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(Caterpillar) Earthmovers Series I
   TCM Associates - 1993

Note:  Also distributed as a factory set, 100 cards plus the 2 holograms.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.58 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                   Card-Back Caption

  1   Bob Feller                              Feller's Restored Thirty
  2   Bob Feller                              Fastballer Bob Feller
  3   Best Steam Traction Engine              Left Side
  4   Benjamin Holt                           Original Holt Stockton Factory
  5   Daniel Best                             Bests San Leandro Factory
  6   Horse-Drawn Combine                     Holt's "Link-Belt" Combine
  7   No. 28 Ripper                           Model View
  8   D9D Track-Type Tractor                  Model View with Multi-Shank Ripper
  9   DW230E with No. 456 Scraper             Model View
 10   No. 6 Shovel                            Left Model View
 11   Sixty Elevating Grader                  Left Side Model View
 12   Diesel Auto Patrol                      Left Side Model View
 13   RD-6 Track-Type Tractor                 Right Side Model View
 14   Model 34 Combine                        Right Side Interior
 15   Best 75 Tracklayer                      Tracklayer Advertisement
 16   Best Gasoline Engine                    50-Horsepower Model
 17   First Track-Type Tractor                Early Holt Steam Crawler
 18   World War I                             "75" Tractor on Western Front
 19   Swinton Tank                            Early British Tank
 20   World War II Little Peoria              World War II Tractor
 21   Korean War                              Left Side View
 22   DW20E with W20 Wagon                    Left Profile Model View
 23   F Series                                Operator's Compartment
 24   World War II Engineers                  Wartime Advertisement
 25   IT12B Integrated Toolcarrier            IT12B with Pallet Forks
 26   Challenger 65B Agricultural Tractor     Operator's Compartment
 27   D400D Articulated Truck                 Drive/Chassis Cutaway
 28   777C Off-Highway Truck                  Dump Cycle
 29   320 Hydraulic Excavator                 Operator's Compartment
 30   225 Hydraulic Excavator                 Model View
 31   E70B Hydraulic Excavator                Throttle Control Lever
 32   Tractor with Backhoe Attachment         D4B Backhoe
 33   561D Pipelayer                          Boom Side View
 34   943 Track Loader                        Cutaway
 35   518 Skidder                             Model View
 36   428 Backhoe Loader                      Production Milestone
 37   918F Wheel Loader                       Cutaway Model View
 38   926E Wheel Loader                       Model View
 39   994 Wheel Loader                        Model View
 40   446 Backhoe Loader                      Cutaway
 41   826C Landfill Compactor                 Operator's Compartment
 42   953 WDA Track Loader                    Left Side
 43   623E Elevating Scraper                  Original 623E
 44   631E Scraper                            Front View
 45   627B Push-Pull Scraper                  Push-Pull Link-Up
 46   518 Series II Railcar Mover             Friction Drive
 47   Elevated Sprocket Tractors              D11N Undercarriage View
 48   775B Quarry Truck                       Improved cab
 49   793B Mining Truck                       Model View
 50   Mine Shovel Prototype                   Side View
 51   D3C Track-Type Tractor                  Front View
 52   D4H XL Series III Tractor               Operator Compartment
 53   Desert Storm Undercarriage              Mobil-trac System Belt
 54   D5H LGP Series II Tractor               Operator Compartment
 55   D8N Track-Type Tractor                  Rear View with Multi-Shank Ripper
 56   Balderson B170 Hydraulic Hammer         235C Excavator with B170
 57   12G Motor Grader                        Rear View
 58   140G Motor Grader                       Operator's Compartment
 59   922A with Log Forks                     Log Forks
 60   824C Wheel Tractor                      Dozer Blade
 61   Fires of Kuwait                         Cat D8N with Heat Shielding
 62   D4 Track-Type Tractor                   Model View
 63   AP-1200 Asphalt Paver                   VIP Screed
 64   Vibratory Asphalt Compactors            CB-434
 65   Self-Guided Vehicle                     Rear View
 66   T50E Lift Truck                         Model View
 67   3176 Truck Engine                       Engine Block
 68   3406B Truck Engine                      Model View
 69   3516 Vehicular Engine                   Model View
 70   T4 Traxcavator                          Operator's Station
 71   D4000 Water Truck                       Side View
 72   D10 Track-Type Tractor                  Elevated Sprocket Undercarriage
 73   769 Off-Highway Truck                   Right Side Model View
 74   944 Wheel Loader                        Model View with Quarry Bucket
 75   966B Wheel Loader                       Model View
 76   D9G Track-Type Tractor                  Model View with 9C Bulldozer
 77   Generator Sets                          Side View
 78   No. 16 Motor Grader                     Front View
 79   621 Scraper                             Model View
 80   633C Elevating Scraper                  Model View
 81   25,000th Backhoe Loader                 Celebration Logo
 82   1905-31 Caterpillar Logo                Checklist Cards 1-34
 83   1967-89 Corporate Symbol                Checklist Cards 35-68
 84   Modern Cat Design Mark                  Checklist Cards 69-102
 85   Futuristic Loader Concepts              Backhoe Loader of the Future?
 86   Futuristic Elevated Sprocket Concepts   Track-Type Tractor of the Future?
 87   Impact Ripper                           D11N Impact Ripper
 88   Challenger 65 Agricultural Tractor      Mobil-trac System
 89   300 Family Excavators                   Counterweight
 90   992D Wheel Loader                       STIC Control System
 91   IT28 Integrated Toolcarrier             Quick Coupler with Pallet Forks
 92   D20D Articulated Truck                  Model Cutaway
 93   214B FT Wheel-Type Excavator            Wheel Undercarriage
 94   416B Backhoe Loader                     Front-End Loader
 95   D4H Custom Skidder                      Grapple Arrangement
 96   Athey Mining Trailers                   PD20 (30 Ton) Side Dump
 97   D7E Track-Type Tractor                  Model View
 98   Tractor-Towed Scraper                   13-Yard Towed Scraper
 99   Assault on the Great Lakes              Drambuie Crew
100   Karl Malone                             Basketball's Karl Malone



H1    Model Sixty Diesel Tractor              First Diesel
H2    World War II D7 Tractor                 Army Engineer

Autographed Card (500 signed)

--    Bob Feller


--    ("Prototype", 2 different)

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