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Dynamo 5 Limited Edition
   The Sketch Card Studio - 2011

Notes: The release was targeted primarily at sketch card collectors.

Pack: 2 cards + sketch card
Common sets: approx. 1 per 6 packs if collation were perfect.

No.   Title           Artist

Base Cards (2:pack)

  1   Scrap           Mark Dos Santos
  2   Myriad          George Calloway
  3   Scatterbrain    Elfie Lebouleux
  4   Slingshot       Frank Kadar
  5   Visionary       Scott DM Simmons
  6   Supervision     Boo, Dave Reynolds
  7   Wraith          Anthony Hochrein
  8   Ramjet          James Bukauskas
  9   Menagerie       Adam Cleveland
 10   Smasher         Rich Hennemann

Bonus Chase Cards (1:5 packs)

C1    Bonechill       Mel Uran
C2    War Chest       Artchild

Autographed Card

--    (signed card)

Artist Sketch Cards

   Dynamo 5 Sketch Cards

      Adam Cleveland
      Anthony Hochrein
      Ashleigh Popplewell
      Bill Pulkovski
      Jason Martin
      Juan Fontanez
      Mahmud A. Asrar
      Michael "Locoduck" Duron
      Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
      Scott DM Simmons
      Scott Zambelli

   Noble Causes Sketch Cards

      Denise Parrish
      Mark Dos Santos
      Scott DM Simmons


P1    Adam Cleveland

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