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Doctor Who - The Definitive Collection - Series Two
   Strictly Ink - 2001

Note:  Thanks much to Erik Ossenfort, Gene Smith, and Sharon McKenzie for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.28 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title / Episode (Card Back)            Caption (Card Front)

   1    Spearhead from Space                   Liz and The Brigadier Face the Press
   2    Doctor Who & the Silurians             Taking shelter
   3    The Ambassadors of Death               Alien Ambassador
   4    Inferno                                Nuclear disaster
   5    Terror of the Autons                   The Brigadier and Doctor in the UNIT Lab
   6    The Mind of Evil                       Barnham screams...
   7    The Claws of Axos                      Monstrous Axon
   8    Colony in Space                        Attack of the Claw
   9    The Daemons                            Bok the White Imp
  10    Day of the Daleks                      The Daleks Are Back!
  11    The Curse of Peladon                   Extinct Royal Beast Aggedor
  12    The Sea Devils                         The Doctor Attacks a Sea Devil
  13    The Mutants                            Solonian Mutation
  14    The Time Monster                       Kronos the Chronavore
  15    The Three Doctors                      Three Doctors
  16    Carnival of Monsters                   The Doctor and Jo Search the Caves
  17    Frontier in Space                      The Master berates his servants, the Ogrons
  18    Planet of the Daleks                   Daleks in the Spiridon Control Room
  19    The Green Death                        The Doctor and Jo examine the body
  20    The Time Warrior                       Sarah-Jane Encounters Irongron and Bloodaxe
  21    Invasion of the Dinosaurs              Dinosaurs Loose in London
  22    Death to the Daleks                    Dalek Victim?
  23    The Monster of Peladon                 Sarah-Jane, Alpha Centauri and Eckersley
  24    Planet of the Spiders                  Ginat Spider Invastion
  25    Robot                                  Is That Really My Face?
  26    The Ark in Space                       The Doctor and Harry dissect a Wirrn
  27    The Sontaran Experiment                Styre Checks His Monitor
  28    Genesis of the Daleks                  Destroy the Daleks... Forever
  29    Revenge of the Cybermen                The Cybermen Prepare to Attack Nerva
  30    Terror of the Zygons                   Zygons Planning Their Attack
  31    Planet of Evil                         Sarah and the Doctor Examine a Mysterious Corpse
  32    Pyramids of Mars                       Scarman Reviews a Canopic Urn
  33    The Android Invasion                   Kraal Invaders
  34    The Brain of Morbius                   In the Sisterhood's Lair
  35    The Seeds of Doom                      A Carnivorous Krynoid
  36    The Masque of Mandragora               The Main Portico of San Martino
  37    The Hand of Fear                       The Female Eldrad
  38    The Deadly Assassin                    The Time Lord President Assassinated
  39    The Face of Evil                       Leela Armed and Dangerous
  40    The Robots of Death                    Uvanov Plunges a Laserson Probe into a Voc robot
  41    The Talons of Weng-Chiang              Litefoot and the Doctor
  42    Horror of Fang Rock                    Into the Fog
  43    The Invisible Enemy                    The Doctor Uses a Duck Caller
  44    Image of the Fendahl                   A Fendahleen Looms Over The Doctor
  45    The Sun Makers                         Doctor Argues With Mandrel
  46    Underworld                             The Doctor and Herrick
  47    The Invasion of Time                   The Doctor Wires Up K-9
  48    The Ribos Operation                    Garron on a Snow Covered Ribos Street
  49    The Pirate Planet                      Doctor Who Lifts the Dead Pirate Captain's Arm
  50    The Stones of Blood                    The Doctor and Prof Rumford Prepare a Hi-Tech Weapon
  51    The Androids of Tara                   Count Grendel of Gracht
  52    The Power of Kroll                     The Doctor in the Swampland
  53    The Armageddon Factor                  Princess Astra Visits Hospital
  54    Destiny of the Daleks                  Daleks Menace Romana
  55    City of Death                          The Jagaroth Spider Ship
  56    The Creature from the Pit              Romana and a Webbed K-9
  57    Nightmare of Eden                      In the Forest
  58    The Horns of Nimon                     The Doctor and Soldeed in Nimon Complex
  59    Shada                                  Romana and K-9 by 'Dead' Prof Chronotis
  60    The Leisure Hive                       On the Beach
  61    Meglos                                 Meglos Hides
  62    Full Circle                            Marshmen
  63    State of Decay                         The Tower
  64    Warriors' Gate                         Held at Gunpoint
  65    The Keeper of Traken                   The Keeper
  66    Logopolis                              Miniature TARDIS Held Captive
  67    Sontarans I                            The Doctor & Sarah Fight Line
  68    Sontarans II                           Captured by Styre's Robot
  69    Sontarans III                          Commander Star
  70    Sontarans IV                           Varl Brandishing Axe Weapon
  71    Silurians/Sea Devils I                 A Silurian in the Wenley Moor Caves
  72    Silurians/Sea Devils II                A Sea Devil Wades Ashore
  73    Silurians/Sea Devils III               Silurian in Sea Base 4
  74    Silurians/Sea Devils IV                Silurian Menace
  75    Sil I                                  Sil on His Varos Throne
  76    Sil II                                 An Older Sil on Thoros-Beta
  77    Master I                               The Master and Jo
  78    Master II                              A Decayed Master
  79    Master III                             Decayed Master by Eye of Harmony
  80    Master IV                              The Master aboard his TARDIS
  81    Master V                               Tremas with The Doctor and Adric
  82    UNIT 1                                 Captain Turner in UNIT Helicopter
  83    UNIT II                                The Brigadier and Liz Shaw
  84    UNIT III                               The Brigadier
  85    UNIT IV                                The Brigadier, The Doctor and Sarah-Jane
  86    UNIT V                                 Brigadier and The Second Doctor in UNIT Garden
  87    UNIT VI                                The Brigadier and Captain Yates
  88    UNIT VII                               Benton Argues With the Dinosaur Investigation Team
  89    UNIT VIII                              Lt Sullivan Checks Over The Doctor
  90    UNIT IX                                Two Brigadiers
  91    Companions: Susan Foreman I            In the Cave of 500 Eyes
  92    Companions: Susan Foreman II           Susan in the City of Morphoton
  93    Companions: Steven Taylor I            Dodo, Steven and Toy Robot
  94    Companions: Steven Taylor II           Steven Aboard the Space Ark With Dodo and the Doctor
  95    Companions: Zoe Herriot I              Lost in the Forest of Words
  96    Companions: Zoe Herriot II             Captured by German Soldiers
  97    Companions: Leela I                    Doctor and Leela Talk to 'God'
  98    Companions: Leela II                   Leela in Thick Fog
  99    Companions: Turlough I                 Turlough and The Doctor Examina a Transmat Capsule
 100    Companions: Turlough II                A Roundhead Grapples Turlough
 101    Ray Cusick Set I                       The Daleks
 102    Ray Cusick Set II                      The Dalek City on Skaro
 103    Ray Cusick Set III                     Conceptual Drawing of Dalek
 104    Ray Cusick Set IV                      The Curved Lines of the Sensorite City
 105    Ray Cusick Set V                       Set Designer Raymond P. Cusick
 106    Ray Cusick Set VI                      The Morphoton Brain Creatures
 107    Ray Cusick Set VII                     The Giant Sink Set From 'Planet of Giants'
 108    Ray Cusick Set VIII                    Production Drawing for the 'Rescue' Space Ship
 109    Ray Cusick Set IX                      Mechanoid Robots
 110    Ian Scoones Set I                      The Arcturus Life-Support System
 111    Ian Scoones Set II                     The Royal Castle of Peladon
 112    Ian Scoones Set III                    The Giant Spider That Never Was
 113    Ian Scoones Set IV                     The Marconiscope
 114    Ian Scoones Set V                      Visual Effects Designer Ian Scoones
 115    Ian Scoones Set VI                     K-9 design sketch
 116    Ian Scoones Set VII                    A Shuttle Craft Arrives at Titan Base
 117    Ian Scoones Set VIII                   The Spider Ship of the Jagaroth
 118    Ian Scoones Set IX                     Painting Depicting London Destroyed by the Daleks
 119    Checklist I
 120    Checklist II


Comics of Dr Who Gold Foil Cards (1:3 packs)

 F1     The Klepton Parasites - 14 Nov 1964    TV Comic - Issues 674-683
 F2     The Extortioner - 24 Dec 1966          TV Comic - Issues 784-787
 F3     The Arkwood Experiments - 17 Jan 1970  TV Comic - Issues 944-949
 F4     Gemini Plan - 20 Feb 1971              Countdown - Issues 1-5
 F5     Who is the Stranger - 10 Feb 1973      TV Action - Issue 104
 F6     Death Flower - 11 Jan 1975             TV Comic - Issues 1204-1214
 F7     The Iron Legion - 17 Oct 1979          Doctor Who Weekly - Issue 1-8
 F8     The Tides of Time - January 1982       Doctor Who Monthly - Issue 61-67
 F9     The Shape Shifter - April 1984         Doctor Who Magazine - Issues 88-89
 F10    A Cold Day in Hell - Oct 1987          Doctor Who Magazine - Issues 130-134
 F11    Endgame - Sep 1996                     Doctor Who Magazine - Issues 244-247
 F12    Genesis of Evil - 23 Jan 1965          TV Century 21 - Issues 1-3
 F13    Dell Comics - 1966                     Doctor Who and the Daleks - Issue 1

Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)

AU1     Lalla Ward - Romana
AU2     Tom Baker - The Fourth Doctor
AU3     Stuart Myers - A Cybermen
AU4     Nicholas Courtney - Brigadier Letheridge Stewart
AU5     Jackie Lane - Dodo Chaplin
AU6     Mary Tamm - Romana
AU7     Louise Jameson - Leela
AU8     Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith
AU9     John Leeson - The Voice of K-9
AU10    Mark Strickson - Turlough
AU11    Ray Cusick - Dalek Designer
AU12    Ian Scoones - Special Effects Designer
AU13    (Case topper, also listed below)

Case Toppers

 D1     (Daleks Set)
 D2     (Daleks Set)
 D3     (Daleks Set)
 D4     (Daleks Set)
 D5     (Daleks Set)
AU13    Anthony Ainley - The Master (exclusive autograph)

Card Album

  --    (Binder; same as binder for Series 1)
B-1     Two Doctors (exclusive promo)

PREVIEW SET (# to 999)



AE-1    (; U.S. dealer)
CI-3    (Cards Inc.)
CI-4    (Cards Inc.)
DWM-3   Doctor and the Monsters (Dr Who Magazine)
DWM-4   (Dr Who Magazine)
NS-1    Jo Lends a Hand (Non-Sport Update)
RN-1    (Richard Nolan; Australian dealer)
PH-1    Coming Autumn 2001 (Paul Hart; U.K. dealer)
TP-1    (Tenth Planet; U.K. dealer)
WEB-1   The Doctor and Romana (Internet offer)
B-1     (binder exclusive, also listed above)

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