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Early Jazz Greats
   Kitchen Sink Press - 1992
   Denis Kitchen Publishing - 2004 (reprinted 2010)

Notes: Artwork is by Robert Crumb, but is not credited on card backs. Thanks to 
Eugene White for the list! Issued as a boxed factory set.

 No.    Title

    1   "Bix" Beiderbecke
    2   Coleman Hawkins
    3   "Jelly Roll" Morton
    4   Louis Armstrong
    5   Lil Hardin
    6   Johnny Dodds
    7   Eddie Lang
    8   Junie C. Cobb
    9   Joe "King" Oliver
   10   Ikey Robinson
   11   Roy Palmer
   12   Jack Teagarden
   13   Jabbo Smith
   14   Joe "Wingy" Mannone
   15   "Pops" Foster
   16   Steve Brown
   17   Earl Hines
   18   Jimmy Blythe
   19   James P. Johnson
   20   "Tiny" Parham
   21   "Duke" Ellington
   22   Sidney Bechet
   23   Freddie Keppard
   24   Thomas "Fats" Waller
   25   "Muggsy" Spanier
   26   Lammar Wright
   27   Bennie Moten
   28   Frank Trumbauer
   29   Mary Lou Williams
   30   Ernest "Punch" Miller
   31   Eddie South
   32   Alex Hill
   33   Joe Venuti
   34   Fletcher Henderson
   35   Jimmy Noone
   36   Benny Goodman

  P-3   Heroes of the Blues  [promo card]
  P-4   Pioneers of Country Music  [promo card]

PROMO POSTER (sold separately)

   --   Early Jazz Greats

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