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Dr Who + The Daleks - Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
   Unstoppable Cards - 2015

Notes: Preview Set card-front artwork is by Tim Doyle. Thanks to David Rosciszewki, 
John Biagioni, Matthew Hawkins, and J Walker for updates! Further information and 
scans are posted at the Unstoppable website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case, 100 cases total.
Common sets (54): approx. 2.09 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.   Title                                   Film / Puzzle / # Sketched

      1   Official Trading Cards Set              Doctor Who and the Daleks Companions puzzle top right
      2   Light Reading...                        puzzle top center
      3   On Skaro                                puzzle top left
      4   Scared                                  puzzle center right
      5   Planning                                puzzle center middle
      6   Thals                                   puzzle center left
      7   Exchange                                puzzle bottom right
      8   Alydon and Dyoni                        puzzle bottom middle
      9   In the TARDIS                           puzzle bottom left
     10   Behind Bars                             Title Card puzzle top right
     11   Captured by the Daleks                  puzzle top center
     12   Under Fire!                             puzzle top left
     13   No Escape...                            puzzle center right
     14   Disable                                 puzzle center middle
     15   Collateral Damage                       puzzle center left
     16   Explosion Power                         puzzle bottom right
     17   Back in the TARDIS                      puzzle bottom middle
     18   The End                                 puzzle bottom left
     19   Daleks - Invasion Earth 2050 A.D.       Daleks: Invasion Earth Companions puzzle top right
     20   Attending Tom                           puzzle top center
     21   Devastation                             puzzle top left
     22   Don't Scream!                           puzzle center right
     23   Experiment                              puzzle center middle
     24   Dalek Guards                            puzzle center left
     25   Robomen                                 puzzle bottom right
     26   Attack!                                 puzzle bottom middle
     27   Roboman                                 puzzle bottom left
     28   David                                   Daleks: Invasion Earth red/black puzzle top right
     29   Explosion                               puzzle top center
     30   Alive?                                  puzzle top left
     31   Tom and Louise Captured                 puzzle center right
     32   Resistance                              puzzle center middle
     33   News...                                 puzzle center left
     34   Sanctuary                               puzzle bottom right
     35   Destroy the Daleks                      puzzle bottom middle
     36   Robomen Attack!                         puzzle bottom left
     37   Tim Doyle - Artist
     38   Peter Cushing as Dr Who [without Dalek]
     39   Peter Cushing as Dr Who [spectacles]
     40   Roy Castle as Ian
     41   Jennie Linden as Barbara
     42   Roberta Tovey as Susan
     43   Barrie Ingham as Alydon
     44   Geoffrey Toone as Temmosis
     45   Bernard Cribbins as Tom
     46   Jill Curzon as Louise
     47   Ray Brooks as David
     48   Andrew Keir as Wyler
     49   Phiip Madoc as Brockley
     50   Daleks
     51   Merchandising
     52   TARDIS
     53   Checklist [1-34]
     54   Checklist [35-54, Speciuals]


Publicity Gold Foil Embossed Cards (1:4-8 packs)

    F1    Now on the Big Screen in Color!         Dr. Who and the Daleks
    F2    (Daleks attack control panel)           Dr. Who and the Daleks
    F3    (4 in woods) Dr. Who and the Daleks     Dr. Who and the Daleks
    F4    (mob surrounding TARDIS)                Dr. Who and the Daleks
    F5    (Daleks release gas)                    Dr. Who and the Daleks
    F6    (3 indoors)                             Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
    F7    (Daleks and Robomen)                    Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
    F8    (leaving ruins)                         Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
    F9    (Cushing, Daleks at pit)                Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Artist Sketch Cards (1:41 packs)

       Dr Who & the Daleks 2013 Card Stock

   SK1    Andy Fry [14]
   SK1    Charles Hall                             5
   SK1    Chris Henderson                         25
   SK1    Clinton Yeager                          30
   SK1    Danielle Ellison                        20
   SK1    David Day                               30
   SK1    Elfie Lebouleux                         30
   SK1    Francois Chartier                       15
   SK1    Ingrid Hardy                             2
   SK1    Jason Westlake                          20
   SK1    Jay Pangan III                          35
   SK1    Jerry Fleming                           40
   SK1    Josh Werner                             29
   SK1    Kevin Meinert                           24
   SK1    Laura Inglis                            50
   SK1    Lynne Anderson                          30 [15 in boxes]
   SK1    Marcia Dye                              20
   SK1    Matthew Parmenter                       20
          Nik Neocleous                            1
   SK1    Patrick Hamill                          20
   SK1    Paul Cowan                              35
   SK1    Richard Salvucci                        20 [10 in boxes]
   SK1    Rupam                                   25
   SK1    Scott Fellowes                           ?
   SK1    Scott Houseman                          20 [10 in boxes]
   SK1    Solly Mohamed                           31
   SK1    Ted Dastick Jr.                         11
   SK1    Tom Savage                              29
   SK1    Artist Proof Sketch Cards

       Dr. Who Big Screen Mono 2009 Card Stock [Strictly Ink]

    --    Adam Cleveland                          32
    --    Bruce Gerlach                           25
    --    George Calloway                         25
    --    Joe Miller                              30
    --    Laura Inglis                           incl.
    --    Lynne Anderson                         incl.
    --    Tim Dowler                              40
    --    Tom Savage                             incl.

Film Cell Cards (1:58 packs)

   FC1    Congratulations

Cut Autograph Cards

DWPC1-DWPC6    Peter Cushing as Doctor Who [6 made]
DWRC1-DWRC12   Roy Castle as Ian [12 made]

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

  DWB1    Barrie Ingham as Alyd-On
  DWBC    Bernard Cribbins as Tom
  DWJL    Jennie Linden as Barbara
  DWJC    Jill Curzon as Louise
  DWRB    Ray Brooks as David
  DWRT    Roberta Tovey as Susan
  DWRA    Yvonne Antrobus as Dyoni

Card Album (sold separately; limited to 199)

   --     (binder)
  DWJC    Jill Curzon as Louise (exclusive autograph card)

Print Plate Cards (4 x cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

   --     (base cards)
   --     (autograph cards
   --     (promos)

Unreleased Cards (found in Unstoppable Yearbox)

   --     John Bown
   --     Roberta Tovey (misspelled)


No.   Description

 P1   (Dalek towering over TARDIS)
 P2   (Companion cooling forehead)
 P3   (smirking Doctor)
 P4   (carrying the torch)
 P5   (rocky fight at shoreline)
 P6   (Dalek controllers)


  PR1        Coming Soon (Dalek Tower; art by Tim Doyle)
  UCP1       Coming Soon (Dalek Tower; internet exclusive card; # to 100)
  UCP1       Coming Soon (proof; limited to 5)
  CCP1       Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar; limited to 50)
  JDWP1      Dealer Promo (JDW Cards; limited to 50)
  MHP1       Dealer Promo (Matthew Hawkins; limited to 40)
  MP1        Dealer Promo (@mitchy9210; # to 100)
  NSP1       Coming Soon (nonsporttradingcardsuk; # to 100
  RTP1       Dealer Promo (Radickal Trading Cards, # to 100)
  RTP1       Dealer Promo (proof; limited to 5)
rydeclive1   Dealer Promo (Rydeclive; # to 100)
rydeclive2   Dealer Promo (Rydeclive; "bonus Unique Promo")
  UTCP1      Dealer Promo (Umbrella Trading Cards; limited to 40)

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