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Dungeon Dolls
   Bad Axe Studios - 2011

Notes: Originally sold as a set in a plastic box, with 50 base cards, header 
and promo card, and a sketch card. Also produced was a 6-card Preview 
Set, limited to 500 copies. Thanks to Brian Kutz for the update!

      No.     Artist                   Source Material

      --      Dungeon Dolls [header]   model: Jenny Poussin

     DD-01    Axebone                  The Dragon Queen
     DD-02    Angel Palacios           Twelve Red Shields
     DD-03    Patrick Finch            A Temple Black
     DD-04    Meghan Hetrick           Vows of Silence
     DD-05    "Locoduck" Duron         The Lancer's Daughter
     DD-06    Jess Hickman             Beyond the Valley of the Goblins
     DD-07    Shane McCormack          The Rosewood Chronicles
     DD-08    Scott Blair              Seas of Oblivion
     DD-09    Rhiannon Owens           A Dangerous Beauty
     DD-10    Jeff Confer              The Witch of Waterfire
     DD-11    Irma "Aimo" Ahmed        A Champion's Treasure
     DD-12    Richard Cox              Echoes of the Wind
     DD-13    Monte Moore              Tale of the Wyrm Walker
     DD-14    Mick & Matt Glebe        The Fallen Kingdom
     DD-15    Jim Kyle                 The Tavern Wench of Worgg
     DD-16    Jason Sobol              Guardian of the Owl Hammer
     DD-17    Tony Scott               The Glittering Mountain
     DD-18    "Bukshot"                The Lost Raven
     DD-19    Elfie Lebouleux          Priestess of Spidermoon
     DD-20    "Jax" Jackman            A Song of Scales and Serpents
     DD-21    Jackie Santiago          The Blade Unbroken
     DD-22    Maxx Marshall            Hail the Faerie King
     DD-23    Tim Levandoski           The Golden Road of Arrginine
     DD-24    Angel Palacios           Blade of the Beast Lord
     DD-25    Kat Laurange             Children of the Unicorn
     DD-26    Sean Pence               The Price of Freedom
     DD-27    Scott Blair              Shaggurreth's Lair
     DD-28    Lynne Anderson           Long fall Winter's Shadows
     DD-29    Amber Shelton            The Bells of Brontellina
     DD-30    Joe Pekar                Into the Halls of Glass
     DD-31    Hanie Mohd               Guild of the Night's Eye
     DD-32    Jason Worthington        Forbidden Treasure
     DD-33    Dennis Crisostomo        The Black Blade
     DD-34    Ana Sanchez              Into the Silkwing
     DD-35    Glen Fernandez           Words of Pain
     DD-36    Charles Hall             The Painted Ladies of Chatterly
     DD-37    Maxx Marshall            The Long Road to Bazoomba
     DD-38    Meghan Hetrick           To Die the Hard Way
     DD-39    Rhiannon Owens           Hammer of Edenwild
     DD-40    Angel Palacios           Fires on the Watch Tower
     DD-41    Soni Alcorn-Hender       The Shire Reave
     DD-42    George Webber            Incantations of Iron
     DD-43    Ingrid Hardy             Kingdom under the Valley
     DD-44    Mick & Matt Glebe    The Butcher's Folly
     DD-45    Nicole Goff              Down to the Viper's Lair
     DD-46    Veronica O'Connell       City of Clouds and Stars
     DD-47    Melissa Uran             The Hidden Sanctuary
     DD-48    Craig Yeung              The Elves of Ril Gaddia
     DD-49    Scott Blair              The Golden Hall of Trador
     DD-50    Trev Murphy              Hammer of the Ogre

        --    Axebone Bad Axe Studios   model: Jenny Poussin [red]
        --    Axebone Bad Axe Studios   model: Jenny Poussin [white/gold]

Fires on the Watch Tower
The Shire Reave
Incantations of Iron
Kingdom under the Valley
The Butcher's Folly
Down to the Viper's Lair
City of Clouds and Stars
The Hidden Sanctuary
The Elves of Ril Gaddia
The Golden Hall of Trador
Hammer of the Ogre
model: Jenny Poussin


PhotoBabe Insert Cards (100 total made)

PhotoBabe     (swordswoman)
PhotoBabe2    Jewel Joliss
PhotoBabe3    Heather V. Morris
NudePhotoBabe Raven Scryer

Artist Sketch Cards

        --    Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
        --    Soni Alcorn-Hender
        --    Lynne Anderson
        --    Axebone
        --    Biele
        --    Garrett Blair
        --    Scott Blair
        --    Kate Bradley
        --    James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
        --    Daniel Campos
        --    Nestor Celario
        --    Amy Clark
        --    Adam Cleveland
        --    Jeff Confer
        --    Richard Cox
        --    Dennis Crisostomo
        --    Ted Dastick, Jr.
        --    George "Geo" Davis
        --    Michael "Locoduck" Duron
        --    Mason Easley
        --    Elliot Fernandez
        --    Glen Fernandez
        --    Patrick Finch
        --    Chris Foreman
        --    Matt Glebe
        --    Mick Glebe
        --    Nicole Goff
        --    Javier Gonzalez
        --    Charles Hall
        --    Ingrid Hardy
        --    Meghan Hetrick
        --    Jessica Hickman
        --    John "JAX" Jackman
        --    Cassandra James
        --    Jim Kyle
        --    Kat Laurange
        --    Kathryn Layno
        --    Elfie Lebouleux
        --    Tim Levandoski
        --    Lak Lim
        --    Maxx Marshall
        --    Shane McCormack
        --    Jen Mercer
        --    Hanie Mohd
        --    Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
        --    Rich Molinelli
        --    Monte Moore
        --    Trev Murphy
        --    Veronica O'Connell
        --    Keith O'Malley
        --    Rhiannon Owens
        --    Angel Palacios
        --    Joe Pekar
        --    Elaine Perna
        --    Jason Keith Phillips
        --    Scott Rorie
        --    Ana Sanchez
        --    Jackie Santiago
        --    Tony Scott
        --    Tim Shay
        --    Amber Shelton
        --    Jason Sobol
        --    Amber Stone
        --    Sanna Umemoto
        --    Mel Uran
        --    George Webber
        --    Joseph White
        --    Jason Worthington
        --    Craig Yeung

Multi-Set Purchase Incentives

        --    Axebone/Rhiannon Owens Jam Card [Tier 1: 40 sets]
        --    Tony Perna [Tier 2 sketch card: 100 sets]
        --    Sean Pence [Tier 2 sketch card: 100 sets]
        --    Jack Redd [Tier 2 sketch card: 100 sets]


 PNSCS        Mick and Matt Glebe [Philly Non-Sport Show May 2011]
 HCSPEC       Scott Blair [Heroes Con June 2011]
 MCSPEC       Rhiannon Owens [MegaCon March 2011; 1000 made]
 MUKSPEC      Maxx Marshall [Memorabilia March 2011; 1000 made]
 SDCCP2       John "Jax" Jackman [unreleased San Diego Comic Con]

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