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Dick Tracy (Caramels)
   Johnson Candy - 1937
   Willards Chocolates (Canada) - 1937

Notes: Cards were used as backing for Dick Tracy Caramels. There are three natural subsets 
with probably different distribution: Cards 1-96 state "series of 96" on the backs but cards 
1-48 have different titles ("episodes") on card backs. The Willards set stops there. Higher 
number cards state "series of 144." Numbers 97-120 are quite scarce, but 121-144 were 
reprinted (for the candy distribution or later) and are often sold as a 24-card subset. American 
Card Catalog references are R41 (Johnson) and V404 (Willards). Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Front Title                       Episode

  1   Tracy Spots Ribs Mocco            Dick Tracy's Narrow Escape
  2   Big Boy Awaits Tracy              A Raid on Big Boy's Flat
  3   Texie Takes Command               Tracy Foils Texie Garcia
  4   Big Boy Packs Up                  Big Boy Gets Cold Feed
  5   Tracy Overhears a Conversation    Dick Tracy Gets an Earful
  6   Texie on the Spot                 A Crooked Politician's End
  7   Tracy Questions the Gardener      Buddy Waldorf Is Kidnaped
  8   Pat Shadows a Suspect             Pat Gets a Kidnaping Clue
  9   Tracy Aboard the Alonia           Tracking a Kidnapper
 10   Big Boy Eliminates Becky          Big Boy Commits Murder
 11   Big Boy Caught in the Act         Big Boy Cornered at Last
 12   Tracy Hands Out a Beating         Buddy Waldorf Returns Home
 13   Mucelli and His Gang              Introducing Dan Mucelli
 14   Junior Stumbles on a Clue         Junior Makes a Discovery
 15   Junior Refuses To Talk            Junior on the Spot
 16   Junior Is Chloroformed            Junior Goes for a Ride
 17   Preparing for Torture             Tracy Finds Mucelli's Hideout
 18   Tracy Covers Mucelli              Dick Tracy Rescues Junior
 19   Gangland Bullets Get Tracy        Shot in the Dark
 20   Suspected of Shooting Tracy       Junior Under Arrest
 21   Junior Goes to Jail               Junior a Murder Suspect
 22   Dick Tracy comes Back             Dick Tracy Pulls Through
 23   To Prove Junior's Innocence       A Ballistics Test
 24   Tracy Suddenly Vanishes           Tracy Sets a Trap
 25   Mucelli Is fooled                 Dan Mucelli Is Captured
 26   Junior Still in Jail              Dan Mucelli Confesses
 27   Junior Dashed to Safety           Junior Makes His Escape
 28   Junior Goes Hungry                Junior a Fugitive
 29   A Surprise Awakening              Saved from the Cold
 30   Two Men and a Woman               In the Abandoned House
 31   Junior Held His Breath            A Good Hiding Place
 32   The Doors Were Locked             Junior Acts Quickly
 33   Junior Runs into Tracy            A Happy Reunion
 34   The Gang Gets Nervous             Larceny Lu's Plans
 35   Tracy Takes a Fall                A Close Shave for Tracy
 36   Through a Secret Tunnel           Larceny Lu Escapes
 37   He Raised His Gun to Fire         A Wild Pursuit
 38   Buggs Getgs Instructions          Trouble Awaits Tracy
 39   Tracy Turns Cab Driver            A Change of Costumes
 40   Buggs Hailed the Cab              Tracy Gets a Passenger
 41   A Sudden Departure                Tracy Travels Alone
 42   Still Hanging On                  Junior Has an Idea
 43   A Welcome Surprise                Junior Makes Good
 44   Buggs Had Them Covered            Buggs Makes a Come-back
 45   The Reflection in the Mirror      A Battle of Wits
 46   The Trapdoor in the Floor         Buggs Takes a Drop
 47   The Lie Detectograph              Larceny Lu Gets a Trip
 48   The Hero of the Hour              Junior, the Coming Detective
 49   Steve and Old Hank Steele
 50   Hank Steele's Story
 51   Steve Starts Travelling
 52   Tracy Leaves Town
 53   Steve Gets Good News
 54   Junior Disappears
 55   A Cold Trap
 56   Stowaways Caught
 57   A Cold Brakeman
 58   Dick Tracy's Surprise
 59   An Important Post Card
 60   Watching the Mail
 61   Under the Wheels
 62   Steve Commits Assault
 63   The Intercepted Message
 64   Tracy in the Air
 65   The Dead Mailman
 66   Tracy on the trail
 67   A Queer Hiding Place
 68   Off the Scent
 69   Steve Meets a Friend
 70   The Stolen Hand Car
 71   The Section Hands' Story
 72   Trapped on the Trestle
 73   The High Dive
 74   A Miraculous Escape
 75   Tracy Takes a Fall
 76   Tracy Is Rescued
 77   Tracy Lies in Wait
 78   A Highway Hold-up
 79   A Gun Battle
 80   The Flaming Wreck
 81   Still on the Trail
 82   A Key To the Mystery
 83   Steve Reveals His Plans
 84   Tracy Demands Speed
 85   Good News for Hank Steele
 86   Junior and Steve Arrive
 87   An Amazing Discovery
 88   Bad News for Steve
 89   Della Gets Instructions
 90   A Bold Front
 91   Quick on the Draw
 92   The Mysterious Shot
 93   Della an Innocent Victim
 94   A Murderous Death Weapon
 95   Face To Face with Steve
 96   Over the Cliff

 97   In the Killer's Cell
 98   Steve Hires a Crafy Lawner
 99   Tracy Prepares for Trial
100   The State Versus Steve
101   The Plea for the Defense
102   Sentenced for Life
103   At the Penitentiary
104   Convict No. 2017
105   "Take That," Snarled Steve
106   Birds of a Feather
107   Steve in a Rage
108   Stooge Viller's Trickery
109   A Letter from Tracy
110   Junior Dreams of Dick Tracy
111   Steve Lays His Plans
112   Steve's Treachery
113   Two Criminal Minds
114   Stooge Reveals His Plot
115   Criminals Under Cover
116   A Dark, Desperate Deed
117   A Bolt for Freedom
118   The Explosion
119   Convicts at Large
120   Dick Tracy Again on the Trail
121   Hunted by the Law
122   The Convicts Hit the Hay
123   Chased into the Open
124   Steve and Stooge at Bay
125   Stooge Viller Takes a Chance
126   Stooge Offers Farm Relief
127   Preparing for a Long Trip
128   The Convicts Plot Revenge
129   Junior Thinks of Tracy
130   A Mysterious Visitor
131   Safe from the Avengers
132   Stooge and Steve Disappointed
133   The Intruders Are Discovered
134   Hank Steele's Caretaker Surprised
135   Steve and Stooge Resort to Torture
136   A Woman Takes a Hand
137   The Tables Are Turned
138   Steve Makes a Desperate Move
139   Steve Uses a Weighty Argument
140   Stooge Discloses His Plan
141   Dick Tracy Makes a Suggestion
142   Steve Gets Ladylike
143   On the High Seas
144   Junior Foresees Grave Danger

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