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Doctor Who Oversized San Diego Comic Con 2016
   Topps - 2016

Notes: Cards were sold as individual sets of 10, and are 5" x 7". They were exclusive to 
the San Diego Comic Con 2016. 200 of each set were produced. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Topps website.

 No.    Title

The Tenth Doctor Adventures

    1   The Tenth Doctor             Time Lord
    2   Rose Tyler                   Human
    3   Martha Jones                 Human
    4   Donna Noble                  Human
    5   Sarah Jane Smith             Human
    6   Captain Jack Harkness        Human
    7   Mickey Smith                 Human
    8   Captain Adelaide Brooke      Human
    9   Jackson Lake                 Human
   10   The Master                   Time Lord

The Eleventh Doctor Adventures
   11   The Eleventh Doctor          Time Lord
   12   Amy Pond                     Human
   13   Rory Williams                Human
   14   River Song                   Human
   15   Clara Oswald                 Human
   16   Strax                        Sontaran
   17   Madama Vastra                Silurian
   18   Jenny Flint                  Human
   19   The Silence                  Human
   20   Weeping Angels               Aliens

The Twelfth Doctor Adventures
   21   The Twelfth Doctor           Time Lord
   22   Clara Oswald                 Human
   23   River Song                   Human
   24   Danny Pink                   Human
   25   Missy                        Time Lady
   26   Kate Stewart                 Human
   27   Ashildr                      Human
   28   Dalek                        Alien
   29   Osgood                       Human
   30   Davros                       Kaled

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