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The Desert Storm Card Collection
  Series 1
  Series 2
Crown Sports - 1991

Notes:  This is either one set or two sets, depending on your point of view.
Originally Crown distributed a nine-card group (called "Series 1" below)
and followed it up with a second group ("Series 2") of ten cards.  Later,
the cards were packaged with a checklist and sold as a 20-card set.  It gets
more complicated because at least two versions of the checklist are reported.
Artwork is by Joseph McLain.  Thanks much to Pete Schickler for the
original list and to Richard Cheddie for the update!


No.   Title

  1   "In Your Face"
  2   Quarterback Sack
  3   Foiled Again
  4   "Make My Day"
  5   Over the Top
  6   "Dance, Pilgrim"
  7   Rambush
  8   Cutting Remarks
  9   First Round TKO


No.   Title

 10   Scudbusters
 11   USA - Leading the Way
 12   An Easy Strike
 13   Record Time
 14   "Batter Up"
 15   A Major Achievement
 16   Stormin' Norman
 17   Behind the 8 Ball
 18   World Championship Team
 19   "Been Keepin' Bad Company, Boys"

 --   Checklist / Header Card (included with combined set, version 1)
 --   Checklist / Header Card (included with combined set, different artwork)

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