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Doctor Who The Definitive Collection - Series Three
Strictly Ink - 2002

Notes:  Thanks much to Gene Smith and to Lucrezia for updates! 
Additional information and scans are posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.30 per box if collation were perfect.

No.     Title / Caption                             Episode / Subset

  1     Brendon meets K-9                           A Girl's Best Friend (K-9 + Company)
  2     Library at Castrovalva                      Castrovalva
  3     Doctor decapitated...                       Four to Doomsday
  4     The Doctor surrenders                       Kinda
  5     The Doctor in hiding                        The Visitation
  6     Funeral                                     Black Orchid
  7     Cybermen prepare an attack                  Earthshock
  8     Manhandling the TARDIS                      Time-Flight
  9     Inspecting the Matrix                       Arc of Infinity
 10     Snakedancers                                Snakedance
 11     The Doctor meets Mawdryn                    Mawdryn Undead
 12     The Doctor encounters the Vanir             Terminus
 13     The Black Guardian                          Enlightenment
 14     The Doctor and King John                    The King's Demons
 15     The second Doctor and the Brigadier         The Five Doctors
 16     The Silurian leader Icthar                  Warriors of the Deep
 17     Malus emerges                               The Awakening
 18     Excavating beneath Frontios                 Frontios
 19     Kill Davros                                 Resurrection of the Daleks
 20     Timanov                                     Planet of Fire
 21     Sharaz Jek gazes at Peri's recumbent form   The Caves of Androzani
 22     A new Doctor                                The Town Dilemma
 23     Cyberthreat                                 Attack of the Cybermen
 24     Sil the slug                                Vengeance on Varos
 25     The Rani gloats                             The Mark of the Rani
 26     The second Doctor ponders                   The Two Doctors
 27     Hanging on...                               Timelash
 28     TARDIS lands on Necros                      Revelation of the Daleks
 29     In the grip of Drathro                      The Mysterious Planet
 30     The Inquisitor                              Mindwarp
 31     Vervoid                                     Terror of the Vervoids
 32     That sinking feeling                        The Ultimate Foe
 33     Is that me?                                 Time and the Rani
 34     Confrontation                               Paradise Towers
 35     Delta fights                                Delta and the Bannermen
 36     Carried to safety                           Dragonfire
 37     Ace and Mike                                Remembrance of the Daleks
 38     Kandyman                                    The Happiness Patrol
 39     Nemesis arises                              Silver Nemesis
 40     The Gods of Ragnarok                        The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
 41     Destroyer summons power                     Battlefield
 42     Master of the house                         Ghost Light
 43     The Doctor, Ace and the Reverend            The Curse of Fenric
 44     Cheetah Person                              Survival
 45     Ending... and beginning                     The Enemy Within (Doctor Who: The Movie)
 46     Ian at Coal Haill School                    Ian Chesterton I
 47     Inside the TARDIS                           Ian Chesterton II
 48     In Marco Polo's tent                        Ian Chesterton III
 49     Awaiting the Sensorites                     Ian Chesterton IV
 50     Spaceship crash                             Vicki I
 51     Helping out                                 Vicki II
 52     The Doctor, Vicki and Princess              Vicki III
 53     Sara Kingdom                                Sara Kingdom I
 54     A brave companion                           Sara Kingdom II
 55     New hat                                     Ben Jackson I
 56     Ben and Polly                               Ben Jackson II
 57     Harry Sullivan                              Harry Sullivan I
 58     Examining records                           Harry Sullivan II
 59     Prisoner of the Zygons                      Harry Sullivan III
 60     Professor Marius                            K-9 - I
 61     K-9                                         K-9 - II
 62     K-9 in action                               K-9 - III
 63     Meeting Commander Andred                    K-9 - IV
 64     Romanadvoratrelundar                        Romana I I
 65     Romana, K-9 and the Doctor                  Romana I II
 66     Intermediate Romans                         Romana I III
 67     Lost in the TARDIS                          Tegan I
 68     In the Zero Room                            Tegan II
 69     Comfort                                     Tegan III
 70     Pharos Radar Dish                           The Master I
 71     A new Master                                The Master II
 72     The Doctor accused                          The Master III
 73     SIDRAT                                      The TARDIS I
 74     The TARDIS in space                         The TARDIS II
 75     Open the doors                              The TARDIS III
 76     Secondary console room                      The TARDIS IV
 77     Primeval Earth                              The TARDIS V
 78     At the controls                             The TARDIS VI
 79     Martian Ice Warrior                         Ice Warriors I
 80     Varga awakes                                Ice Warriors II
 81     Ice Lord Izlyr                              Ice Warriors III
 82     Azaxyr and Alpha Centauri                   Ice Warriors IV
 83     Examining an energy sphere                  The Autons I
 84     An Auton                                    The Autons II
 85     Nestene weapon                              The Autons III
 86     Mark I Yeti                                 The Yeti I
 87     Attack!                                     The Yeti II
 88     The Yeti attack                             The Yeti III
 89     Flame of Singularity                        Omega I
 90     Returning home                              Omega II
 91     TARDIS interior set                         Set Design I
 92     Kublai Khan's palace                        Set Design II
 93     Summit of Aztec Pyramid                     Set Design III
 94     Daleks in the Pyramid                       Set Design IV
 95     Barry Newbery Set Designer                  Set Design V
 96     Tombstone                                   Set Design VI
 97     Concept painting                            Set Design VII
 98     Interior of Solon's citadel                 Set Design VIII
 99     Inside the Doctor's brain                   Set Design IX
100     Slaar                                       John Friedlander Make-Up I
101     Ogrons                                      John Friedlander Make-Up II
102     Vogon                                       John Friedlander Make-Up III
103     Sea Devil                                   John Friedlander Make-Up IV
104     John Friedlander Special Make-Up            John Friedlander Make-Up V
105     Draconian Prince                            John Friedlander Make-Up VI
106     Sontatran                                   John Friedlander Make-Up VII
107     Davros                                      John Friedlander Make-Up VIII
108     Scaroth                                     John Friedlander Make-Up IX
109     Mutt insects                                James Acheson Costume Design I
110     Pletrac the Interminoran                    James Acheson Costume Design II
111     Omega                                       James Acheson Costume Design III
112     Linx the Sontaran                           James Acheson Costume Design IV
113     James Acheson Costume Designer              James Acheson Costume Design V
114     Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor              James Acheson Costume Design VI
115     Zygon                                       James Acheson Costume Design VII
116     The Masque of Mandragora                    James Acheson Costume Design VIII
117     Time Lords                                  James Acheson Costume Design IX
118                                                 Checklist I
119                                                 Checklist II
120     The Definitive Collection Series Three      John Nathan-Turner - 1947-2002


Memories of Dr. Who Foil-Stamped Cards (1:3.6 packs; foils+autos = 1:3 packs)

F1      Dinky Toy Police Box                        1963 - The Daleks
F2      Plastoid Dalek Badge                        1964 - The Dalek Invasion of Earth
F3      Louis Marx 'Tricky Action' Dalek            1965 - The Web Planet
F4      Century 21 Dalek EP                         1966 - The Celestial Toymaker
F5      Wall's 'Sky Ray' ice lolly cards            1967 - The Moonbase
F6      TV Comic Holiday Special                    1968 - The Web of Fear
F7      World Distributors Doctor Who Annual        1969 - The Krotons
F8      BBC photo publicity cards                   1970 - Spearhead from Space
F9      Nestle Dr Who chocolate                     1971 - Colony in Space
F10     Doctor Who jigsaws                          1972 - Day of the Daleks
F11     BBC Records Doctor Who theme single         1973 - The Three Doctors
F12     Theatre programme from 'The Seven Keys to Do1974 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs
F13     The Palitoy 'Talking Dalek'                 1975 - The Android Invasion
F14     Denys Fisher Doctor Who dolls               1976 - The Deadly Assassin

Autograph Cards (1:18 packs)

AU1     Colin Baker as The Sixth Doctor
AU2     Sylvester McCoy as The Seventh Doctor
AU3     Matthew Waterhouse as Adric
AU4     Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates
AU5     Jean Marsh as Princess Joanna and Sarah Kingdom
AU6     Peter Purves as Steven Taylor
AU7     William Russell as Ian Chesterton
AU8     Paul Darrow as Maylin Tekker
AU9     Mark Eden as Marco Polo
AU10    Maureen O'Brien as Vicki
AU11    Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman
AU12    Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush
AU13    Lynda Bellingham as The Inquisitor
AU14    Ingrid Pitt as Queen Galleia and Dr Solow
AU15    Kate O'Mara as The Rani
AU16    Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon
AU17    Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka
AU18    Barry Newbery, Set Designer
AU19    John Friedlander, Make-Up Effects Designer
AU20    Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor (case-topper, also listed below)
AU21    Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene  (binder, also listed below)


AU20    Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor (exclusive autograph)
  1     (Doctors Montage)
  2     (Doctors Montage)
  3     (Doctors Montage)
  4     (Doctors Montage)
  5     (Doctors Montage)
  6     (Doctors Montage)
  7     (Doctors Montage)
  8     (Doctors Montage)
  9     (Doctors Montage)

Card Album (sold separately)

 --     (Binder)
AU21    Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene (exclusive autograph)
B-2     Two Doctors (Binder Card)

PREVIEW SET (sold separately; numbered to 999 on PS3-1)

PS3-1   The Sixth Doctor [Colin Baker]
PS3-2   The Doctor and ace [McCoy]
PS3-3   The Fifth doctor
PS3-4   The Doctor and Tecker [Colin]
PS3-5   Tardis
PS3-6   Four Doctors and friend [Pertwee, Davison, Colin, McCoy, and Dalek]
PS3-7   The Rani
PS3-8   John Friedlander Make-Up Effects [holding Davros head]
PS3-9   The Doctor and Ace [McCoy]
PS3-10  Tollmaster


AE2     Royal Connections? (; U.S. dealers)
CI-5    Heads Up! (Cards Inc.)
TP-2    Disguise? (Tenth Planet; U.K. dealer)

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©2002, 2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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