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Doctor Who Big Screen Additions
Monochrome Edition
   Strictly Ink - 2008

Notes:  The base checklist is the same as that for the color Big Screen Additions 
series. Higher inserts include cards left over from the earlier release plus cards 
produced specifically for this edition.

Box: 30 packs of 5 cards, 999 numbered boxes, 10 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 2.04 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

  1    Doctor Who and the Daleks
  2    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who
  3    Roy Castle as Ian
  4    Roberta Tovey as Susan
  5    Jennie Linden as Barbara
  6    Important Reading
  7    Barrie Ingham as Alydon
  8    Female Thal
  9    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who
 10    The Thals
 11    The Journey Begins
 12    Attack!
 13    Rescued from the Swamp
 14    Monster Attack
 15    Discussing the Plan
 16    Approaching the Dalek Base
 17    Dalek Base
 18    In Danger...
 19    Keep Calm and Follow Their Lead
 20    Susan Must Help the Daleks
 21    Frightened Susan
 22    We Can Beat Them Barbara
 23    Dalek Central
 24    Trapped!
 25    The Thals Fight Back
 26    Fight Back
 27    Goodbye Everyone
 28    Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD
 29    Doctor Who is Back
 30    Ray Brooks as David
 31    Bernard Cribbins as Tom Campbell
 32    Jill Curzon as Louise
 33    Roberta Tovey as Susan
 34    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who
 35    David and Doctor Confer
 36    Experiments
 37    Tom Stumbles In
 38    Susan
 39    Where Are We?
 40    Tardis Blocked
 41    A Furious Doctor
 42    It's Behind You!
 43    Out of the Underground
 44    Exterminate!
 45    Hungry Susan
 46    Dalek Spaceship Lands
 47    Battle on the Mothership
 48    Get Them
 49    Boboman
 50    Robomen Going Down
 51    Hurry, Soon It Will Be Too Late
 52    Will The Doctor Be Robotised?
 53    Hiding from the Robomen
 54    Tom as Roboman
 55    Top Fights Back
 56    I'm On My Way Doctor...
 57    Escaping from the Spaceship
 58    Surrounded
 59    In the Mine Shaft
 60    Run Louise Run
 61    Bernard Cribbins as a Roboman
 62    Sugar Puffs Promotion
 63    Sugar Puffs Promotion
 64    Behind the Scenes - London Devastated
 65    Exterminated
 66    The Fight Scene in the Mine
 67    The Fight Scene in the Mine
 68    Dalek Spaceship
 69    Dalek Spaceship
 70    Checklist [1-51]
 71    Checklist [52-72, F1-F9, A1-A5, Sketch]
(72)   Get New Fully Licensed Movie Poster Repros


Gold Inked Cards (1:12 packs)

 F1    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who
 F2    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who
 F3    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who
 F4    Roberta Tovey as Susan
 F5    Roy Castle as Ian
 F6    Jennie Linden as Barbara
 F7    Barrie Ingham as Alydon
 F8    Jill Curzon as Louise
 F9    Ray Brooks as David

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

 A1    John Bown as Antodus
 A2    David Graham as Voice of Daleks
 A3    Roberta Tovey as Susan
 A4    Roy Castle as Ian [facsimile autograph]
 A5    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who [facsimile autograph]

Sketch Cards (1:30 packs)

      Amy Pronovost
      Andrew Fry
      Bill Pulkovski
      Bob Stevlic
      Carolyn Edwards
      Chris Henderson
      Dan Bergren
      Don Pedicini Jr.
      Ingrid Hardy
      James McNeil
      Jason Atomic
      Jason Davies
      Jason Potratz, Jack Hai
      Jay Pangan
      Jed Raven
      Joe Corroney [by redemption]
      Kevin Graham
      Kyle Babbitt
      Leah Mangue
      Mark Spears
      Nick "NIK" Neocleous
      Rhiannon Owens
      Rich Molinelli
      Robert Aragon
      Robert Hack
      Ryan Orosco [by redemption]
      Sarah Lyons
      Sarah Wilkinson [by redemption]
      Scott Houseman
      Sean Pence
      Warren Martineck

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)


PR1    (Peter Cushing with spectacles)
PR2    (Peter Cushing with Dalek)

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