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Gulf War Prisoners Calendar Cards
Jorge Lobo das Neves - 1991

Notes: These 1991 pocket calendars, printed primarily in Portuguese, honor 
"pilots of the multinational forces exhibited on Iraqi TV (prisoners)." Size is 
approximately 2-3/4" x 3-7/8".

     Title                  Affiliation

     Clifford Acree         U.S. Lieut. Colonel
     Maurizio Cocciolone    Italian Captain
     David Eberly           U.S. Colonel
     Guy Hunter             U.S. Chief Warrant Officer
     Mohammed Mubarak       Piloto Kuwait
     Adrian Nichol          British Flight Lieut
     Mark Parson            U.S. Major
     John Peters            British Flight Lieut
     Harry Roberts          U.S. Captain
     Lawrence Slade         U.S. Lieut
     Jeffrey Tice           U.S. Major

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