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Doctor Who Season One Preview Set and Promos  
   Inkworks - 2008   

Notes: The Season One Preview Set were exclusive to the 2008 San Diego Comic Con 
and each card bears the SDCC log. 1000 sets in cellophane wrappers were produced. 
Also shown below were promo cards for the (later canceled) series, including those for 
when the proposed set was titled differently. Thanks to Henry Strobel for assistance!

    No.     Title

Season One Preview Set

   DW-1     The Doctor & Rose 
   DW-2     The Doctor 
   DW-3     Rose Tyler 
   DW-4     TARDIS 
   DW-5     Captain Jack Harkness 
   DW-6     Dalek 

Other Promo Card: Season One

DW-SD2007   Coming Soon! (Rose and Doctor)

Doctor Who Series 1 and 2 Premium Trading Cards Promos (2007)

   P-1      Coming Winter 2008 (aiming ring)
   P-2      Coming Winter 2008 (Rose and Doctor in brown suit)
   P-3      Coming Winter 2008 (Doctor in leather)
   P-4      Coming Winter 2008 (Doctor in overcoat)
   P-PS     Coming Winter 2008 (sonic screwdriver)

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