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WildStorm - 1996

No.   Title                          Artists

  1   Frostbite (Part 1)             Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson
  2   Frostbite (Part 2)             Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson
  3   Frostbite (Part 3)             Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson
  4   Evo (Part 1)                   Paolo Parente
  5   Evo (Part 2)                   Paolo Parente
  6   Evo (Part 3)                   Paolo Parente
  7   Powerhaus (Part 1)             Jeff Rebner, Mark Irwin
  8   Powerhaus (Part 2)             Jeff Rebner, Mark Irwin
  9   Powerhaus (Part 3)             Jeff Rebner, Mark Irwin
 10   Sublime (Part 1)               Kevin Lau
 11   Sublime (Part 2)               Kevin Lau
 12   Sublime (Part 3)               Kevin Lau
 13   Copycat (Part 1)               Randy Green, Rick Ketcham
 14   Copycat (Part 2)               Randy Green, Rick Ketcham
 15   Copycat (Part 3)               Randy Green, Rick Ketcham
 16   Bilss (Part 1)                 Terry Dodson, Rachel Pinnock
 17   Bilss (Part 2)                 Terry Dodson, Rachel Pinnock
 18   Bilss (Part 3)                 Terry Dodson, Rachel Pinnock
 19   Threshold (Part 1)             Dan Norton
 20   Threshold (Part 2)             Dan Norton
 21   Threshold (Part 3)             Dan Norton
 22   Ivana (Part 1)                 Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
 23   Ivana (Part 2)                 Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
 24   Ivana (Part 3)                 Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
 25   DV8 (Part 1)                   Ryan Benjamin
 26   DV8 (Part 2)                   Ryan Benjamin
 27   DV8 (Part 3)                   Ryan Benjamin

Humberto Ramos Pinup

 28   Field Leader                   Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 29   Heart On His Sleeve            Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 30   Belonging                      Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 31   Vindictive                     Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 32   Past Life                      Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 33   Loose Cannon                   Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 34   Unpredictable                  Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 35   Beast                          Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla
 36   Eccentric                      Humberto Ramos, Sal Regla

Synopsis Cards

 37   Sim Training                   Hoang Nguyen
 38   Storming Kaizen's Compound     Hoang Nguyen
 39   First Encounter                Hoang Nguyen
 40   Assault                        Trevor Scott
 41   Alien                          Trevor Scott
 42   Failure                        Trevor Scott
 43   Barroom Brawl                  Mike S. Miller
 44   Mutations                      Mike S. Miller
 45   Vengeance                      Mike S. Miller

Richard Johnson Pinup

 46   Disinterest                    Richard Johnson
 47   Dark Mistress                  Richard Johnson
 48   Superiority Complex            Richard Johnson
 49   Hot and Cold                   Richard Johnson
 50   Juggernaut                     Richard Johnson
 51   Shapeshifter                   Richard Johnson
 52   Crippling Disability           Richard Johnson
 53   Ice Princess                   Richard Johnson
 54   Target Practice                Richard Johnson

Artists Gallery

 55   Werewolf                       Michael Wieringo, Richard Case
 56   Transformation                 Casey Jones, Jason Martin
 57   Ledge                          Sam Liu, Danny Miki
 58   Jungle Mission                 Rob Stoltz
 59   Fashion Statement              Arnie Jorgensen, David Meikis
 60   Sacrilege                      Greg Luzniak, David Meikis
 61   Sex Symbol                     Chynna Clugston-Major, Edwin Rosell
 62   Briefing                       Jeff Butler
 63   It's Personal                  Rafael Kayanan
 64   Model Citizens                 Ryan Odagawa, Lucian Rizzo
 65   Bunny                          Allen Im
 66   Look Out Below                 Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Sal Regla
 67   A Dangerous Game               Pete Woods, Lucian Rizzo
 68   Vision in Red                  Aaron Lopresti
 69   Ice Death                      Scott Clark, Chris Carlson
 70   Sideways Bob                   Chris Warner
 71   One Kiss and You're Mine       Martin Egeland, Jason Martin
 72   Bonding                        Paul Young
 73   Togetherness                   Rob Haynes
 74   Ouch                           Vu Nguyen, Mike S. Miller
 75   Ornament                       Cully Hamner
 76   Animal                         Jim Lee
 77   Happy Birthday                 Michael Ryan, Mark Irwin
 78   At Their Service               Tom Raney
 79   Stray Dog                      Aron Wiesenfeld
 80   Release                        Dan Norton
 81   Versatile                      Tomm Coker, Keith Aiken
 82   Exposed                        Jason Johnson, Saleem Crawford
 83   Morphling                      Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines
 84   Confusion                      Brett Booth, Chuck Gibson
 85   Foreign Invasion               Michael Ryan, Lucian Rizzo
 86   Wrong Place, Wrong Time        Josh Wiesenfeld, Lucian Rizzo
 87   Hide-and-Seek                  Dave Johnson
 88   Lack of Subtlety               Carlos D'Anda, Lucian Rizzo
 89   Say Hello to My Little Friend  Pop Mhan, Jason Martin

 90   Checklist                      Ryan Benjamin


DV8 MiniCelz (Art by Humberto Ramos and Sal Regla)

MC1   Irana
MC2   Threshold
MC3   Bliss
MC4   Frostbite
MC5   Sublime
MC6   Evo
MC7   Copycat
MC8   Powerhaus
MC9   Sideways Bob

Oversized Deviant (Cover) Cards


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