
 086    Control Centre
 087    Race Against Time
 088    Overcooked Brockley
 089    Reunion
 090    Mine Ally
 091    Roboman Rebellion
 092    Ready To Fire
 093    Bomb Off Course
 094    Magnetic Personalities
 095    Black Dalek Down
 096    Fleeing the Mine
 097    Crash Dive
 098    New Dawn
 099    Bye Bye Inspector Campbell

 100    Checklist


Super Movie Posters & Mysteries Gold Foil Cards (1:3 packs)

 F1     Original UK Cinema Poster
 F2     UK Press Advertising
 F3     US Press Advertising
 F4     US Press Book
 F5     US Press Book
 F6     Lion-International Press Book
 F7     Original UK Cinema Poster
 F8     UK Press Advertising
 F9     UK Press Book
 F10    Sugar Puffs Promotion
 F11    Front of House Stills
 F12    Front of House Stills

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

 A1     Roberta Tovey as Susan
 A2     Jill Curzon as Louise [by redemption]
 A3     Bernard Cribbins as Tom Campbell
 A4     Ray Brooks as David
 A5     Keith Marsh as Conway
 A6     Philip Madoc as Brockley
 A7     Geoffrey Cheshire as Roboman
 A8     Jennie Linden as Barbara
 A9     Barrie Ingram as Alydon
 A10    Michael Coles as Ganatus
 A11    Yvonne Antrobus (binder, also listed below)
 A12    Sheila Steafel
 A13    Geoffrey Toone as Temmosus
  --    (Redemption card for A2)

Facsimile Autograph (Case Loader)

 A0     Peter Cushing as Doctor Who

Card Album (limited to 500)

  --    (green padded binder)
 A11    Yvonne Antobus as Dyoni (exclusive auto)

DVD SET (sold separately in "The Dalek Collection" DVD)

  --    (45-card set)


RE-3    Transfer
CI-6    Deadly Enemy
AE-3    Trapped...
DM-1    No Escape
PTC-1   Discovery
RN-2    In Pensive Thought
SC-1    (Steve Clark)
TP-3    Inside the TARDIS
  --    Big Screen Doctor Who (dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

  --    Available Early 2007: Doctor Who Big Screen Additions [set canceled]

PREVIEW SET (sold separately; limited to 999 copies)

 P1     Dalek Minions
 P2     Dalek Spaceship
 P3     Exterminate!
 P4     Under Guard
 P5     Through the Wreckage
 P6     Captive
 P7     TARDIS
 P8     Attack
 P9     Nudge, Nudge... Wink, Wink
 P10    Coming Beginning 2003

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