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The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck
   RRParks Cards - 2016

Notes: Cards were sold as factory sets in packs, starting with a Halloween 2016 Kickstarter 
campaign. They have black-and-white photos with color backgrounds, featuring Dr. Dreck's 
B-Movie Museum. Thanks to John Biagioni for assistance! Further information and scans are 
posted at the RRParks Cards website.

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck 1st Series (2016)

  No.   Title

    1   Trading Cards Series One - Checklist
    2   Hideous Sun Demon
    3   Beast of Yucca Flats
    4   Robot Monster
    5   Teenagers from Outer Space
    6   The Creeping Terror
    7   Killers from Space
    8   White Zombie

     Attack of The Giant Leeches Mini-Puzzle Cards

    1   (shotgun covering girl)
    2   (bodies in water)
    3   (man with leech at right)
    4   (man with leech above)

   --   Dr. Dreck Bonus Insert Card Pack! [wrapper]

   --   Monster Choke N' Gag Series Three Gum Card [mushroom on Gum]
   --   2016 Halloween Trading Card Catalog [ad sheet]

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck 2nd Series (2016)

  No.   Title

    9   Trading Cards Series Two - Checklist
   10   The Indestructible Man
   11   The Manster
   12   Night of the Living Dead
   13   Bride of the Gorilla
   14   Spider Baby
   15   Fog Island
   16   Stu the Rat, Madame Nicotina, Shrunken Ed

     The House on Haunted Hill Mini-Puzzle Cards

    1   (skeleton and man)
    2   (Vincent Price and lamp)
    3   (gelled head)
    4   (woman, skeleton hand on shoulder)

   --   Dr. Dreck Bonus Insert Card Pack! [wrapper]

   --   Monster Choke N' Gag Series Three Gum Card [green mold on Gum]
   --   Gary Saves the Graveyard [ad sheet]

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