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(Caterpillar) Earthmovers Series II
   TCM Associates - 1994

Note:  Also available as a factory set, 100 cards plus 2 chromiums.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.59 per box if collation were perfect (mine was).

No.   Title                           Back Photo Caption

101   Bob Feller                      Feller/Manders in 1937
102   Karl Malone                     Malone at Arkansas ranch
103   Karl Malone                     Karl Malone
104   Mining on the Moon?             Futuristic Job Site Concept
105   No. 48 Elevating Grader         Model View
106   Forty Tractor                   Model View
107   No. 2 Terracer                  Model View
108   Seventy Tractor                 Seventy with Elevating Grader
109   Engineering Landmark            Holt 75
110   1905-31 Caterpillar Logo        Checklist Cards 101-133
111   Ten Tractor                     Ten Grader Attachment
112   Cable Laying Team               Cable Laying
113   Mining Machines                 Mining Truck Operations
114   Radial Seal Air Filter          Interior construction
115   225 amphibious Mount            Marsh/Swamp Application
116   D3B Tree Harvesting             Rear View
117   235 Material Handling           Five-Tine Grapple
118   3208 Tractor Pull               Standard (Unmodified) 3208
119   Holt 75 Tractor                 Holt 75 Engine
120   Best Pony Tracklayer            C. L. Best Factory, 1916
121   RD8 Tractor                     Model View
122   Holt No. 77 Tractor             Second, improved track unit
123   Early Caterpillar Schools       Tractor demonstration
124   Holt Peoria 18 Tractor          Rear View
125   Russell Motor Patrol No. 4      Model View
126   Historical Truck Engines        D468 in Hug Dump Truck
127   Early East Peoria Tractor       1912 Holt Logo
128   Twenty-Two Tractor              No. 22 Grader
129   R5 Tractor                      Model View
130   Diesel Thirty-Five Tractor      Model View
131   No. 77 Grader                   Model View
132   First Gas Track-Type Tractor    No. 1002 Model View
133   Best 30 Tractor                 Model View
134   Holt 30 Tractor                 30 without Tiller Wheel
135   Early Diesel Tractor            Levee Work
136   No. 11 Auto Patrol              Model View
137   D8L Tractor                     Front View
138   D6D Tractor                     D6D Undercarriage
139   930 Wheel Loader                Hopper loading
140   RD6 Tractor                     Model View
141   Sixty Tractor                   Cutaway View
142   1994 Winter Olympics            Power Module
143   D250D Articulated Truck         Cutaway View
144   D300D Articulated Truck         Cutaway View
145   769C Off Highway Truck          Late 1980s Unit
146   773B Off Highway Truck          Matched Working System
147   613C Series II Scraper          Loading the Bowl
148   615C Series II Scraper          Elevator in bowl
149   657E Scraper                    657E Scraper
150   633E Elevating Scraper          633E Elevating Scraper
151   627F Scraper                    Auger Arrangement Bowl
152   953B Track Loader               Rubber Grouser Track Shoes
153   428B Backhoe Loader             View from Cab
154   446B Backhoe Loader             Cutaway View
155   416B Backhoe Loader             Excavator-style Boom
156   960F Material Handler           F-Series Cab
157   936F Wheel Loader               Crowding the Bank
158   928F Wheel Loader               Z-Bar Linkage
159   988F Wheel Loader               Truck Loading
160   990 Wheel Loader                Cab with STIC Control
161   910F Wheel Loader               Model View
162   966F Series II Wheel Loader     Cab Interior
163   325L Excavator                  325L Application Versatility
164   5130 Hydraulic Shovel           5130
165   330L Excavator                  330L Excavator with Articulated Truck
166   322L Excavator                  322L Excavator
167   312 Excavator                   312 Excavator
168   350 Excavator                   Joystick Control
169   375 Mass Excavator              Power Mode Selector
170   D5C Series III Tractor          D5C Series III Tractor
171   D5H XL Series II Tractor        D5H XL Series II Tractor
172   D6H XL Series II Tractor        D6H XL Series II Tractor
173   D10N Tractor                    Impact Ripper
174   D3C Series II Tractor           D3C Series II Tractor
175   IT18F Integrated Toolcarrier    Balderson Broom Attachment
176   561H Pipelayer                  561H Pipelayer
177   Challenger 75C Tractor          Challenger 75C Tractor
178   Challenger 85C Tractor          Challenger 85C Tractor
179   140G Motor Grader               140G Motor Grader
180   14G Motor Grader                14G Motor Grader
181   966F WDA Wheel Loader           Balderson Refuse Bucket
182   834B Wheel Tractor              834B Wheel Tractor
183   D7H WDA Tractor                 View from Cab
184   826C Landfill Compactor         826C Landfill Compactor
185   825C Soil Compactor             Drum
186   D5H TSK Series II               D5H TSK Series II
187   518C Series II Wheel Skidder    518C Series II Wheel Skidder
188   325 Feller Buncher              325 Feller Buncher
189   325 Log Loader                  325 Log Loader
190   Modern Cat Design Mark          Checklist Cards 134-166
191   Modern Caterpillar Design Mark  Checklist Cards 167-200
192   CB-534B Asphalt Compactor       CB-534B Asphalt Compactor
193   CS-583 Soil Compactor           CS-583 Soil Compactor
194   AP-1050 Asphalt Paver           AP-1050 Asphalt Paver
195   PM-565 Cold Planer              PM-565 Cold Planer
196   3208 Marine Engine              3208 Silver Anniversary Edition
197   3406E Truck Engine              3406E Truck Engine
198   VFS50                           VFS50 Versatile Flotation System
199   30/30 Engineer Support Tractor  30/30 Engineer Support Tractor
200   RM-350 Reclaimer/Mixer          Front View


Futuristic Scraper/Grader Concepts (Chromium Cards)

C1    Futuristic Scraper              Grader of the Future?
C2    Challenger 45

Autographed Cards (500 each)

--    Bob Feller
--    Karl Malone

--    (Uncut 100-Card Sheet)


--    New for 1994! [Dealer Ad Sheet]

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