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Doctor Who - The Definitive Collection - Series One
Strictly Ink - 2000

Notes:  The set was released in 2001, but the cards and packaging show a 2000
copyright date.  For cards 51-119, I show text from the back of the card.  The
printed checklist cards show "titles" that briefly describe the scene but that are
not printed on the cards themselves; these descriptions are shown at the right.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.28 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title/Card Text                                      Subset/Description

   1    An Unearthly Child/100,000 BC                        Episodes
   2    The Daleks                                           Episodes
   3    Inside The Spaceship                                 Episodes
   4    Marco Polo                                           Episodes
   5    The Keys of Marinus                                  Episodes
   6    The Aztecs                                           Episodes
   7    The Sensorites                                       Episodes
   8    The Reign of Terror                                  Episodes
   9    Planet of Giants                                     Episodes
  10    The Dalek Invasion of Earth                          Episodes
  11    The Rescue                                           Episodes
  12    The Romans                                           Episodes
  13    The Web Planet                                       Episodes
  14    The Crusade                                          Episodes
  15    The Space Museum                                     Episodes
  16    The Chase                                            Episodes
  17    The Time Meddler                                     Episodes
  18    Galaxy Four                                          Episodes
  19    Mission to the Unknown                               Episodes
  20    The Myth Makers                                      Episodes
  21    The Daleks' Master Plan                              Episodes
  22    The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve                Episodes
  23    The Ark                                              Episodes
  24    The Celestial Toymaker                               Episodes
  25    The Gunfighters                                      Episodes
  26    The Savages                                          Episodes
  27    The War Machines                                     Episodes
  28    The Smugglers                                        Episodes
  29    The Tenth Planet                                     Episodes
  30    The Power of the Daleks                              Episodes
  31    The Highlanders                                      Episodes
  32    The Underwater Menace                                Episodes
  33    The Moonbase                                         Episodes
  34    The Macra Terror                                     Episodes
  35    The Faceless Ones                                    Episodes
  36    The Evil of the Daleks                               Episodes
  37    The Tomb of the Cybermen                             Episodes
  38    The Abominable Snowmen                               Episodes
  39    The Ice Warriors                                     Episodes
  40    The Enemy of the World                               Episodes
  41    The Web of Fear                                      Episodes
  42    Fury From The Deep                                   Episodes
  43    The Wheel In Space                                   Episodes
  44    The Dominators                                       Episodes
  45    The Mind Robber                                      Episodes
  46    The Invasion                                         Episodes
  47    The Krotons                                          Episodes
  48    The Seeds of Death                                   Episodes
  49    The Space Pirates                                    Episodes
  50    The War Games                                        Episodes
  51    Was this the very first Doctor? During his mind ba   Doctors: Hartnell by TARDIS
  52    "Leave confusion to the experts" this Doctor told    Doctors: Troughton in TARDIS
  53    As punishment for his unauthorised wanderings, the   Doctors: Pertwee emerges from TARDIS
  54    As his exile on Earth wore on, so the Doctor grew    Doctors: Pertwee in laboratory
  55    "You may find his behaviour somewhat erratic" warn   Doctors: Baker holds two wires
  56    The fourth Doctor's personality evolved as he prog   Doctors: Baker raises hat
  57    Some of the Doctor's greatest challenges were face   Doctors: Baker holding red cloth
  58    The regeneration process, that created the Doctor'   Doctors: Davison at gunpoint
  59    A low point was felt in the fifth Doctor's fortune   Doctors: Davison disarming booby trap
  60    When the sixth Doctor burst on the scene, it almos   Doctors: Colin Baker walks with Glitz
  61    Although wearing at times for his companions, the    Doctors: Colin Baker grabbed by hands
  62    A freak accident aboard the TARDIS injured the Doc   Doctors: McCoy with Glitz pinned under rock
  63    Accompanied by latest companion Ace, the seventh D   Doctors: McCoy and Ace
  64    Precisely how long the Doctor continued in his sev   Doctors: New TARDIS interior
  65    Deep in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown, a    Doctors: Hoodlums in San Francisco
  66    Rushed into hospital the Doctor appeared to be in    Doctors: Doctors operate on McCoy
  67    Alone in the hospital morgue a few hours later, th   Doctors: McCoy hands TARDIS to McGann
  68    One thing the new Doctor knew for certain; he woul   Doctors: Paul McGann, Timelord
  69    Aided by Grace Holloway, plus a lot of deductive r   Doctors: New entranceway to TARDIS
  70    Stealing an atomic clock from a research institute   Doctors: McGall emerges from TARDIS
  71    1966 was a good time for living in London and find   Companions: Polly and Ben with Cybermen
  72    It was after their meeting with Cybermen at the So   Companions: Polly and Doctor
  73    What Polly may have lacked in courage, she made up   Companions: Polly, Ben and the Doctor
  74    The moors of Culloden in that grim period followin   Companions: Portrait of Jamie
  75    The Doctor's daring plan that saved the McLarens a   Companions: Jamie and Victoria flee Yeti
  76    Chronologically the most backward of his peers, Ja   Companions: Jamie, Doctor and Dastari
  77    Hardly had Jamie bid farewell to Ben and Polly tha   Companions: Victoria outside mansion
  78    Although hardly more than a teenager, Victoria bec   Companions: Jamie hugs Victoria
  79    Of all the ladies in Jamie's life, Victoria was th   Companions: Portrait of Victoria
  80    Benton was still a Corporal when he was assigned t   Companions: Benton flanked by Doctor and Brigadier
  81    When the Doctor journeyed to a parallel Earth he s   Companions: Benton with Master
  82    Before the Doctor made an unexpected return to Ear   Companions: Brigadier and Liz
  83    Originally sceptical, not to mention indignant abo   Companions: Doctor, Liz and 'Bessie'
  84    Dr Shaw's expertise played an incalculable role in   Companions: Liz kneeling by Doctor
  85    It can be useful having friends in high places as    Companions: Portrait of Jo
  86    Initially outraged at being landed with an assista   Companions: Jo with Doctor in TARDIS
  87    As Jo grew up and matured in the Doctor's company,   Companions: Jo with Ice Warrior Lord and Alpha Centauri
  88    Sarah Jane Smith was the Doctor's first female com   Companions: Doctor (Pertwee) and Sarah (Sladen)
  89    That invitation was for Levinia Smith to join a to   Companions: Sarah uses Whomobile phone
  90    Despite the third Doctor's slightly chauvinistic w   Companions: Doctor (Baker) and Sarah
  91    Sarah's bonds with the fourth Doctor and Harry Sul   Companions: Doctor and Sarah prisoners
  92    After Harry opted to stay back on Earth, resuming    Companions: Sarah with rifle as Mummy robot approaches
  93    After so many victories by the Doctor it was inevi   Companions: Nyssa with Master
  94    Restored as an amalgam of Tremas and his former in   Companions: Doctor and Nyssa (Close-up)
  95    The vulnerable, insecure fifth Doctor needed more    Companions: Doctor and Nyssa
  96    Little did young American Perpugillian Brown, Peri   Companions: Peri and Kamelion robot
  97    Peri's first voyage with the Doctor was to the ble   Companions: Doctor carries Peri
  98    Having weathered the change from reserved fifth Do   Companions: Peri and prisoners tied up
  99    A few questions surround Peri's ultimate fate. At    Companions: Peri chained to rock
 100    A troubled childhood made Ace a tough and angry te   Companions: Ace leaning on table
 101    Her name, Ace, was originally the nickname she inh   Companions: Ace with catapult
 102    Matters came to a head when, for some undisclosed    Companions: Ace, Doctor and Cybermen
 103    The Doctor helped Ace to grow up. He forced her, r   Companions: Ace and Doctor
 104    The Daleks embody all that the Doctor seeks to opp   Daleks and Davros: Two Daleks
 105    When the Doctor first met them, the Daleks' wicked   Daleks and Davros: Daleks innards revealed
 106    Although neutron radiation had crippled the Daleks   Daleks and Davros: Doctor and Peri held prisoner by Daleks
 107    Through the power of the Time Lords, the Doctor wa   Daleks and Davros: Davros talks with Doctor
 108    Davros programmed his genetically refined mutant D   Daleks and Davros: Davros
 109    Alongside Daleks, Cybermen are the creatures most    Cybermen: Cybermen by gasometer
 110    Where the Daleks have always wanted to destroy lif   Cybermen: Doctor tries to free Cybermen
 111    A constant theme of the Cybermen has been their dr   Cybermen: Three Cybermen in control room
 112    Not all Cybermen are human in shape. The Cyber-pla   Cybermen: Cybermats
 113    Like Sherlock Holmes the Doctor has a Moriarty fig   The Master: Portrait of Master
 114    Aside from his brilliant but devious mind the Mast   The Master: Master holds face mask
 115    The Master's schemes were anything but trivial. Hi   The Master: Master and Queen Galleia
 116    Throughout his first two incarnations very little    Time Lords: Time Lords in control room
 117    Having mastered movement through the fourth and fi   Time Lords: Time Lord President
 118    Not all Time Lords agreed with the notion of becom   Time Lords: Time Lord Salyavin
 119    CHECKLIST - Card One
 120    CHECKLIST - Card Two


Radio Times Covers (Foil-Edged) Cards (1:3 packs)

 R1     February 22-28 1964
 R2     November 21-27 1964
 R3     February 13-19 1965
 R4     November 5-11 1966
 R5     September 2-8 1967
 R6     January 20-26 1968
 R7     January 3-9 1970
 R8     January 2-8 1971
 R9     January 1-7 1972
 R10    December 30-January 5 1973
 R11    Autumn 1973
 R12    December 15-21 1973
 R13    Summer 1983
 R14    November 19-25 1983
 R15    November 20-26 1993
 R16    May 25-31 1996
 R17    November 13-19 1999

Autographed Cards (1:18 packs)

  A1    Tom Baker as Fourth Doctor
  A2    Peter Davison as Fifth Doctor
  A3    Colin Baker as Sixth Doctor
  A4    Sylvester McCoy as Seventh Doctor
  A5    Paul McGann as Eighth Doctor
  A6    Anneke Wills as Polly
  A7    Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield
  A8    Wendy Padbury as Zoe
  A9    John Levene as Sgt. Benton
 A10    Caroline John as Liz Shaw
 A11    Katy Manning as Jo Grant
 A12    Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
 A13    Sarah Sutton as Nyssa
 A14    Nicola Bryant as Peri
 A15    Sophie Aldred as Ace

Jumbo Collectors Postcard (3-1/2" x 5", Box-topper)

  --    (Azal)
  --    (Cyberman)
  --    (Davros and Black Daleks)
  --    (Doctor Solon and Morbius)
  --    (Fifth Doctor and Companions)
  --    (Leela)
  --    (Sixth and Thirteenth Doctors)
  --    (The Brigadier)
  --    (Three Doctors)

Doctors and Companions Cards (2:case)

  #1    (7th Doctor and Ace)
  #2    (4th Doctor and Sarah)

Uncut Test Sheet (5" x 7")

  --    (Uncut sheet)
  --    (Redemption card, 1:case)

Collectors Card Album

  --    (Binder)
B-1     ("Two Doctors" Bonus Card)

Preview Set (sold separately; numbered to 4000)

SI-1    Doctor Who: Coming December 2000
PR1-1   The Cybermen Attack
PR1-2   The 1st Doctor William Hartnell
PR1-3   The 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton
PR1-4   The 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee
PR1-5   The 4th Doctor Tom Baker
PR1-6   The 5th Doctor Peter Davison
PR1-7   The 6th Doctor Colin Baker
PR1-8   The 7th Doctor Sylester McCoy
PR1-9   The 8th Doctor Paul McGann


NS-1    (4th Doctor; Non-Sport Update)
CI-1    Exterminate! (White Dalek; Cards Inc., U.K.)
CI-2    The Doctors Are Back! (4th Doctor; Cards Inc., U.K.)
DWM-1   The Daleks Are Back! (Dr Who Magazine)
DWM-2   The 8th Doctor Paul McGann (Dr Who Magazine)
SI-1    (Doctors, Daleks, Cyberman; NSU)
SI-1    (Doctors, Daleks, Cyberman; no credits/copyright)
B-1     (binder exclusive, also listed above)

©2001, 2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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